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memorial museums, community centers, restorations of historical structures, park improvements,  statues of  important Texans, historical markers, grave markers & highway markers.

List created by Sarah Reveley
Texas centennial celebation monuments & markers

Collage of photos courtesy Sarah Reveley

Introduction by Sarah Reveley
Most of us are familiar with those big granite markers with the bronze Texas star, but have no idea what a phenomenal project they represent.

Back in 1936 the State of Texas decided to hold a Centennial celebration, and like everything else Texas does, it was the biggest and best celebration of a Centennial the world has ever seen. 

The Exposition was held in Dallas, but the celebration itself involved another exposition in Fort Worth, and statewide celebrations including construction of  9 memorial museums, 5 community centers, 16 restorations of historical structures, 2 park improvements, 20 statues of  important Texans, and over 1,000 historical markers, grave markers, and highway markers.
Almost all of these items are still around, and thanks to recent acquisition of the 1938 book produced by the State of Texas, "Monuments Commemorating the Centenary of Texas Independence" we will be bringing the Centennial back to you. Our project will include maps with historical trails so you can celebrate the Centennial yourself.
If you have photos of  markers or structures or sites dated 1936 to contribute, Please email Sarah Reveley at sarah_reveley@att.net . - Sarah Reveley

"Barclay Gibson's work on the Texas Centennial has made the project a success. To date he has photographed over 250 markers, buildings, and sites. Many of these would have never been found without his perseverance." - Sarah Reveley, March 11, 2010

Sarah Reveley's website on Texas Centennial:
To contribute to the Texas Centennial marker fund, send a check to
Friends of the Texas Historical Commission
P.O. Box 13497
Austin, TX 78711-3497
Put Centennial Marker Fund on the check somewhere.
Feature Stories
  • So, Just What is a Centennial Marker Anyway by Barclay Gibson 9-1-14
  • Moss Spring
  • The Double Barrel Discount by Barclay Gibson 6-12-12
    40 or 50 years ago the Moss Spring Centennial Marker was easily reached from the north side of Moss Lake. It was a well known swimming hole during WWII where airmen training at the local Army Air Field came on weekends with their wives and girl friends to swim and hike to the distant Signal Mountain...
  • Pictograph marker
  • My Visit to the Pictograph Centennial Marker in Concho County in January 2012 by Barclay Gibson 6-1-12
    Words, and even pictures, cannot begin to tell what my visit to the site of the 1936 Texas Centennial Pictograph Marker was like.
  • Centennial marker team
  • "I Want to See Your Machete" by Barclay Gibson 5-29-12
    It was a momentous occasion for me... I was finally going to meet Ruthie Cade. Literally minutes before, I had been able to find, after a previous failed attempt, the gray granite Centennial Marker placed at the grave of Perry Alsbury in a hidden, overgrown area within earshot of I-10. That marker was the 1,089th marker I have seen of the 1,136 placed way back in 1936 to memorialize the multi-year celebration of Texas' Independence from Mexico. Here I was, after having seen nearly 96% of that total, meeting the one person who made a lot of that search possible.
  • In-waiting
  • Burnam’s Ferry Centennial Marker - The Story by H.H. Howze 7-20-11
  • Burnham's Ferry Marker In-Waiting 7-20-11
  • San Jacinto
  • San Jacinto Centennial Association and Houston observances during Texas Centennial of 1936 by Mark W. Lambert4-1-11
  • neglected
  • Our Neglected 1936 Texas Centennial by Sarah Reverley 1-28-11
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    1. Exposition Buildings

    The 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas &
    State of Texas Building - Dallas

    Will Rogers Memorial Tower, Coliseum, & Auditorium - Ft Worth
    Casa Mañana - Ft Worth

     2. Memorial Museums

    Alamo Museum - San Antonio
    Big Bend Historical Museum - Alpine
    Corpus Christi Memorial Museum - Corpus Christi
    El Paso Centennial Museum - El Paso
    Gonzales Memorial Museum - Gonzales
    Panhandle Plains Historical Museum - Canyon
    Sam Houston Memorial Museum - Huntsville
    Texas Memorial Museum - Austin
    West Texas Museum - Lubbock
    3. Community Centers

    David Crockett Memorial Building - Crockett
    James Smith Memorial Building - Tyler
    Memorial Auditorium & Stadium - Goliad State Park
    Sunken Garden Amphitheatre - San Antonio
    Texas Pioneers - Trail Drivers - Rangers Museum - San Antonio
    4. Restorations

    The Alamo - San Antonio
    Camp Colorado - Coleman

    Charles DeMorse Home - Clarksville
    Collin McKinney home - McKinney

    Finis C. Wills Cabin - Wills Point
    Fort Belknap - Newcastle
    Fort Concho - San Angelo
    Fort Graham - Fort Graham State Park, Hill County

    Fort Inglish - Bonham
    Fort Parker (no photos)- Limestone County
    Fort Richardson - Jacksboro
    Mirabeau B. Lamar home - Paris
    Old Stone Fort - Nacogdoches
    Real Presidio de San Saba - Menard
    Sam Houston Steamboat House - Huntsville
    San Jose Mission - San Antonio
    Vereins Kirche - Fredericksburg
    5. Park Improvements

    Fannin State Park - Goliad
    Washington Park - Brenham
    6. Statues
    Stephen F. Austin - San Felipe State Park
    S Sherman - Galveston
    R Ellis - Waxahachie
    J P Henderson - San Augustine
    R Baylor - Waco
    Ben Milam - Cameron
    Ben Milam - San Antonio
    J A Navarro - Corsicana
    Anson Jones - Anson
    M B Lamar - Richmond, Fort Bend County
    Henry Smith - Brazoria
    James Bowie - Texarkana
    J Bonham - Bonham
    T Rusk - Henderson
    P Bell - Belton
    Dick Dowling - Sabine Pass
    George Campbell Childress - Washington State Park
    D G Burnet - Clarksville
    M Austin - San Antonio
    J Meusebach - Fredericksburg
    7. Monuments
  • Site of First Shot of Texas Revolution, Cost - near Gonzales
  • San Jacinto - San Jacinto State Park, Houston
    Cenotaph - San Antonio
    J W Fannin's men - Goliad State Park, Goliad
    James Gillaspie - Huntsville
    Laredo - Laredo
    Mier Expedition & Dawson's men - La Grange
    Mr & Mrs Isaac VanZandt - Canton
    The Pioneer Women - Denton
    Amon B King's Men - Refugio
    Mackinzie Trail - Plainview
    New Braunfels - New Braunfels
    Victoria County - Victoria
    Fort Griffin - Fort Griffin State Park - 50 Miles NE of Abilene
    Spanish Fort - Spanish Fort
    Presidio del Norte - Presidio
    Juan de Padilla - Amarillo
    Erath Memorial Arch - Stephenville
    El Camino Real - Normangee
    La Salle - Indianola - near Port Lavaca
    David Crockett - Ozona
    Henry Clay Smith, Crosbyton8-12-09

    Granite slabs with bronze plaque (15):
    F Neri - Bastrop
    Constitutional Convention - Washington State Park
    Burnet County pioneers - Burnet
    Shelby County - Shelby
    Cameron County - Brownsville
    Jasper County - Jasper
    Colorado County - Columbus
    Sabine County - Hemphill
    Crosby County - Crosbyton
    Jackson County - Edna
    De Witt County - Cuero
    Matagorda County - Bay City
    Liberty County - Liberty
    Marion County - Jefferson
    San Patricio de Hibernia - San Patricio

    Granite monuments with plaque (9):
    Missions - Zilker Park, Austin
    Fight with Urrea's Army - Banquette, Nueces County
    Pilgrim Church - Elkhart
    Sons of San Patricio at Goliad - San Patricio
    McMahan's Chapel - Geneva, near San Augustine
    Scottsville - Scottsville, Harrison County
    Missions - near San Marcos
    Mission Refugio - Refugio

    R J Rivers - Georgetown

    8. Historical Markers (500) – Partial List:
    Acton - Crockett home
    Alabama, Site of 9-10-11
    Alleyton 3-20-10
    Apaches Last Stand - "In This Vicinity" 11-3-10
    Atascosito 2-23-13
    Battle of Adobe Walls 6-16-12
    Battle of Medina
    Battle of the Salado 2-21-11
    Belgrade 1-8-11
    Belle Plain
    Ben Ficklin 2-25-11
    Benjamin Beason's Crossing 4-1-12

    Bevilport 3-9-11
    (Big Foot) William Alexander A. Wallace
    Boot Hill Cemetery 5-20-10
    Brownsville Home of Charles Stillman
    Brushy Mound 12-9-14
    Burnam’s Ferry 11-23-11
    Camp Elizabeth 3-10-10
    Camp San Saba
    Camp Verde (Site of) 4-1-15
    Camp Wood (Site of)
    Captain Andrew Jackson Berry 5-15-13
    Captain Richard Andrews - Siege of Bexar 1-21-12
    Christ Church 5-18-11
    Cincinnati 10-19-14
    Clayton - Church Bethel
    College Mound United Methodist Church
    Doan's Crossing on Red River 5-10-10
    Dove Creek Battlefield 9-1-14
    Fanthorp Inn
    Fayetteville 6-1-10
    Fort Colorado - Site of 12-18-15
    Fort Elliott - Site of 12-20-14
    Fort Gates, Site of

    Fort Lancaster
    Fort Lincoln
    Fort St. Louis
    Fort Stockton, Site of 2-1-11
    Fort Terrett, Site of 10-25-14
    Frio Town 3-18-11
    Gail Borden, Site of Beef Canning Plant 11-19-10
    George W. Littlefield 8-3-10
    Grierson Spring 9-1-14
    Henry Fields 2-12-15
    Home of George W. Fulton
    Home of Thomas Jefferson Chambers 10-31-10
    James Power - Live Oak Point
    Kellyville 3-4-10
    Lamar (Site of)

    Las Rusias 7-14-14
    Loving County
    Marion 1-28-11
    Matagorda 5-18-11
    Neil McLennan 9-23-14
    Mier Expedition 9-1-14
    Milam, East of Lufkin
    Mission Dolores A Visita (Site of) 1-9-12
    Mission Nuestra Senora de la Purisma Conception (Site of) 1-1-11
    Mission San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz (Site of) 3-22-14
    Mission Santa Cruz de San Saba 3-18-11
    Moss Spring Centennial Marker
    Mount Sterling 1-1-11
    Newport 2-25-13
    Newton County Courthouse (Site of First) 12-16-12
    Old Block House (Site of) 8-9-13
    Petersburg 7-2-13
    Pictograph - Concho County 6-1-12
    Pierce - Abel H. Pierce / Shanghai Pierce Ranch 7-4-13
    Pine Springs - Culberson County 6-15-13
    Poblacion de Dolores 8-1-14
    Point Bolivar 9-25-13
    Regulator-Moderator War - The First Battl
    e 5-2-10
    Reagan County Courthouse (Site of First) in Stiles 1-28-10
    Runnels 1-7-10
    Sabinetown 2-3-11
    Salt War

    Sam Houston Oak near Gonzales
    Sebastopol 12-20-10
    Sumpter Trinity County first county seat 12-12-10
    Tascosa 5-20-10
    Tee Pee City 4-14-11
    Texana 7-20-12
    Thomas Jefferson Callihan 6-17-14
    Thomas Jefferson Sweeny 5-26-14
    Thornton Skirmish
    Trading Post of Holland Coffee (Site of)
    Trinidad 9-27-12
    Wild Rose Pass
    Zodiac 3-8-12
    Yoakum - Trail Drive


    Searching for the Pulaski Historical Marker by Barclay Bibson 9-6-10
    Where to start describing how I visited the five foot tall granite 1936 Panola County Centennial Historical Marker for the defunct town site of Pulaski, former seat of Panola County?

    9. Grave Markers (250) – Partial List
    Buried Here - “Warren Wagon Train Massacre” Young County
    Captain William Ware
    Christian Wertzner - Gay Hill
    Francis Wilson - Belgrade
    Henry Mordorff - A San Jacinto Veteran
    Indian Emily
    John Durst
    Rev. Benjamin F. Fry
    William Goyens, Nacogdoches
    Searching for "Buried Here" Marker

    Ignoring Warning Signs by Barclay Gibson 10-1-10
    Searching for the “Buried Here”1936 Texas Centennial marker
    “Warren Wagon Train Massacre”

    10. Highway Markers (250) - Partial List
    Battle of Adobe Walls
    Baylor County
    Borden County
    Buffalo Springs
    Caldwell County
    Callahan County
    Fort Martin Scott
    Garza County
    Goliad County
    Gonzales County - "First Shot of The Texas Revolution"
    Hardeman County
    Jim Hogg County
    Johnson County
    Kent County
    Knox County
    Live Oak County
    Lubbock County
    Lynch’s Ferry
    McMahan Chapel
    Mitchell County
    Pease River Battlefield
    Route 66
    Travis County
    Webster Massacre in Leander
    Wheeler County
    1936 Texqa Centennial Celebrations Brochure cover
    Monuments Commemorating the Centenary of Texa Independence book cover
    Texas Centennial Celebration brochure & book cover. Courtesy Sarah Reveley
    If you have photos of  markers or structures or sites dated 1936 to contribute, Please email Sarah Reveley. - Sarah Reveley

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