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by Loyd Auerbach

Excerpted from

"A Paranormal Casebook:
Ghost Hunting in the New Millennium"

Atriad Press, 2005
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Reported Phenomena:

Initially, a "faceless" apparition appearing to a woman, especially when she had a date over. A second apparition of a man began appearing some weeks after the first was dealt with. This second apparition verbally harassed the woman. In 1982-83 I dealt with a case of an apparent apparition invasion in the home of one of the students taking my continuing education course on parapsychology at Westchester Community College. She was a single parent of a 12-year-old boy, her husband having died some time before I knew her. She classified herself as "psychic," due to the number of experiences she had had and some degree of control she claimed. She was considering doing work in that field.

The house she lived in was in northern Westchester County, and was quite old, dating back to Revolutionary War days like so many of the homes in that area. She claimed that several apparitions could be seen from time to time in the home, most relating to the very early days of the house's history. As we discussed these 18th century ghosts, it became clear they were residual impressions of the early inhabitants of the house as opposed to actual conscious apparitions.

However, one of the figures did exhibit interactive qualities, and rather than being as clearly perceived as the others, was a bit on the fuzzy side. He was dressed in modern garb. In addition, she reported an odd smell coming into the house, the smell "behaving" like an intelligent entity.

In assessing the situation, with the exception of the one modern male figure, the apparitions were neither conscious nor worrisome to either her or her son. The remaining figure, who also seemed tied to the odd odors, caused a slight disagreement between the woman and her son. He was pretty clear that the apparition was his late father. She would not even consider that possibility, and it seemed as though she didn't want to recognize her late husband's presence (she was dating, after all).

A visit by another psychic resulted in a conclusion that my original assessment of most of the figures as residual impressions, hauntings, as correct. However, the psychic did clearly identify that there was one conscious entity in the home, who identified himself as her late husband. During the communication with the ghost, the psychic passed along her deceased husband's concern about her and whom she was dating. She took a firm stand with him and stated that while she appreciated him watching over them, he needed to not worry about her or her son, and should move on with his own existence or at least abide by some new rules. The psychic also stressed that he should be moving on, but acknowledged that he (the ghost) needed reassurance that his family would be "okay" without him.

After this, the situation was pretty well in hand. As far as her husband was concerned, she simply asked his "ghost" to stay out of the house at certain times (like when she had a date over), or to stick to certain parts of the house (to which he was apparently agreeable). And, she reported, he did. Eventually he left all together, having been convinced his family was doing fine without him. Perhaps he should have stayed just a bit longer.

As it happens, a few days after the last time they saw her late husband, she called to tell me a new apparition had come onto the scene, one she hadn't seen or heard or experienced before. This one was a bit on the obnoxious side, seeming to enjoy just teasing and bothering her. She attempted to reason with him to no avail, and he became insulting. She felt very put upon, even harassed. She called me for advice.

Given that she saw herself as a psychic, and that she had gone into some of the visualization of "energy" techniques used by certain psychics, we came upon a nice way of removing a ghost. At first, I spoke with her about simply protecting herself, using a visualization of "walls" of psychic "force" to block the apparition out of the house. Such psi-blocking visualizations are suggested for a bit of "psychic self-defense" by many psychics, but she had problems with visualizing such a big job.

"Can you imagine yourself surrounded by a bright light, like a big jar?" I asked.

She thought for a moment. "Yes, I have that."

"Can you visualize a big bell shaped jar of colored light standing on its own in the room?" I asked her.

"Yes, I can do that."

"Okay, here's what I want you to do. The next time the harassing apparition appeared, slap that bell jar around him. Make it bright and strong."

"Got it," she said.

"Then slide the bell jar outside the house, and let him go with a warning never to return." She agreed to try this.

Three days later, I received a call from her. She told me she had trapped him in the imaginary bell jar, but then went on to ask me what to do next.

"What do you mean, what should you do next? I told you to slide it outside the house and tell him to stay away or you'd put him inside the jar again."

"Uh, you said that?" she replied.

She had apparently not heard my other instruction, and was keeping the apparition trapped, giving him a taste of his own obnoxious medicine.

After a short time with him in the psychic bell jar, she began insulting him back, and had continued to do so. Now he was practically begging to be let go.

I told her to get his promise never to return and turn him loose. She did, and he took off, never to be "seen" again.

Now, you might be thinking that this all sounds a bit strange, that there was no evidence of the apparition to begin with, and certainly there was nothing pointing to her actually trapping a ghost. You are correct.

The point is, whether there actually was an entity there or not doesn't matter so much as the person taking control of the situation and resolving it herself. If there actually was an objective entity or apparition there, obviously her own psychic abilities were more than enough to get rid of it, because she took control and believed the technique would work.

If there was no entity there, even if this were some figment of her imagination, the belief in the technique was more than enough to resolve the situation. I've used this same resolution advice with other people since then, and haven't really had a dissatisfied customer yet.
Loyd Auerbach
October 7, 2005
Published with permission from Atriad Press

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