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The Alamo Cement Company and
the creation of San Antonio Landmarks

"Located on Wurzbach Pkwy,
just west of the intersection of Thousand Oaks." - Noel Kerns
Quarry as Shopping Center,  Cementville Texas

The Quarry as Shopping Center
Photo courtesy Sarah Reveley, March 2008

In his excellent book San Antonio Uncovered, author Mark Louis Rybczyk has included a chapter called Six San Antonio Landmarks that are Built in Old Rock Quarries. Two of the six are related to the Alamo Portland Cement Company. The first is the Japanese Sunken Gardens in Brackenridge Park, donated when the cement company relocated to Alamo Heights in 1907.

The second is the Alamo Heights' Subdivision of Lincoln Heights, once known as Cementville, a community that, while not meeting the standard definitions, nonetheless had schools, a church and residential housing – in the shadows cast by the huge smokestacks.
From Mr. Rybczyk’s book:
“When this plant was built, it was still three miles from the end of the streetcar line and pretty much a wild, untamed piece of land. When the company moved all of its operation to Loop 1604 and Green Mountain Road in 1985, the company town died and the site was shut down sold to developers. The Cementville headquarters and laboratory have been redeveloped into restaurants and the old plant has become the Quarry Market. The smokestacks were incorporated into the design of one of the retail outlets. The abandoned pit became a golf course.”
San Antonio Uncovered
In his typical way of inserting a complement whenever he can, Rybczyk adds: “It’s interesting to note how comfortable San Antonians have become with redeveloping quarries. In the past, the abandoned quarries were redesigned to mask the former use. Now, developers embrace the quarry’s past.”
Cementville Texas theatre lobby  photos of cement plant
The photos in the theatre lobby viewed from the escalator.
Photo courtesy Sarah Reveley, March 2008
San Antonio Portland Cement Company plaque
Photo courtesy Sarah Reveley, March 2008
Cementville Texas Quarry Market , mall and smoke stacks
The Rodriquez Fountain built for the Alamo Cement Company Offices
Photo courtesy Sarah Reveley, March 2008
Fountain inside the Rodriquez pavilion, Cementville Texas

A live Grackle sits on the now dry fountain inside the Rodriquez pavilion
Photo courtesy Sarah Reveley, March 2008

Our hats are off to developers who incorporate the past into modern attractions. May their profits increase to fund other projects.

In a related story, another former cement plant awaits a new life. The Longhorn Cement Company has left extensive ruins just north of San Antonio. What changes await this abandoned facility remain to be seen, but its potential is at least as rich as the Quarry Market.
San Antonio TX  abandoned cement plant smoke Stacks

Longhorn Quarry: Another abandoned San Antonio cement plant stands vacant near Wurzbach Parkway, just W of I-35.
(See letter below)

TE photos, February 2008

San Antonio TX  abandoned cement plant
San Antonio TX  abandoned cement plant
TE photo, February 2008
Cementville Texas Quarry smokestacks

The former Longhorn Cement Plant and Quarry
Photo courtesy Noel Kerns, October, 2007

Letter of correction from photographer Noel Kerns:

"I just noticed your story [with the photos] of the abandoned quarry in San Antonio. I took some exterior recon shots of the place, planning to come back someday and do a night shoot of it. I haven’t returned, but I wanted to give you a correct location on it. In the article, I notice the author refered to it as being on Loop 1604, but in reality, it isn’t even close. It's much closer to I-35.

I’m not 100% positive, but I believe the plant was typically referred to as the ‘Longhorn Quarry’…that was all I’d ever heard it called until I read the TE article.

Technically, it’s located on Wurzbach Pkwy, just west of the intersection of Thousand Oaks." - Noel Kerns, Dallas, March 13, 2008

"Northeast School District has announced plans to buy it (the Longhorn Quarry) and turn it into a secondary football stadium." - Entry on CityData.com
TX Bexar County 1940s Map
1940s Bexar County map showing Cementville
From Texas state map #4335

Courtesy Texas General Land Office

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