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Bibliography and Reference (by Subject )

Texas Escapes is an informal publication with a variety of sources. We do our best to get our cold hard facts from those that are deemed "reliable."

We have found that publication does not mean perfection and have also found that the last (published) word is not necessarily the last word - if such a thing ever existed.

We hope it provides assistance for researchers. Perhaps it may call some attention to the fine work of the many people who devoted themselves to subjects they found worthy. - editor
  • Architecture in Texas : 1895-1945, Jay C. Henry, University of Texas Press, 1993
  • The Courthouse Square in Texas, Robert E. Veselka, University of Texas Press, 2000
  • Carnegie Libraries Across America: A Public Legacy, Theodore Jones, Preservation Press, 1997
  • Endangered Historic Properties of Texas, Texas Historical Commission, 1991
  • Gone From Texas: Our Lost Architectural Heritage, Willard B. Robinson, Texas A & M Press, 1981
  • The People's Architecture: Texas Courthouses, Jails and Municipal Buildings by Willard Robinson
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  • The Railroad Station: An Architectural History, Carroll L. V. Meeks, Dover Publications, 1995
  • Dugout to Deco: Building in West Texas 1880 - 1930, Elizabeth Skidmore Sasser, Texas Tech Press, 1993
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  • The Courthouses of Texas: A guide by Mavis P. Kelsey, Sr. and D. H. Dyal, Texas A & M Press, 1993
  • The Texas Courthouse Revisited by June Rayfield Welch, GLA Press, Dallas, 1984
  • Texas Catalog of the Historic American Building Survey, Trinity U. Press, San Antonio, 1974
  • Texas State Historical Association / Center For Studies in Texas History - University of Texas, 1983
  • Outdoor Sculpture in Texas (A Comprehensive Guide to), Carol Morris Little, UT Press, 1996
  • Restoring Texas: Raiford Stripling's Life and Architecture by Michael McCullar, A & M Press, 1985
  • The Eclectic Odyssey of Atlee B. Ayres, Architect by Robert James Coote, Texas A & M Press, 2001
City Architecture
  • Fort Worth's Legendary Landmarks, by Carol Roark, Photographs by Byrd Williams, TCU Press 1995
  • Galveston Architectural Guidebook by Ellen Beasley and Stephen Fox, Rice University Press, 1996
  • Historic Images of Boerne, Texas, Published by the 1st National Bank of Boerne, 1982
County Histories
  • A History of Baylor County (Salt Pork to Sirloin), Baylor County Historical Survey Committee, 1977
  • The History of Brenham and Washington County, Mrs .R. D. Pennington, Standard Printing, 1915
  • The Blazing History of Washington County, Wilfred O. Dietrich, Nortex, 1973
  • Reminiscences of Burleson County, Texas, M.H. Addison, Caldwell, Texas, 1886
  • A History of Clay County, William Charles Taylor, Jenkins, 1972
  • Colorado County Chronicles, Volumes I & II, Colorado County Historical Commission, Eakin Press, 1986
  • A History of Crosby County, Texas, Nellie Witt Spikes, Naylor, 1952
  • Deaf Smith County: The Land and It's people, Deaf Smith County Historical Society, 1982
  • Ellis County: A Photo History by the Ellis County Museum, Inc. 1993
  • An Early History of Fayette County, Leonie R. Weyland and Houston Wade, LaGrange Journal, 1936
  • A History of Fisher County, E.L. Yeats and E.H. Shelton, Feather Press, 1971
  • A History of Grayson County, Texas, Mattie D. Lucas and Mita H. Hall, Scruggs Printing, Sherman, 1936
  • A History of Hill County, Texas, Ellis Bailey, Texian Press, 1966
  • A History of Howard County: 1882-1982 - no publishing information
  • A History of Titus County, Texas, Traylor Russell, 1978
  • A History of Waller County, Texas, The Waller County Historical Survey Committee, 1973
  • A History of Washington County Courthouses, Dorothy (Mrs. L.P.) Utesch, Fortnightly Club, 1972
  • A History of Young County, Texas, Carrie J. Crouch, Texas State Historical Association, 1956
  • Austin Colony Pioneers: Including Histories of Bastrop, Fayette, Mongomery and Washington Counties and their Earliest Settlers, Worth S. Ray, Pemberton Press, 1970
  • Red River Dust: True Tales of an American Yesterday, E.Bowers and E. Oppenheimer, Word Books, 1969
Geography and Specific Places
  • High Plains Yesterdays: From XIT Days through Drouth & Depression by John C. Dawson, Eakin, 1985
  • The Big Bend: A History of the Last Texas Frontier, Ronie C. Tyler, Government Printing Office, 1975
  • Shadowed Ground: America's Landscape of Violence and Tragedy, Kenneth E. Foote, UT Press, 1997
  • From Alamo Plaza to Jack Harris' Saloon: O. Henry and the Southwest He Knew, Joseph Gallagly, Mouton & Co., The Hague, 1970
  • Presidio La Bahia, Kathryn Stoner O'Conner, Von Boeckmann-Jones Co., 1966
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  • Historic Texas Hotels and Country Inns by Linda Johnson and Sally Ross, Eakin Press, 1982
  • The History and Mystery of the Menger Hotel by Docia Schultz Williams, Republic of Texas Press, 2000- Stagecoach Inns of Texas, Kathryn Turner Carter, Texian Press, 1972
  • They Made Their Own Law: Stories of Bolivar Peninsula, Melanie Wiggins, Rice University Press, 1990
  • Boom and Bust: Historical Cycles of Brownsville and Matamoros, M. Kearney and A. Knopp, Eakin, 1991- Border Cuates: A History of the U.S. - Mexican Twin Cities, M. Kearney and A. Knopp, Eakin Press, 1995
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Texas Chronological History
  • The Evolution of a State or Recollections of Old Texas Days, Noah Smithwick, W. Thomas Taylor, 1995
  • Frontier Regulars: The U.S. Army and the Indian, 1866 - 1890, Robert M. Utley, McMillan Press
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General and Regional History
  • Muleshoe and More, Bill Bradfield and Clare Bradfield, Gulf Publishing 1999
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  • Texas Auto Trails: The Southeast, Myra Hargrave McIlvain, University of Texas Press, 1984
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City History
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Crime and Outlaws
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Folklore and Memoirs
  • The Reluctant Warrior, Heino R. Erichken, Eakin Press, 2001
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  • Wood Derricks, Iron Men and Gold Women, Don F. Champion, Texian Press, 1984
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Water and Ecology
  • Saving the Best of Texas, by Richard C. Bartlett, University of Texas Press, 1995
  • Splash Across Texas! By Chandra Moria Beal, La Luna Publishing, Austin, 1999
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Railroads and Aviation
  • Boll Weevil: Recollections of the Trinity & Brazos Valley Railway, J.L. Allhands, Anson Jones, 1946
  • The Quanah Route: A History of the Quanah, Acme and Pacific Railroad, Texas A & M Press, 1991
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  • The Southern Pacific, 1901-1985, Don L. Hofsommer, Texas A & M Press, 1986
  • The Tornado, by John Edward Weems, Texas A & M Press 1977
  • Tornado: Texas Demon in the Wind, by Dudley Lynch, Texian Press, 1970
  • Carry Nation: Your Loving Home Defender, by Jan Holden, article, Old West Magazine, Spring 1999
  • Bonnet, Book and Hatchet, by Stewart H. Holbrook, American Heritage Magazine, December 1957
  • Carry Nation Vs. John L. Sullivan, Herbert Asbury, The New Yorker Magazine, 1933
  • The Empty Square, by Alan Ehrenhalt, Preservation Magazine, March / April 2000
  • Old Stone Prison to Receive Facelift, by Tina Mercurio, Wise County Messenger, June 2002
  • Legendary Ladies of Texas, Publication of the Texas Folklore Society Number XLIII, 1981
  • History of Washington County Courthouses, Dorothy Utesch, Brenham Fortnightly Club, Feb. 1972
  • George Koudelka, Fayette County Historian, Flatonia Memoirs, March, 2002
  • Gary McKee, Fayette County Historian, Schulenburg Memoirs, February, 2001
  • Mary Jo Jarvis nee Long, Delta County Memoirs, April 2002
  • The Oldenburg Hammerfest Blacksmiths, October 5, 2002
  • Harold Bell, Wise County Historian, Telephone Interview, October, 2002
  • Margaret Waring, Comanche County Librarian, Interview, February, 2001
  • Clara Mounce, Director, The Carnegie Center for Brazos Valley History, September, 2002

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