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    March 2011 Issue
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    Special Guest Column
  • Muenster - Old Europe in Frontier Texas by John Hellman 3-3-11
    ... Although they were hardly conscious of it, there was something peculiarly medieval about pockets of European culture in America like those scattered German parish communities who arrived in Texas (my grandparents as small children) in the late nineteen century, and eventually prospered on the rolling lands which ran down to the Red River valley and the Oklahoma border of east Texas...
  • Mier
    Texas History
  • A March into Hell: The Mier Expedition by Jeffery Robenalt 3-11-11
    In the aftermath of President Mirabeau Lamar's ill-fated expedition to Santa Fe, his successor, Sam Houston, did his best to maintain an uneasy peace between Mexico and the Republic of Texas. However, after Santa Anna twice ordered Mexican troops to occupy San Antonio, political pressure for action eventually forced Houston to dispatch General Alexander Somervell and 750 volunteers to the Rio Grande. What began as a demonstration in force soon ended in "A March into Hell: The Mier Expedition."
  • Honeymoon
    Ghost Town
  • Ghost Town Honeymoon Or Lunamiel en el Rio Frio
    Story and Photographs by Josa Combs 3-16-11
    A newly-wedded couple drives to desolate Frio County in the late 1980s to camp alongside the Frio River. Thanks to the kindness of a mysterious writer, they’re allowed to discover the crumbling ruins of Frio County’s first seat of government.
  • Frio Town Photos courtesy Josa Combs & Barclay Gibson 3-16-11
    Former Frio County seat
  • Sunshine Hill burned
    Ghost Town
  • Sunshine Hill Wichita Co 3-29-11
    "Sunshine Hill, TX fell victim to a grassfire on March 22, 2011" - Keith Vaughn
  • Centennial markers
    Texas Centennial
  • Texas Centennial Celebration - The 1936 Texas Centennial Markers by Barclay Gibson 3-1-11
  • March 2, 1836 Caroon by Roger T. Moore 3-2-11
  • Wrong-Way Corrigan
  • The Misadventures of Wrong-Way Corrigan by Maggie Van Ostrand 3-9-11
    Famed Douglas Corrigan tried for years to get permission to fly from New York to Dublin. "No," said aviation officials, "it's not safe..., we give you permission to fly from New York to California." Corrigan finally took off in heavy fog.... 28 hours later, he arrived in Dublin. Corrigan claimed it was a "navigational error." Whatever it was, he got to his dream destination and didn't even mind it when newspapers dubbed him "Wrong-Way Corrigan"...
  • Town: Whitewright Grayson Co 3-31-11
  • Town: Monkstown Fannin Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 3-30-11
  • Column: The Boy With Two Tombstones by Mike Cox 3-30-11
    "Ellis…Son of [missing] Born March 3, 1870 – Died Nov. 28, 1872." Not only was it odd to discover a tombstone in a flower bed, the dates it bore presented a mystery on top of a mystery...
  • People: The Caudles: A Family of Entertainers by Robert G. Cowser 3-29-11
    On those evenings after we had visited the Arthurs, my parents would tell my brother and me about the performances of the Caudle troupe they had seen before I was born.
  • Column: Cherokee outlet, strip not the same by Delbert Trew 3-29-11
    Contrary to popular belief, The Cherokee Outlet and The Cherokee Strip are not one and the same. Here is the explanation according to Kansas and Oklahoma history...
  • Column: East Texas Traditions by Bob Bowman 3-28-11
    A friend who recently moved to East Texas from Ohio says he is aghast that city residents here are allowed to burn leaves in their yard whenever they want. What my friend doesn't realize is that he's bucking an old East Texas tradition. ...
  • Town: Hagensport Franklin Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 3-25-11
  • Storm: The Chilled Catfish of Concho County by Mike Cox 3-24-11
    As Cline watched in horror, a watery cliff crashed into a wagon, sending it and its occupants tumbling downstream. That was shocking, but what Cline saw next was simply bizarre. No matter the tragedy that has just unfolded, men soon began gathering along the river and pulling big fish from the water...
  • B. H. Grierson
  • People: Fort Davis and Colonel Benjamin Henry Grierson by Byron Browne 3-23-11
    The assignment to Fort Davis should have been relatively calm. However, the Mescalero Apache chief Victorio saw to it that Grierson and his soldiers remained active...
  • People: Fruit Tree Ramsey by Clay Coppedge 3-22-11
    When Frank T. Ramsey was 16 years old, he quit going to school and became a partner in his father’s nursery business in Burnet County. His father, Alexander M. Ramsey, wrote down a list of fruit tree varieties that he had for sale and put his son and business partner on a horse. Frank traveled all over Texas, taking orders for trees and collecting native flora along the way...
  • Column: Grasslands rooted in dust by Delbert Trew 3-22-11
    Just how, when and why did the establishment of these "national" grassland places take place? We have to go back to 1933, the worst year of The Great Depression, The Dust Bowl and the "First Hundred Days" of the New Deal of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • Port Aransas
    Port Aransas
  • Port Aransas Nueces Co Photos courtesy Sarah Reveley & Ken Rudine 3-21-11
  • Fishing in Port Aransas by Mike Cox 3-10-11
    Hard to believe, but Texans haven’t always fished just for fun. Along the coast, from the time of the fierce Karankawas until the latter days of the 19th century, fishing was about eating, not a recreational pursuit.
  • Column: Remembering Columbia by Bob Bowman 3-20-11
    On February 1, 2003, as the world followed the return of Space Shuttle Columbia, something deadly went wrong with the flight over East Texas. In seconds, the shuttle and its crew plummeted to the ground in Sabine County.
  • Column: Palo Duro Gold Rush of 1949 by Mike Cox 3-18-11
    Once upon a time, a shower of shiny gold coins fell from the sky over Palo Duro Canyon State Park south of Amarillo...
  • Mission
  • Mission: Mission Santa Cruz de San Sabá
    Menard Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 3-16-11
    March 16, 1758,
    Mission Santa Cruz de San Sabá was attacked by a force of 2,000 Comanche Indians and their allies.
  • Pearland
  • Town: Pearland Brazoria Co Courtesy Pearland Historical Society 3-15-11
  • Folklore: The Wolfman of Comstock by Gary Humphreys 3-15-11
    This is a true story told to me by my mother, during the fifties……
  • Column: A Newspaper’s Centennial by Bob Bowman 3-14-11
    In the early days, newspapers carried down-to-earth news that you seldom read in newspapers today. Some examples...

    Deep in the Heart of Somewhere
  • Odds, Kentucky and Van Lear County 3-14-11
  • Smithville's Dexter
    Dog Story
  • Smithville's Dexter - From Underdog to Best of (Picture) Show by Ted R. Krueger 3-13-10
    "Adena Lewis called asking us to bring our dogs to a casting call for the movie "The Tree of Life" that was soon to be filmed in Smithville. The director, Terrence Malick, wanted the "hero dog" (to be called "Shep" in the movie) to be an untrained dog..."
  • Richland Springs
  • Richland Springs San Saba Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 3-11-11
  • Capitol
    Vintage Photos
  • Building: Old Capitol Courtesy Murray Montgomery Collection 3-10-11
  • Ghost Town: Tonqua DeWitt Co Courtesy Deborah Smith 3-10-11

  • Palito Blanco Jim Wells Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 3-10-11
  • Bevilport
    Ghost Town
  • Old Bevilport Jasper Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 3-9-11
    by Bob Bowman

    History laid a heavy hand on Bevilport. But you won’t find it on many road maps or marked by highway signs...
  • Augusta Houston Co Photos courtesy Dana Goolsby 3-8-11
  • Edens-Madden Massacre
    Historic Event:
  • The Edens-Madden Massacre of Houston County by Dana Goolsby 3-8-11
    Almost two centuries ago, a gruesome massacre occurred near San Pedro Creek and the Augusta community...
  • Augusta Cemetery Houston Co Photos courtesy Dana Goolsby 3-8-11
  • Karnack
  • Bwana Disco in Karnack by Maryanne Gobble 3-8-11
  • Ghost Towns
  • Gomez Terry Co Vintage map TGLO 3-7-11
    One name, two ghosts
  • Tokio, Texas Terry Co Photos courtesy Jason Penney 3-7-11
  • Florala
    Small Town Zen
  • Naivete in Florala, Alabama by Johnny Stucco 3-4-11
    Woodie paint a mural? We’ll bet he would.
    Florala is one of those places like Texarkana that straddles state lines and has a name cobbled together from both hosts...
  • People: UTMB Professor “Old Test Tube” Took the First X-Ray Ever Taken in Texas by Bill Cherry 3-4-11
    The only one of the original 1891 faculty of the University of Texas Medical Branch who graduated from the University of Texas in Austin was Dr. Seth Morris... Everyone, students as well as the medical staff, got to calling him “Old Test Tube” ...
  • Jail: Old Frio County Jail Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson 3-4-11
    Now Frio Pioneer Jail Museum, Pearsall, Texas
  • Column: Pronghorn Antelope by Mike Cox 3-3-11
    No thanks to Lester B. Colby and anyone else who may have done what he did, thousands of pronghorn antelope are still home on the range in the Panhandle.
  • Ghost Town: Cele Travis Co Photos courtesy Bryan D Reynolds 3-3-11
  • Ghost Town: Duval Winkler Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 3-2-11
  • Pandale
    Ghost Towns
  • Verand Schleicher Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 3-1-11
  • Sabine Jefferson Co Photos courtesy Bryan D Reynolds 3-1-11
  • Langtry Val Verde Co Photos courtesy Bryan D Reynold 3-1-11
  • Pandale Val Verde Co Photos courtesy David Armstrong 3-1-11
  • Column: Farming machinery most reliable friend by Delbert Trew 3-1-11
    With only me, myself and I to do the work I stay busy at trying to stay out of a rest home. However, with age creeping up, muscles and bones not as strong as in the past, I find myself depending more and more on my best friend Jose Kubota.
  • Column: Food for the family in tough times..... And the tools to use by Nolan Maxie 3-1-11
    We grew many various kinds of vegetables in the garden; onions; cabage; lettuce; carrots; radishes; turnips; beans; peas; squash; orka; cellery and others. You can do it yourself, too!
  • Ben Ficklin
  • Ghost Town: Ben Ficklin Tom Green Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson
  • Town: Veribest Tom Green Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson
  • Town: Camp Air Mason Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson
  • Camp Air
    Animal of the Month
  • Sandhill Crane by Bonnie Wroblewski
    Honored as symbols of marital fidelity and conjugal bliss throughout Southeast Asia, the native cultures of India, and Japan (where it is customary to adorn wedding gifts with folded origami cranes in place of ribbons and bows), gruids have a celebrated reputation for monogamy in folklore as well as in scientific investigations.
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