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in the West"

by Linda Kirkpatrick

Linda Kirkpatrick


  • A Huntin’ Ghost Story 10-25-10
    Besides being the time of ghosts and goblins, it is almost time for hunters to arrive. Those of you who manage hunting leases and should any of you hunters arrive early you might want to read this story very closely.

  • Who was that Outlaw? 8-7-10
    The story of Vic Queen

  • The Mysterious Yellow Rose of Texas 4-1-10
    This is a story about Texas. It is the story of a woman---a mysterious woman closely related to the song, “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” As I further delved into the research, I found a story beyond anything that I had imagined. Is it myth or is it fact, I do not know but I will share my discoveries and you can decide for yourself.

  • Remembering Bob Ramsey 3-7-10
    The true storyteller can take you on a journey through time until at the end, you want to say, “It can’t be over yet!!” Mr. Ramsey was the best of the best.

  • Capt. J. D. Reed - The Story of a Cowboy 9-2-09
    James Duff Reed, the Cattle King of the West

  • The Day I Rode with the Newton Boys 2-5-09
    The notorious Newton Boys played havoc on banks and trains during the Roaring Twenties...

  • Secrets of Alcatraz 1-4-08
    Did you know that I spent time in Alcatraz? And did you know that during my time there I tied up some limbs broken from the old family tree? Yep it is all true. And I might even add that the ghost of Machine Gun Kelly helped to bring it all together...

  • The Secrets of Bees 11-1-08
    I remember my grandfather, Lewis Burleson Kirkpatrick, telling tales of smoking bee trees but I never got the details. Thus I turned to research in order to find out how early day bee robbers plied their trade. I learned that honey was a cherished possession that sometimes resulted in…murder.

  • Johanna Domodora of South Texas 8-18-08
    Out of the PWA the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was born. Thanks to the WPA and the monies paid to writers, we now have a collection of interviews of people whose stories would have been lost in history. Florence Angermiller's interview with Johanna July of Brackettville, Texas is a story that I have read over and over...

  • Mary Ann Goodnight and the Texas State Bison Herd 7-11-08
    Their story began many, many years ago and when you know it your heart will fill with the same pride that you get at you watch Old Glory waving in the breeze.

  • The Women of 1836, Part III, Mary Millsap 6-3-08
    "... Mary Millsap, wife of Isaac Millsap, Gonzales Ranger. Isaac was the oldest defender at the Alamo and Mary was now one of the oldest widows. Not only was Mary left with the burden of seven children to raise but she had been blind for many years..."

  • The Women of 1836 - Part II
    Susannah Dickinson
    "...Susannah picked up Angelina and followed the officer into the courtyard. It was then that she viewed a site that history books can never describe. The air was still and there was a deafening hush all around. The bodies of the brave dead Texans lay stacked in piles, later to become funeral pyres spreading smoke and history to the sky above..."

  • The Women of 1836 - Part I 4-3-08
    The women who came to Texas were strong beyond means. They faced every hardship and danger that one can imagine and still they survived. The following stories relate the tales of a few of these women. The first is an unnamed woman from Anahuac...

  • Here a Pig, There a Pig
    Third and Final Event of the Pig Trilogy
    Today in Real County there are several dedicated “hog hunters” and they don’t understand catch and release if you get my drift. I will introduce you to a few of these unique people...

  • This Little Piggy Stayed Home
    Part Two of the Pig Trilogy
    This story is about the important but disgusting details of butchering the ill fated little pig and preparing the meat for the table. It is not for the faint of heart...

  • Hog Drives of Frio Canyon Texas
    Part I: “Git Along Little Piggy”
    Late 1890’s - Early 1900’s
    The Frio Canyon suffered hard times in the late 1800’s... The folks, who built up the early ranches in the Leakey area, did what they could to just get by... Like the cattle drives of old but just not as classy or as romantic or as written about were the hog drives of the Frio Canyon.

  • The White Lady of Rio Frio 10-15-07
    Story of a ghost that haunts the banks of the Frio River...

  • Tragedy in South Texas: Reading Black - Unionist, George Washington - Wall Confederate 10-8-07
    The northern end of South Texas is still considered by many as a remote, desolate area that could only be home to rattlesnakes, horned toads, scorpions and occasionally an outlaw. It is, on the other hand, a beautiful country abound with clear rivers, solitude and an abundance of game and I am here to tell there was a time when it was all of this and much more...

  • B. F. (Frank) Payne, Texas Ranger 9-5-07
    ...Annually they would round up the herds and brand the calves according to the brand of their mother. Thus each rancher was able to keep up with the herd size and the cattle belonged to him even though the cow herds ran free. This process worked well until the Civil War. Many of the young men who had hired out to work these cows were called to fight...

  • Teresita Woman of the Apache 8-2-07
    Many accounts are told of the April 18, 1881 incident at the McLaurin Ranch in the Frio Canyon of Texas. Kate McLaurin and Allan Lease were killed but the raiders had compassionately left the McLaurin children alive. Many historical accounts are linked to one another and a small glitch in history could have changed many of the outcomes. Just one small change could have altered the lives of many, including one Apache woman.

  • Sarge Cummings Master of the Long Loop 6-30-07
    Robert H. “Sarge” Cummings was known as a master of the long loop, a cowboy term for rustler. This old coot was loved by all, except for maybe the Texas Rangers...

  • Conflict on the Frio 6-3-07
    The McLaurin Massacre

  • Jack Hoxie 5-1-07

  • "Leakey's Last Picture Show" 2-18-07
    The Canyon Theatre

    Beginning: February 2007
  • About Linda Kirkpatrick:

    I have been writing Cowboy Poetry for several years now. My mom is from Philadelphia and my dad is from Texas. They met during World War II, married and my mother got to live the dream that many city girls were wishing they could do….she married her cowboy and made her home on a remote Texas ranch. Then I came along and try as she might to dress me in dresses, her little girl became Daddy's cowgirl. My whole life has involved cowboys in one way or the other. I try to focus my poetry on the women of the west and the lives of women ranchers. I am a part of a group called "The Cowboy Sunset Serenade," along with Frank Roberts and Joe Wells. Our programs are about the history of the cowboy, the west and women of the west. We perform at schools, state parks and retirement centers. We have also performed at the National Cowboy Symposium at Lubbock, Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Alpine, Folklife Festival in San Antonio, Texas Parks and Wildlife Expo in Austin and anywhere else we can get someone to listen. Frank Roberts sings cowboy songs while Joe and I do cowboy poetry.

    I guess I do this in honor of my family, just a bunch of old cowboys. I have watched them give their time, sweat and blood to be stewards of the land and guardians of the livestock. I was, unknowingly, brought up with a healthy respect for livestock and the environment and this was all thanks to my dad, my uncles and my granddad. As any person who has lived this life knows it is hard work with little pay but the rewards are greater than anything imaginable. So this is why I write about this life, with an emphasis on the women who lived in this era.

    I've received the top Reciter awards at the Western Legends Roundup and Cowboy Poetry Rodeo in Kanab, Utah. I was named among the top five female poets by the Academy of Western Artists in 2005 and 2006. I was also in the top five for female poet of the year with the Western Music Association in 2006.
    Order Book
    Somewhere in the West
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    The BAR-D Roundup
    Order CD
    Beneath a Western Sky
    My poetry CD, Beneath a Western Sky, was released in 2005. Some of my stories and poems are collected in my book, Somewhere in the West (Cowboy Miner Productions, 2001). I was a contributor to The Big Roundup (New West Library, 2001) anthology that received the AWA Buck Ramsey Best Poetry Book Award, and am included in The BAR-D Roundup, a compilation CD from the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry, sponsors of CowboyPoetry.com. My poetry has been featured on the radio, in other publications and overseas.
    Order Chapbook
    The Chapbook:
    The story of the Last Indian Raid in the Frio Canyon and possibly the entire state of Texas.

    Price - $7.00 includes S&H

    Send order to:
    Linda Kirkpatrick
    P.O. Box 128
    Leakey, Texas 78873

    Girl riding a longhorn This photo is my dad, Alton Kirkpatrick, me and a longhorn. I was very upset when this photo was made and remember every bit of it. You see my dad made me sit in that saddle, on that longhorn, in a DRESS!! Now what cowgirl do you know would ride a longhorn in a DRESS!? I was highly offended that my dad expected me to sit in that saddle in a dress. That nasty little look that I have on my face is not out of fear of that big ole steer it is because I had to sit up there in a dress!!! Daddy was standing there to keep me from bailing off!! He carried that photo in his wallet until a few years ago when I talked him out of it!!










































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