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"Go Far With Kovar"
by Taylor Kovar

Taylor Kovar
Taylor Kovar
CEO of
Kovar Capital

Legal Disclaimer: Information presented is for educational purposes only and is not an offer or solicitation for the sale or purchase of any specific securities, investments, or investment strategies. Investments involve risk and, unless otherwise stated, are not guaranteed. Be sure to first consult with a qualified financial adviser and/or tax professional before implementing any strategy discussed herein. To submit a question to be answered in this column, please send it via email to Question@GoFarWithKovar.com, or via USPS to Taylor Kovar, 415 S 1st St, Suite 300, Lufkin, TX 75901.


  • Parenting In The Age Of Social Media 3-27-23

  • Navigating Divorce and Dollars 3-21-23

  • Is the Economy Boom or Bust? 3-14-23

  • Investing in Hot Industries 3-7-23

  • Tax Prep Tips 2-28-23

  • Should I Get a New Credit Card? 2-20-23

  • New Job, New You 2-14-23

  • Term vs Whole Life Insurance for New Family 1-31-23

  • Increasing the value of your home 1-17-23

  • How to Start Saving Money This New Year 1-10-23

  • How Does Compound Interest Work? 1-4-23

  • Charitable Giving 12-26-22

  • Battling The Grocery Bill 12-20-22

  • Taking Care of Mom's Money 12-13-22

  • Will Crypto Recover? 12-5-22

  • Talking With Friends About Money 11-29-22

  • Tackling Student Loan Debt 11-22-22

  • Investing In Real Estate with $10k 11-15-22

  • Prepping for Holiday Spending 11-8-22

  • Should We Merge Bank Accounts? 11-1-22

  • GoFarWithKovar.com

  • No income car loans 10-24-22

  • Online Banks, Yay or Nay? 10-17-22

  • Debt, Emergency Fund, or Retirement? 10-11-22

  • Help! I Lost My Wallet 10-4-22

  • When the Economy and Climate Collide 10-1-22

  • Non-Financial Retirement Considerations 9-20-22

  • Credit Card Offer or Trap? 9-13-22

  • Quick Credit Fix Options 9-6-22

  • What's Up With Gas Prices? 8-30-22

  • China's Real Estate Problem 8-24-22

  • Supply Chain 8-16-22

  • Economics of Climate Change 8-3-22

  • Using 401(k) Funds to Pay Down Credit Card Debt 7-27-22

  • $15 Minimum Wage 7-20-22

  • How to invest for rising interest rates 7-13-22

  • Financial lessons for young adults 7-6-22

  • 3 tips for couples who want to save money 7-1-22

  • Tips to save on gas while traveling this summer 6-22-22

  • Has the housing market peaked? 6-15-22

  • How can I help my parents in their retirement? 6-12-22

  • When should I start investing? 6-4-22

  • To buy or not to buy 5-25-22

  • Should I open a new credit card simply for the rewards? 5-22-22

  • What expenses should I cut to save for overdue honeymoon 5-11-22

  • How to Navigate Money with Your In-Laws 5-4-22

  • Interest rate hikes 4-27-22

  • Budgeting tips for a beginner 4-21-22

  • Tips to make filing easier 4-15-22

  • Bitcoin Surge 4-5-22

  • Summer Vacation 3-29-22

  • Stock Market Superbubble 3-22-22

  • Affordable Legal Advice 3-14-22

  • Pay off debt or build an emergency fund? 3-9-22

  • How do I Ask for a Pay Raise? 3-2-22

  • Spring clean your finances 2-24-22

  • The future of the penny 2-17-22

  • Should I invest in electric cars? 2-8-22

  • Should I invest in cryptocurrency? 2-4-22

  • Is buying a boat a bad investment? 1-28-22

  • How does inflation affect bonds? 1-21-22

  • How can I invest in crypto? 1-12-22

  • Which budget option is best for me? 1-8-22

  • New Year's goal: save more money 12-27-21

  • Why do you wake up at 4:30am??? 12-22-21

  • Should I invest in rental property? 12-15-21

  • Get a jump start on next year's taxes 12-8-21

  • What does the infrastructure bill include? 12-1-21

  • How will the supply chain shortage affect this holiday season? 11-24-21

  • Financial literacy requirement for high school students 11-17-21

  • Is it safe to travel this holiday season? 11-10-21

  • Should I invest in tech stocks? 11-3-21

  • Preparing for the costs of having a baby 11-1-21

  • Halloween costume ideas 10-21-21

  • Investing in gold and silver 10-11-21

  • Where is the stock market headed? 10-4-21

  • Which money transfer app should I use? 9-28-21

  • What is going on with the housing market? 9-20-21

  • New remote jobs 9-14-21

  • Why are there no workers? 9-6-21

  • Why does Bill Gates own farmland? 9-1-21

  • Tips to Grow Your Small Business 8-24-21

  • Should I Buy a House or Rent 8-18-21

  • Dave Ramsey and the great debate on good credit 8-2-21

  • Should I lend my son money for his house? 7-28-21

  • Child tax credit: What's the deal? 7-19-21

  • How do I invest in venture capital? 7-13-21

  • Financially Supporting Your Elderly Parents 7-8-21

  • Are CDs a good investment? 6-29-21

  • Family Loans: How To Lend With Family 6-22-21

  • Inflation proof investments 6-15-21

  • What are NFTs? 6-7-21

  • Are ransomware attacks something new? 5-31-21

  • Why does everything seem to be more expensive? 5-24-21

  • Elon Musk and Crypto 5-18-21

  • What career paths can students take after high school? 5-10-21

  • What to do with my 401k when I change jobs 5-6-21

  • Travel agent vs booking online 4-26-21

  • Starting a business with no money 4-19-21

  • Tips on managing work-life balance 4-12-21

  • How to save more effectively 4-5-21

  • Is inflation good or bad? 3-29-21

  • How should I spend my stimulus check? 3-22-21

  • International travel in 2021 3-15-21

  • The economy in 2021 3-1-21

  • Finding a Fulfilling Career 2-25-21

  • Day trading vs. standard investing 2-19-21

  • Best credit cards of 2021 2-9-21

  • Buying a second home in another state 2-2-21

  • What's the latest with Brexit? 1-26-21

  • Staying active during the pandemic 1-21-21

  • Auto trends in 2021 1-13-21

  • Part-time jobs to consider during COVID 1-4-21

  • How to actually keep your New Year's debt resolution 12-28-20

  • Supporting your local economy 12-14-20

  • How to Enhance the Value of Your Home 12-7-20

  • Own the Holidays Without Taking on Debt 12-2-20

  • Guiding your high school senior during COVID 11-23-20

  • Should I make my husband repay me? 11-10-20

  • What is the quickest way to wire money? 11-3-20

  • What exactly is the "buy it for life" movement? 10-27-20

  • Tips for starting your own business 10-23-20

  • New types of jobs emerging from COVID-19 10-14-20

  • When will we be able to get the Coronavirus vaccine? 10-6-20

  • Where is the housing market headed? 9-28-20

  • Home improvement tips and ideas 9-14-20

  • Get more out of life than just "work" 9-8-20

  • Is now a good time to book future travel? 8-24-20

  • Tips for distance learning - help your children at home 8-17-20

  • How to ease the burden of student loan debt 8-11-20

  • Ways to teach your kids about money during quarantine 8-4-20

  • Do home improvement projects really pay for themselves? 7-27-20

  • Fun At-Home Activities for Families & Kids 7-20-20

  • Finding a Job During COVID 7-14-20

  • Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House? 7-6-20

  • DIY Landscaping Without Spending a Fortune 6-29-20

  • What's Going on With the Stock Market? 6-15-20

  • Is a 529 Plan The Best Way to Save for College? 6-8-20

  • What Should I Do With My Old 401(k)? 6-2-20

  • Teaching Your Children About Money 5-26-20

  • Can I Still Afford to Retire After the Coronavirus? 5-20-20

  • Is Now the Time to Invest in Real Estate? 5-12-20

  • Good Summer Jobs for Teenagers 5-6-20

  • Tackling Student Loans and Credit Card Debt 4-28-20

  • Laid Off: I Can't Afford My Car 4-22-20

  • Financial Tips: What You Can Do During COVID 4-13-20

  • When Will a Corona Vaccine Be Ready? 4-6-20

  • Ways to Invest That Don't Involve the Stock Market 4-1-20

  • Is Gold a Good Investment? 3-25-20

  • Stock Market After the Coronavirus 3-17-20

  • Home Improvement Projects That Add Value 3-10-20

  • Annuities Great for Salesmen, Not Usually for Investors 3-3-20

  • How to Pave the Way to an Early Retirement 2-25-20

  • Steps to Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Small Business 2-19-20

  • Why is the Coronavirus Affecting Financial Markets? 2-12-20

  • Dividing Up Your Salary: Saving and Investing Enough? 2-5-20

  • Buying a House: What You Need to Know 1-29-20

  • Financial Impact of Middle East Tensions 1-24-20

  • Is a Home Equity Loan a Good Idea? 1-17-20

  • Saving for College: Should I Use a 529 Plan? 1-8-20

  • Saving for a Down Payment: Where Should I Keep My Money? 1-1-20

  • What Debt Do I Pay Off First? 12-23-19

  • How to Keep That Financial New Year's Resolution 12-18-19

  • Investment Ideas When Retiring Early 12-4-19

  • Medicare Enrollment: What Do I Need to Know? 11-27-19

  • What's With the Hong Kong Protests? 11-20-19

  • Tips to Manage Your Holiday Spending 11-6-19

  • Ideas for a Fun, Cost-Effective Halloween 10-23-19

  • How Can I Protect My Family Financially 10-17-19

  • How Does the Impeachment Inquiry Affect My Investments? 10-3-19

  • Saudi Arabia Attack: Should I Panic? 9-24-19

  • Balancing Your Personal and Professional Life 9-21-19

  • Decluttering: How To Get My Spouse on Board 9-16-19

  • Financial Bind: Use My Emergency Fund or Take On Debt? 9-3-19

  • How Can I Ease My Student Loan Burden? 8-27-19

  • Is College Worth the Cost? 8-13-19

  • Using Your IRA to Buy Your First Home 8-6-19

  • Successfully Re-Entering the Workforce 7-30-19

  • How to Get Started Investing in Your 30s 7-17-19

  • Simple Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workplace 7-9-19

  • Investing Tips for College Students 7-2-19

  • Owning a Car Doesn't Have to Break the Bank 6-25-19

  • Tips on Buying Homeowners Insurance 6-18-19

  • Should I Invest in Real Estate or a Small Business? 6-11-19

  • Guidelines for Tackling Debt 6-3-19

  • Tips For Effective Time Management 3-4-19

  • Graduate College With Money to Spare 3-1-19

  • Should I Pay Off My Car Loan Early? 2-21-19

  • How Do I Start Investing in Stocks? 2-15-19

  • How Can I Improve My Work/Life Balance? 2-8-19

  • How to Avoid Buyer's Remorse When Purchasing a Car 1-25-19

  • Is Paying Estimated Taxes Beneficial if You're Self Employed? 1-19-19

  • What Should We do With Our Children's Old Toys? 1-11-19

  • Is 2019 a Good Time to Buy a House? 1-4-19

  • How Can I Make Sure My Travel Is Affordable? 12-28-18

  • Advice for Attainable Financial New Year's Resolutions? 12-21-18

  • How Can I Avoid Falling Back Into Debt? 12-14-18

  • How Does Inflation Affect the Stock Market? 12-7-18

  • Advice on Comparing Prices? 11-30-18

  • What Should I Do for Extra Work During the Holidays? 11-23-18

  • What Are Your Thoughts on Business Partnerships? 11-16-18

  • Is Renter's Insurance Worth It? 11-9-18

  • How do I get my Teenagers to Understand that Time is Money? 11-2-18

  • Advice on Rolling my 401(k) Into an IRA? 10-26-18

  • Can I Furnish an Apartment for $300? 10-19-18

  • How Can I Retire Young with Financial Independence? 10-12-18

  • When to Start Saving for Retirement? 10-5-18

  • How Do I Produce a Passive Income With No Time to Spare? 9-28-18

  • Is There a Better Way to Earn Returns on Cash? 9-21-18

  • Is Debt Relief a Scam? 9-14-18

  • What is a Financial Calendar? 8-31-18

  • Is it Possible to Avoid Bank Fees? 8-24-18

  • Should I Take the Higher Paying Job? 8-17-18

  • Is Summer a Good Time to Buy a House? 8-10-18

  • Any Advice to Prepare for the Costs of Having a Baby? 8-3-18

  • How Can I Save Money on AC This Summer? 7-27-18

  • Is it Worth it to Move to a Smaller Town for a Lower Cost of Living? 7-20-18

  • How High Does my Credit Score Really Need to Be? 7-13-18

  • How Should I Allocate my Money From a Settlement? 6-29-18

  • Is it Better to Buy a House or Continue Renting,? 6-22-18

  • Summer Money Saving Challenge 6-15-18

  • What is The Best Way to Use my Lottery Winnings? 6-8-18

  • Any Tips to Prepare Property Before Selling? 6-1-18

  • How should I tell my friends I'm trying to cut back on spending? 5-25-18
  • How Should I Fund a Mortgage Down Payment? 5-18-18

  • Tax Preparation Tips for Next Year 5-11-18

  • Should I Keep or Replace my Car? 5-8-18

  • Tips for Buying Stocks with Confidence 5-4-18

  • Should I Refinance my Mortgage? 4-20-18

  • Should I Get Out of Facebook and Other Tech Stocks? 4-13-18

  • Is it worth it to have a $25 investment account? 4-6-18

  • Robo Advisors vs. Human Advisors 3-30-18

  • Biography

    Taylor was raised by good ol' blue-collar workers and following in their footsteps led him to take on massive debt at a very young age. It didn't take him long to realize having debt wasn't his cup of tea, and he worked his tail off so he could enjoy financial freedom and independence. As an entrepreneur and financial professional, his work has been quoted and published in a variety of different media on topics such as financial management, budgeting, saving, business, investing, and more. Read more about Taylor at GoFarWithKovar.com

    - January 28, 2019

    His editorial appears weekly in The Lufkin Daily News

    Disclaimer: Information presented is for educational purposes only and is not an offer or solicitation for the sale or purchase of any specific securities, investments, or investment strategies. Investments involve risk and, unless otherwise stated, are not guaranteed. Be sure to first consult with a qualified financial adviser and/or tax professional before implementing any strategy discussed herein. To submit a question to be answered in this column, please send it via email to Question@GoFarWithKovar.com, or via USPS to Taylor Kovar, 415 S 1st St, Suite 300, Lufkin, TX 75901.

































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