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San Saba County TX
San Saba County

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Bend, Texas
Chapter 2 - Heading for Texas

by Harland Moore

Chapter 1

In the fall of 1868, Seth and Damaris Moore, along with two year old Frank and infant Ella , left Tennessee on a steamer and came to Galveston, Texas. From Galveston, they went on up and settled on the Colorado River in Colorado County. They lived here for about five years and were blessed with three more children. Seth Winchester was born Mar.13, 1871. Silas Alfred [My Grandfather] was born Dec. 23, 1872. William Thomas was born Nov. 12, 1874. About 1875, that family of seven, moved by covered wagon on up the Colorado River to San Saba County to a beautiful setting that would later be called "Bend." The story goes that Seth Moore bought 160 acres of land on the east side of the river for 120 gold dollars. He and his family built the first house there about 200 yards from the river. I understand that it was a log house with an up stairs or a sleeping loft. It was located not far from a river crossing called Eagle Ford, because of an eagle nest that was used for years in a cotton wood tree near by. Wagons and teams could cross the river here when it was very low. A post office was later established in that old house and Seth Moore became the first post master and the place was officially named "Bend", Texas.

Hettie Ann Moore was born here on Dec. 14, 1876. At that time Uncle Frank was 10 years old and my Grandfather Silas was four. A little later Seth Moore subdivided his land and sold off several blocks as the community began to grow. When he finished his house and the boys began to get big enough to help. He built a ferry boat across the Colorado River so that people could cross even when the river was too high to ford. It is interesting that he would construct this ferry on the river. Someone told me when I was young that he could not swim and would not even try to swim. They felt that he feared his wound and missing chin part might cause him to drown.

On the west side of the Colorado River, that is the Lampasas side, A Mr. Mc Annelly had obtained a league of land in the bend of the river. This was an unusually acute bend in the river and it actually flows from south to north at this location. Several people obtained land from him and that side of the river began to develop and grow as well as the San Saba side. My great grand mother, Damaris, had some brothers that moved here from Tennessee. William Robert Alexander, who was born Mar. 9, 1833, was married to Mary Marley, born Oct. 17, 1843. I think that she was of the Marley family that lived there for many years. She was buried in Sand Hill Cemetery and I think that she was the second person buried there. William Jennings was buried there three days earlier. If I have it figured right, Grandmother Damaris had another brother named James Newton Alexander who was the father of H.W. [Woodson] Alexander, born Nov. 24, 1874. James Newton Alexander came to Bend, Texas, to visit his brother, William Robert. James Newton died while he was in Texas and was buried in Sand Hill Cemetery at Bend on Dec. 16. 1877. At the time of his death, James Newton had five children. The oldest, John Rankin Alexander, was 10 years old. The next was William Oliver Alexander (I knew him as Uncle Will as he later married my grandmotherís sister). He would have been about 8 years old when his father died. Then there was Mary Maranda, age 6, ( She died at age 20 and was buried in Sand Hill Cemetery) The next child was Henry Woodson Alexander, age 3, and the youngest was Emma Bell Alexander, about 2 months old. These children were all brought into the home of their uncle, William Robert Alexander, where they grew to adulthood. Cousin Emma later married John Washington Stephens and they settled in Comanche Co. Texas, near my grandparents, Silas and Ella (Doss) Moore.

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