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    "Along the Way with Britt"
    by Britt Towery

    Email: bet@suddenlink.net
    His websites:
    Britt Towery
    Britt Towery
  • Strangers in a Strange Land 10-5-11
    A new book on the lives and ministry of a Miles, Texas Sweetheart & A Comanche Co. Texas Cowboy
  • Insecure people create scapegoats 5-13-11
    The Navy scapegoating began when USS Indianapolis' captain Charles Butler McVay, III was court-martialed.

  • Wisdom learned from the silver screen 4-1-11
    I was fortunate to get an early start on study of the history of the world. Every Saturday night mother took my sister and I to a double-feature at the one-aisled Queen Theater on Brownwood’s Center Avenue.
  • China Enters the Year of the Rabbit 1-30-11
    Feb. 3, was the first day of the Chinese New Year. Twelve year cycles represented by an animal has been a tradition in China for thousands of years. It is estimated our year of 2011 is the Year 4708 by the Chinese Calendar.
  • Christmas is what we choose to make it 12-24-10
    As you read this it is Christmas Eve. Some are glad the whole exciting season is almost over, when, in truth, it has actually just begun.
  • Curiosity was Benjamin Franklin’s Secret to Success 10-27-10
  • Brownwood has a lot to be proud about by Britt Towery 10-6-10
    Blanche Westerman Springer

  • When football was football and Peppy Blount 8-21-10
    On a flight from Baltimore to Dallas, seated next to me was Ralph Eugene Blount, better known as Peppy, Southwest Conference official and Texas Judge. This was Sept. 22, 1962. He was returning to Texas after refereeing the Southern Methodist University–University of Maryland football game.
  • From the bleachers: Barnstorming Baseball 7-22-10
    Barnstorming, like so many good things, is a distant memory; when football players played offense and defense; and basketball was artistic, not bombastic. So wander back with me to the time sports were fun...
  • Good Old Days (for Some of Us) 6-22-10
    About five years after America’s Civil War ended, 1870, the majority of American Protestants were of the strong opinion that America was a Christian nation. There was in the nineteenth century indications that the Protestant majority carried the day...

  • Making Prayer A Habit Really Works 5-5-10
    This unvarnish'd tale is one that I have heard on numerous occasions. I have no idea if this is true or not...
  • Gold is in men's hearts, not mountains 4-14-10
    The Catalinas are between our home in the copper company town of San Manuel and the ever-exciting historical city of Tucson. These mountains are not known for ghost or lost gold mines, but the earliest visitors sure looked for it from time to time...

  • St. Valentine And The Year Of The Tiger 2-8-10
    Sunday the Eurocentric world of English-language speakers will celebrate St. Valentine's Day. The day for lovers has as many "origins" as there are stars in the universe....
  • Unfortunate History of Haiti 1-28-10
    The earthquake in Haiti, by way of television, has given the world a glimpse of what it is like to live and die in abject poverty...
  • Essay On Savings 1-16-10
    One of my pronounced faults is my inability to save money. I would not classify myself as a spendthrift and I absolutely hate "shopping"
  • Christmas Day in History 12-14-09
    Historic Events on Christmas Day
  • Good Books Are Great Christmas Gifts 12-8-09
    There is no writer more linked to Christmas (not counting the New Testament writers), than the prolific 19th century author, Charles Dickens...

  • It was a time we must never forget 12-2-09
    Too soon we forget the terrorism of the 1950s and 1960s...

  • Rewards Are Worth the Risk 11-20-09
    "Progress always involves risk; you can't steal second base and keep your foot on first," Frederick Wilcox's most famous quote on winning...
  • Thinking a Paramount Necessity 11-8-09
    Former CIA analyst and distinguished scholar, Chalmers Johnson, has recently completed a trilogy on the economic and military overreach of the United States. The title of the third book is "Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic."
  • Women: Third Class Humans? or Hypatia's Daughters 10-22-09
    Who or what was Hypatia? A new drug? A bug from Bolivia? It turns out Hypatia was not a "thing" but a woman. But not just any woman. She was a teacher in a time when women did not dare teach men...
  • Chicken Fried Steak: An Unbiased Recommendation 10-4-09
    One thing I have tired to do through the years is to visit Underwood's Bar-B-Q when near Brownwood. Pity the poor traveler who is in Brownwood on a Wednesday...

  • "Give me your tired, your poor..." 9-18-09
    The West Coast has no Statue of Liberty. We once had laws that kept Asians out for a very long time. No great poems of hopes and dreams have ever been posted on the Rio Grande, El Paso, Nogales, or Tijuana.

  • Mark Twain's War Prayer Revisited 9-5-09
    Mark Twain in March, 1905, was outraged by the American military invasion of the Philipines. So he wrote "The War Prayer" and sent it to Harper's Bazaar. It wasn't published until after his death. It appeared in Harper's Monthly, November, 1916.

  • Waco Mammoth Site Nearing National Monument Status 8-24-09
    This is the world's largest known concentration of prehistoric mammoths perishing...
  • Support Your Local Newspaper 8-6-09
    This month the Waco Tribune-Herald has followed in the footsteps of the San Angelo Standard-Times and numbers of newspapers around the country.
  • On Finding a Good Book Title 7-25-09
    When looking to write a book, of all the problems and headaches involved none is more pronounced than finding a great title...
  • If It was a Fable, Let It Continue 7-12-09
    There was a certain pride of station when I wore the maroon uniform of a Lyric Theater usher. That was a time when theater ushers actually helped people find a seat during the film...

    "Along the Way with Britt" Column begins July 2009
  • Britt Towery

    Britt Towery was born in Brownwood, Texas, son of the best barber in Texas; graduated from Howard Payne University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Studied television writing and production at New York University summer institute. Advisor on two documentaries: "Winter is Past," and "China Walls and Bridges," which won an Emmy for documentary, 1988-89.

    Pastor of Baptist churches in Texas and founded the First Baptist Church of San Manuel, Arizona. Later in Taiwan formed the Pingtung Baptist Church. Both churches still going strong after fifty years.

    Guest professor at Houston Baptist, Baylor and Howard Payne Universities and Southwestern Seminary. Built bridges of understanding between the Protestant churches of China with American and Western churches and placing English and health personnel with China schools and institutions, 1982-92. Howard Payne granted Britt an Honorary Doctor of Humanities degree in 2002. He and his wife are active in the First Presbyterian Church in San Angelo, Texas.

    Britt writes a weekly column for the Brownwood Bulletin and the San Angelo Standard-Times. Jody and Britt have two adopted daughters and three grandsons.

    July, 2009

    About Lao She's Short Stories:

    "Please add a link to this story from my columns on Texas Escapes. More folks need to know about Shu Yi and his father's famous works." - Britt Towery, September 13, 2010

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