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Dear Gunter

by Peary Perry
Peary Perry
Dear Gunter:

Sorry I haven’t written in such a long time but getting something out in written form from here in the Texas gulag is getting more and more difficult each and every day. I hope this reaches you. I have trusted the delivery to a close friend who is risking his life by helping me, but he believes the rest of the world should know what is happening here in the United Socialist Americas (USA).

I don’t know how much news the rest of the world is getting but I can bet that what you are receiving is not accurate. As you may recall back in 2007, before the elections of 2008, conservative talk radio was under attack by both the Republicans and the Democrats for ‘having too much influence over the American public’. This came as a result of the protest by the conservatives over the immigration bill favored by both houses and then President Bush. Apparently the voice of the people rising up in opposition to a bill they disliked was entirely too much for the sitting congress and the President. Former Senator, now Senior Senator (SS) Trent Lott made the statement that “Talk radio is running America… We (Congress) have to deal with that problem.” Most of us at that time didn’t realize that listening to the radio, no matter what your political ilk happened to be was a ‘problem’ to members of the congress. We just thought it was our constitutional right. Apparently we were wrong. Then when Senator Clinton became the president and took office in 2009, the first thing she did was to abolish the old two party system and establish the Repubicrats as the only recognized political party in this country. She originally wanted the party to be renamed the Democans, but this name was already trademarked by a porta-potty manufacturing company in Oklahoma who refused to give up their rights.

SS Trent Lott was appointed to head the Senate side of the legislature and as such teamed up with President Clinton to pass legislative action to ‘balance the airways’ under something called the ‘fairness doctrine.’ Former Senator Clinton, you may recall was reported to have made this comment some years ago…”They (conservative talk radio hosts) are nothing but right-wing extremists. We’ve got to have a balance. There’s got to be a legislative fix for this.” So, you may have heard that all radio and television programming has to be approved by a special committee headed by former Senator Diane Feinstein BEFORE ANY programming was allowed to be broadcasted. As you may well expect, the right wing talk show programs closed within a month after not being able to get any topic approved for discussion. Surprise, surprise!!! Rush moved to Mexico and is operating out of some 500,000 watt pirate station that covers most of the country. Sean Hannity moved to a peninsula off the coast of Russia and is doing the same. Michael Savage refused to leave and was assassinated a month or so later. Neal Boortz is still in hiding. All radios and televisions had to be turned in and retuned in order to receive only government approved broadcasts. We are allowed to watch re-runs of “I Love Lucy” and “Mr. Ed.” I heard we may get “Gilligans Island” and “Car, 54…where are you?” in the next couple of months. One can only hope.

All of the nation’s newspapers were taken over by a monopoly consisting of the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post. President Clinton and SS Lott pushed the legislation through by saying that the ‘economies of scale’ were in favor of mass production of the news by being able to distribute the nation’s papers in multiple languages (now required) to a broader audience at a lower cost.

The current People’s Congress (that’s how they like to be called these days) abolished the United States Postal System in favor of e-mail. They have taxed e-mails and are able to monitor their content for so called ‘terrorist activities’ and potential ‘criminal enterprises’. Their justification was that e-mail is much more efficient and the post office was constantly losing money each year. Written letters such as this are prohibited and punishable by a lengthy prison sentence administered through the ‘ Peoples Courts’ which have been permanently set up in each voting district in the nation. Now that immigration is no longer an issue, violators of the US Postal Act of 2010 are being housed in the detention centers which were originally designed for illegal immigrants.

My wife and I had been thinking about leaving for Mexico, but since they erected a fence to stop Americans from fleeing the USA, that option is out. Canada is not feasible either as they have established a bounty for information on any illegal American immigrants caught inside of their country. Canada also has adopted a ‘shoot on sight’ policy towards suspected illegal immigrants.

We do have one possible option. Since the death of Fidel Castro in Cuba and the formation of their new democracy, more and more Americans are trying to float their way to freedom. The Cubans are welcoming us with open arms and promise to help any and all who come there to move to other so called ‘sanctuary’ countries who have agreed to take us in.

Life is very strange, isn’t it?

Until next time….
© Peary Perry
Letters From North America

June 27, 2007 column
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