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A Celebration of People Known and Unknown

"Every man is a volume if you know how to read him."
- William Ellery Channing

New Entries:
  • The Fleeting Fame and Lasting Legacy of Bobby Morrow by Clay Coppedge 6-10-20
  • Ad Toepperwein, Trick Shot Artist by Michael Barr 6-1-20
  • The Phantom Booth by Clay Coppedge 5-17-20
  • Deer Hunting with JFK and LBJ 4-15-20
  • Lady Cowhand by Mike Cox 2-20-20
  • Pitchfork Smith by Mike Cox 1-30-20
  • The Zentners by Mike Cox 1-9-20
  • The Walking Arsenal by Clay Coppedge 12-13-19
  • The Unflappable Flapper Bandit by Clay Coppedge 10-19-19
  • How the Rabbi's Son Learned to Cope with Life's Challenges by Bill Cherry 9-24-19
  • Monroe Fisher's Higher Calling by Clay Coppedge 9-23-19
  • Temple's International Man of Mystery by Clay Coppedge 8-27-19
  • Who was O'Reagan? by Mike Cox 8-15-19
  • Ace Reid Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 8-14-19
  • Krauskopf's Gun Cap Factory by Michael Barr 8-1-19
  • The Old Lady and the Sea by Mike Cox 7-25-19
  • Daniel Edwards: Hero or Hoax by Clay Coppedge 6-13-19
  • A Valentines Gift From Arthur Godfrey by Michael Barr 6-1-19
  • Mysterious Malakoff Men by Clay Coppedge 5-28-19
  • George West, Cattleman and Town Founder by Murray Montgomery 1-22-19
  • Memories of Preston L. Pendergrass by Wanda Orton 1-16-19
  • Wyatt Brothers by Mike Cox 12-12-18
  • love story
  • A German Love Story by Michael Barr 11-15-18
    Friedrich and Emma Schnerr of Fredericksburg, and a tombstone by Elisabet Ney
  • Buck Simpson: Cedar Chopping World War One Hero by Mike Cox 11-7-18
    Texas' most heroic warrior, a man whose single-handed exploits rank equal to if not surpassing the famous Sergeant [Alvin] York.
  • The Haengerbande by Michael Barr 11-1-18
  • The Cowboy Who Became the Father of British Aviation by Clay Coppedge 10-4-18
  • Waddell
  • Rube Waddell - Oddball with a Fastball by Michael Barr 10-1-18
  • Trickham
  • Hanging on to the Post Office, Trickham TX
    by John J. Germann 9-23-28
  • Wrong Way Corrigan by Clay Coppedge 9-26-18
  • You Will Do by Mike Cox 9-12-18
  • Randolph Marcy Got Around by Clay Coppedge 8-17-18
  • Slaves by Mike Cox 8-8-18
  • A Clear Look at Eye Surgery History by Mike Cox 7-25-18
  • Three-Legged Willie
  • Three-Legged Willie Stood Tall by Clay Coppedge 8-4-18
  • Frank Teich: Sculptor of the Hills by Michael Barr 7-15-18
  • Colorful Judge Cooley by Michael Barr 7-10-18

  • Sister Elaine's Music by Michael Barr 7-1-18
    An internationally acclaimed musician, Sister Elaine is well known for her extensive work in musical composition.
  • Peter
  • Peter Berg Hermit of the Hills by Michael Barr 6-15-18
    The story of Peter Berg and his sweetheart ranks right up there with Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra and Brad and Jenn on the list of the most timeless and tragic love stories ever told.
  • Masterson in Sanderson by Mike Cox 6-27-18
    Bat Masterson, prizefighting and an incident in Sanderson, Texas
  • Philip Nolan and All the Pretty Horses by Clay Coppedge 6-8-18
  • The Tragedy of Rance Moore by Mike Cox 6-7-18
  • WWI war hero
  • A War Hero Comes Home by Michael Barr 5-29-18
  • Bush
  • Broccoli Sign Stops Bush Motorcade by Michael Barr 5-1-18
  • How One Old Rebel Coped with the Memories of War by Mike Cox 5-16-18
  • Buried in her Ferrari History cartoon by Roger T. Moore 5-16-28
  • Relationship Status: It's Complicated or Killer Soup by Mike Cox 5-9-18
  • Erma Bombeck by Maggie Van Ostrand 4-23-18
  • Leigh Dyer and the T Anchor Ranch by Clay Coppedge 4-7-18
  • The Skunk War by Mike Cox 4-6-18
  • Like Zelig, Ashbel Smith was everywhere by Wanda Orton 4-3-18
  • Ace Reid
  • Ace Reid's Cowpokes by Michael Barr 4-1-18
  • The Postman Rang More Than Twice in Karnack by Mike Cox 3-28-18
  • A fowl insurrection, The Chicken War by Clay Coppedge 3-24-18 .
  • Shooting the Messenger by Mike Cox 3-22-18
  • Fred Gipson's Treasures by Michael Barr 3-15-18
  • Sam Houston the Whittler by Mike Cox 3-15-18
  • Helen Hall by Mike Cox 3-7-18
    First woman inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame
  • The Encyclopedia of Dead Rock Stars: Heroin, Handguns, and Ham Sandwiches by Jeremy Simmonds. Book review by Dr. Kirk Bane 3-2-18
  • Reloading Ammo for Buffalo Bill by Mike Cox 3-1-18
  • Trammel's Trace by Clay Coppedge 2-3-18
  • Bobby Lane
  • Skyline Club by Clay Coppedge 10-16-17
  • Bobby Layne's (alleged) curse by Clay Coppedge 10-2-17
  • The Rogstads of Bosque County by Mike Cox 10-26-17
  • Murder Mystery at Fort Griffin by Mike Cox 10-19-17
  • Old-time Cowboy by Mike Cox 10-12-17
  • Titanic Texans by Mike Cox 10-5-17
  • The Good Docs of San Antonio by Mike Cox 9-28-17
  • Sam Houston's Daughter by Mike Cox 9-21-17
  • Babe Ruth of Polo by Michael Barr 9-17-17
  • Dangerous Al Jennings by Clay Coppedge 8-17-17
  • Bess Kennedy the lady lion hunter by Mike Cox 8-16-17
  • General Custer in Texas by Roger T. Moore 8-10-17
  • Uncle Dick by Mike Cox 8-10-17
  • Alcalde, not alcade by Wanda Orton 8-3-17
    Irish immigrant and early Texas pioneer Humphrey Jackson
  • Potosi Stories by Mike Cox 8-3-17
  • The Earl of Excess by Clay Coppedge 8-2-17
  • Colt Peacemakers by Mike Cox 7-27-17
  • Diamond in a Gizzard by Mike Cox 7-20-17
  • Hand-tooled Holsters Tell Stories by Mike Cox 7-12-17
  • The Death of Judge Roy Bean by Mike Cox 6-22-17
  • For Father's Day by David Knape 6-16-17
  • The First Texas Revolution by Clay coppedge 6-16-17
  • Rube Burrow, Notorious Train Robber by Clay Coppedge 6-3-17
  • Empty Grave by the Old Oak Tree by Mike Cox 6-1-17
  • Space Walk by Roger T. Moore 5-31-17
  • The Horse Thief's Prayer by Mike Cox 5-25-17
  • Common Mistakes People Make When They Offer Condolences by Suzie Kolber 5-19-17
  • Chaparral by Mike Cox 5-18-17
  • Frontier Forts of Texas by Clay Coppedge 5-15-17
  • Man and wife without a country by Wanda Orton 5-3-17
  • Peter H. Bell
  • Peter Hansborough Bell by John Troesser 5-1-17
  • Taylor's Submarine Armor by Mike Cox 4-20-17
  • MacPhelan Reese and the Rayburn Library by Mike Cox 4-13-17
  • Bill Pickett Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 4-5-17
  • Nurses Uniforms by Wanda Orton 4-3-17
  • Kleberg, Hirsch and Assault: Three of a Kind by Clay Coppedge 4-3-17
  • Lavaca County violence from back in the day by Murray Montgomery 3-22-17
  • Prolific Progenitors by Carolyn Heinsohn 3-22-17
  • The Case of Minnie Stacey by Mike Cox 3-16-17
  • Cowboy Strike Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 3-29-17
  • Joe Fortenberry
  • Texas Dunker Joe Fortenberry by Clay Coppedge 3-17-17
  • Forgotten founder of Dallas by Clay Coppedge 3-4-17
  • King of Cowboys
  • Buck Taylor, King of the Cowboys by Michael Barr 3-2-17
  • National Mother-in-Law Day Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 3-8-17
  • Gunfight
  • The Life of Riley by Mike Cox 3-2-17
  • Gunfight in King County by Mike Cox 2-23-17
  • Jersey Lilly and Judge Roy Bean by Mike Cox 2-15-17
  • Henry Skillman, frontier mail courier by Clay Coppedge 2-4-16
  • The Night Smoky's Hair Turned White by Mike Cox 1-11-17
  • Sharon Tate: Recollection by Debra Tate, Foreword by Roman Polanski. Review by Kirk Bane 1-4-17
  • Militia whipped by Kickapoo Indians Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 1-17-17
  • Anna Martin
  • Anna Martin, Frontier Banker by Michael Barr 1-15-17
  • Surviving the Great Depression by Barbara Duvall Wesolek 12-30-16
  • A poacher & two lawmen in the Thicket by Mike Cox 12-29-16
  • John Hardman by Clint Skinner 12-23-16
    Producer, puppeteer
  • News from interesting to stale to interesting again 12-21-16
  • Bricking Bad Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 12-20-16
  • Christmas Stories by Mike Cox 12-15-16
  • King Ranch Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 12-13-16
  • Guilted Into Giving? Charity Checkmate by Maggie Van Ostrand 12-10-16
  • Tennessee Williams' Texas Director by Bob Bowman updated 12-9-16
  • San Jacinto vets and Brown County by Mike Cox 12-7-16
  • Anson Jones takes oath Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 12-6-16
  • Billy the Kid's Texas vacation by Clay Coppedge 12-3-16
    A few true facts, untrue facts, distortions, fictions and outright lies about Billy the Kid in Texas
  • The Houstorian Dictionary: An Insider's Index to Houston by James Glassman. Review by Dr. Kirk Bane 12-1-16
  • Sunday School vs Cockfight by Mike Cox 12-1-16
  • Bank Robberies in Wingate 11-18-16
  • Ringo
  • The Outlaw Johnny Ringo Rode the Hill Country by Michael Barr 11-14-16
  • First Woman Elected Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 11-29-16
  • First Texan on Moon Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 11-15-16
  • Campaign Friends & Enemies by Mike Cox 11-9-16
  • Airborne after 52 years on the road by Mike Cox 11-3-16
  • The Real James Dean: Intimate Memories from Those Who Knew Him Best Book review by Dr. Kirk Bane 11-1-16
  • Pioneer
  • Meusebach's Nursery in Loyal Valley by Michael Barr 10-15-16
  • Pioneer Mills by Michael Barr 10-1-16
  • Who killed J.W? by Clay Coppedge 10-3-16
  • Schreiner
  • Texas Rancher Charles Schreiner by Mike Cox 10-12-16
  • Pardner Jones Gunman of Hollywood by Mike Cox 10-6-16
  • Sophisticated
  • Protecting the Capitol from tourists by Mike Cox 9-28-16
  • Not all ghosts are dead by Mike Cox 9-15-16
  • Charlie Hamby by Mike Cox 9-1-16
  • Bobby Fuller by Clay Coppedge 9-2-16
  • Sophisticated Sisterdale by Michael Barr 9-1-16
  • Bette Nesmith Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 11-2-16
  • Hogg's Prank by Mike Cox 8-25-16
  • The Davis Gang, the Memoirs of Gean Kearns by Vicki Welch Ayo
    Book review by Nikki Palomino 8-20-16
  • General Custer in Texas Roger T. Moore Cartoon 8-10-16
  • The Girl Who Mistook Wasabi for Guacamole by John Troesser 8-8-16
  • Stieler
  • "Ragtime Texas" Henry Thomas by Clay Coppedge 8-5-16
  • A Swedish Family in Texas by Mike Cox 8-3-16
  • The View from Tivy Mountain by Michael Barr 7-19-16
  • Jed and Jude by Wanda Orton 7-23-16
  • Alfred Giles
  • Alfred Giles, Texas Architect by Michael Barr 6-1-16
  • W.D. Smithers and the Ways of the Border by Clay Coppedge 6-4-16
  • Vollie's Ride by Mike Cox 6-23-16
  • "Sam Houston slept here" by Mike Cox 6-29-16
  • Fishermen "Once Upon A Line" by d.knape 7-5-16
  • Morris Ranch
  • The Ghosts of Morris Ranch by Michael Barr 5-16-16
  • Love Letter from an Outlaw by Mike Cox 5-19-16
  • Uncle Dick
  • Uncle Dick's Toll Road by Clay Coppedge 5-2-16
  • Old Rebels' Plight by Mike Cox 5-12-16
  • All's swell that ends well by Wanda Orton 5-14-16
  • Max Hirsch
  • Max Hirsch - Wizard of the Race Track by Michael Barr 5-1-16
  • Big Bend National Park and Robert M. Wagstaff by Mike Cox 4-27-16
  • Bell County Postwar Secrets - Part 2: Attack on Camp Hood by Mike Cox 4-14-16
  • Bell County Postwar Secrets - Part 1 by Mike Cox 4-7-16
  • Dance Hall
  • Cherry Spring Dance Hall by Michael Barr 4-2-16
  • Three Civil War Vets by Wanda Orton 4-1-16
  • Ranger Cookies by Mike Cox 3-31-16
  • Fishing in Navarro County by Mike Cox 3-24-16
  • Moon Mullican by Clay Coppedge 3-20-16
  • Texas Presidents Houston and LamarHistory cartoon by Roger T. Moore 3-24-16
  • Hye
  • Hye Society by Michael Barr 3-14-16
  • Shoot-out in Gatesville 1894 by Mike Cox 3-17-16
  • The 40-minute de facto president by Mike Cox 3-11-16
  • Frontier Bravery by Mike Cox 3-3-16
  • Deaf Smith
  • Deaf Smith by Clay Coppedge 2-21-16
  • The Transplanted Texan, the Grizzly, and the XXX Ranch by Mike Cox 2-18-16
  • The FBI and I by Wanda Orton 2-15-16
  • Cowgirls History Cartoon by Roger Todd Moore 2-26-16
  • Fort Worth fire
  • The Newspaper Tree by Mike Cox 2-10-16
  • When a Hanging Goes Wrong by Mike Cox 2-4-16
  • The three-hour Texas Ranger by Mike Cox 1-28-16
  • Fort Worth's opening night fire by Mike Cox 1-21-16
  • "Dang Me" History Cartoon by Roger Todd Moore 1-28-16
  • Bob Hope  Hondo Crouch
  • Elm Mott's Eccentric Airman by Michael Barr 2-15-16
  • Coach Bible's Outrageous Salary by Michael Barr 2-2-16
  • Bob Hope Meets Hondo Crouch Michael Barr 1-18-16
  • Rules, rules, rules by Mike Cox 1-7-16
  • 1861: Secession History Cartoon by Roger Todd Moore 1-6-16
  • Feeling all closed in by Wanda Orton 1-6-16
  • Glen Springs Raid by Clay Coppedge 1-4-16
  • The Cowboys' Christmas Ball by Michael Barr 1-1-16
  • Wild West Auld Lang Syne by Mike Cox 12-30-15

  • Will Rogers
  • Will Rogers in Kerrville by Michael Barr 12-19-15
  • Indian Incidents in West Texas by Mike Cox 12-16-15
  • Nearly forgotten Big Bend Legend by Mike Cox 12-10-15
  • Welcome to our world of words by Wanda Orton 12-5-15
  • Longhorn Branded "Murder 1889" by Murray Montgomery 12-4-15
  • Jimmie Rodgers
  • Blue Yodeler's Paradise by Michael Barr 12-1-15
  • Ben Hogan History Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 12-2-15
  • There's something about 'merry' by Wanda Orton 11-13-15
  • Texas Longhorn Baseball Coach History cartoon by Rober T. Moore 11-11-15
  • "Brown-eyed Lee" by Mike Cox 10-29-15
  • Sam Houston's Height History Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 10-28-15
  • And the bands played on at Sylvan by Wanda Orton 10-24-15
  • A Visit to the Chicken Ranch by Lois Zook Wauson 10-25-15
  • La Grange’s Chicken Ranch by Mike Cox 10-15-15
  • James Earp by Cathleen Briley 10-10-15
  • A Lost Letter from an Old Ranger turned Representative by Mike Cox 10-8-15
  • When Broadway Came to Waco by Michael Barr 10-5-15
  • Balinese Room by Wanda Orton 10-4-15
  • J. Frank Norfleet by Clay Coppedge 10-2-15
  • Waylon Jennings Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 10-2-15
  • Academic Poker by Mike Cox 10-1-15
  • Mike Cox's Autumn Sampler by Mike Cox 9-24-15
  • YOGI Poem by David Knape 9-23-15
  • Ladies' National Fencing Championship History cartoon by Roger T. Moore 9-23-15
  • The Rise and Fall of the Texas Club by Michael Barr 9-21-15
  • Bandit's bad baby brother by Wanda Orton 9-20-15
  • Another Bill Smith lost to History by Mike Cox 9-17-15
  • Born in a Wagon Yard, the Buck Started There by Mike Cox 9-10-15
  • USS Indianapolis Survivor Lindsey Wilcox by Wanda Orton 9-8-15
  • USS Indianapolis sank 70 years ago by Wanda Orton 8-22-15
  • Lyndon's Law by Michael Barr 9-7-15
  • A Couple of Alleged Incidents by Clay Coppedge 9-6-15
    Two of the most famous gunfights from the fabled era of the gunfighter might or might not have taken place and involved (or didn't involve) some of the most iconic names of the Old West...
  • Cowboy Tree by Mike Cox 8-20-15
  • Spindletop: Selling Wind and Hot Air by Michael Barr 8-19-15
  • Camp Cook History cartoon by Roger T. Moore 8-19-15
  • Nagasaki Bombardier by Wanda Orton 8-9-15
  • First (official) flight over Texas by Clay Coppedge 8-1-15
  • Honorary Chief History cartoon by Roger T. Moore 8-5-15
  • Sarah Bernhardt's Texas Tent by Michael Barr 7-6-15
  • Langtry: A West Texas Love Story by Michael Barr 7-20-15
  • The Great International Menagerie by Michael Barr 8-3-15
  • Spare Change for O. Henry by Mike Cox 7-30-15
  • Billy Dixon's Long Shot Analized by Mike Cox 7-23-15
  • Texas Rangers' Honey Forage Costs Them Dearly by Mike Cox 7-16-15
  • Outlaw was crazy like a fox by Wanda Orton 7-15-15
  • The Big Bopper by Clay Coppedge 7-4-15
  • Friendships in Texas by Wanda Orton 6-24-15
    Best friends in early Texas
  • Immigrants to Texas, 1830 History Cartoon by Roger Todd Moore 6-24-15
  • Bad Luck Creek by Mike Cox 6-18-15
  • J. S. Torbett: He Sang his Way to Heaven by Michael Barr 6-15-15
  • El Muerto by Mike Cox 7-11-15
    The headless horseman in South Texas.
  • First woman dentist History Cartoon by Roger Todd Moore 6-10-15
  • Texas fakes by Clay Coppedge 6-6-15
  • Gulf U-boats - Ft. Clark Cavalry Tidbits from WWII by Mike Cox 6-4-15
  • The Yellow Rose by Wanda Orton 6-2-15
  • LBJ and the Politics of Barbeque by Michael Barr 6-1-15
  • Charley Eckhardt - A personal remembrance
    Charley Eckhardt

    by John Troesser 6-4-15
  • Men and Women in World War II >
  • World War II Camps | Prisoners of War >
  • Home Front >
  • WWII Installations | Relics | Memorials & Cemeteries >
  • WWII Markers >

  • World War I Chronicles >
  • Lost Sword by Mike Cox 5-28-15
  • Kate Dorman of Sabine's Catfish Hotel by Mike Cox 5-21-15
  • The Smith Point murder case by Wanda Orton 5-18-15
  • The Brothers Baylor by Mike Cox 5-14-15
  • On Mothers
  • Read Me A Story Poem by d.knape 5-12-15
  • A Woman's Work Poem by d.knape 5-12-15
  • Time Out Poem by d.knape 5-12-15
  • The making of a Texas president by Wanda Orton 5-10-15
  • Harris County judges by Wanda Orton 5-2-15
  • Buffalo Hunter by Mike Cox 4-30-15
  • Campground Rules of the 19th Century by Mike Cox 4-23-15
  • Early Railroad Trip from San Antonio to El Paso by Mike Cox 4-16-15
  • When Harvey met Santa Anna by Wanda Orton 4-13-15
  • Famous People I Have Rubbed Elbows With by Frances Giles 4-14-15
  • Chief Bead Eye by Mike Cox 4-9-15
  • Under the Milano Railroad Bridge by Mark Camp 4-5-15
  • The Eerie Demise of Johnny Horton by Clay Coppedge
  • Bulldog Turner by Clay Coppedge 4-4-15
  • Sam Peckinpah: Interviews Kevin J. Hayes, editor. Book review by Dr. Kirk Bane 4-3-15
  • How an Underweight Underdog became The Mighty Atom by Mike Cox 3-26-15
  • Avenger Field & WASP 3-23-15
  • Two Alamos by Mike Cox 3-12-15
  • Women and the Texas Revolution Mary L. Scheer, editor. Book review by Dr. Kirk Bane 3-11-15
  • Hanging
  • The Double Hanging in Bellville by John Troesser
  • Crash at Crush
  • The Crash at Crush by John Troesser
    The Crash at Crush, and why it never became an annual event.
  • The Old Gringo in Texas By Clay Coppedge 3-1-15
  • Walking among the dead - Richard Andis and El Paso's Concordia Cemetery by Mike Cox 2-26-15
  • Sky-Line Ridge, Okinawa - a lettern written by decorated WWII soldier Dugan Dewveall to his mother 2-26-15
  • Nora Boyd, JP Kent, Culberson Co 2-15-15
  • Texas "Mail Call" Inspired by a Civil War Letter by Mike Cox 2-12-15
  • Elijah Cox
  • Elijah Cox - Fighting Indians on the Texas Frontier by Murray Montgomery 2-2-15
  • Texas Hoaxes by Clay Coppedge 2-1-15
  • Skinny Dipping at Trinity Bay by Mike Cox 1-29-15
  • Confederate Reunion at Camp Ben McCulloch by Mike Cox 1-22-15
  • Texas vs New Mexico: The Nickname Bowl by Mike Cox 1-15-15
  • The Coalsons: Frontier Family Target of Multiple Indian Attacks by Mike Patterson 1-9-15
  • That's My Mom by Frances Giles 1-18-15

  • Celebrating New Years in 19th Century Texas by Mike Cox 12-23-14
  • Hard Times on the Medina by Mike Cox 12-18-14
  • Booger Red - ugliest man living or dead by Murray Montgomery 12-15-14
  • A History of the "Other " Dublin by Mike Cox 12-11-14
  • Brushy Mound 12-9-14
  • The death of a subdivision by Wanda Orton 12-8-14
  • Tom Connally Remembers his Father’s Change of Heart by John Troesser 12-7-14
  • The Not So Great Cowboy Strike of 1883 by Clay Coppedge12-5-14
  • Sunday, Nov. 24, 1963 by Mike Cox 12-4-14
  • Buffalo Soldiers by Jeffery Robenalt 12-2-14
    In nearly thirty years of dedicated and arduous service, Buffalo Soldiers won the grudging respect of even the most prejudiced of their white officers. The black cavalrymen and infantrymen were awarded nine Medals of Honor for meritorious valor in combat and countless other awards and commendations for distinguished service. More importantly, Buffalo Soldiers were a credit to the African-American race.
  • Moravia – When Texas Was Young Murray Montgomery 11-22-14
  • Somervell County's Moonshine Past by Mike Cox 11-20-14
  • Mr. Skrabanek’s Phone by John Troesser 11-9-14
  • Haunting
  • Houdini in Texas by Mike Cox 10-30-14
  • Auditor-Be-Gone by Mike Cox 10-16-14
  • Miss Bettie Brown and Haunting of Ashton Villa by Clay Coppedge 10-12-14
  • El Paso's Austin High School 1943 Yearbook by Mike Cox 10-9-14
  • Bad to the Bone by John Troesser 10-5-14
  • Naked Lawyers in Paris, Texas by Mike Cox 10-2-14
  • Haunted
  • The House on Omar Street by Ken Rudine 10-1-14
  • Gail Borden - Part II by Wanda Orton 10-1-14
  • Hadacol Corners and The Doctor by Barbara Duvall Wesolek 10-1-14
  • The 1862 Hangings at Gainesville Texas by W.T. Block
  • Gainesville Event Highlights the Great Hanging of 1862 by The Great Hanging Memorial Foundation 9-26-14
  • My Most Elegant Fare by John Troesser 9-28-14
  • Phineas Gage by David Knape 9-16-14
  • Sweetwater Swatter by Clay Coppedge 9-15-14
  • "You're Our Biggest Fan!" by John Troesser 9-14-14
  • Yellow Rose
  • The Yellow Rose of Texas by Barbara Duvall Wesolek 9-8-14
  • Gail Borden by Wanda Orton 9-1-14
  • James Garner, Poker and Life by Mike Cox 8-28-14
  • Tex Avery by Clay Coppedge 8-14-14
  • Adios
  • Adios, Pastor by Barbara Duvall Wesolek 8-1-14
  • The Altgelts of Comfort, San Antonio (and Argentina) 8-26-14
  • Altgelts
    Trip #94
  • Tag Along with Barclay on Texas Photography Trip #94 by Barclay Gibson 8-1-14
  • Tom Tierney

    Tom Tierney

    Marilyn Monroe Once Took Out His Garbage

    by John Troesser 7-27-14

  • Bullrider by David Knape 7-28-14
  • The Cowboy Next Door by Ken Rudine 7-24-14
  • Range Wisdom by Mike Cox 7-16-14
    Solomon's wisdom in the free range days
  • My Favorite Chauffeur by John Troesser 7-13-14
  • The good doctor from Canada by Wanda Orton 7-5-14
  • WWII
  • The Machac Brothers - Six Brothers Serve in WWII by Carolyn Heinsohn 7-1-14
  • The Vanishing of Marine Sulphur Queen by Mike Cox 6-26-14
  • Mutiny, Murder and a Gallows Confession by Mike Cox 6-19-14
  • SRO ESL or The Joy of Communication by John Troesser 6-15-14
  • William Fairfax Gray by Wanda Orton 6-11-14
  • A Journey Through Time by Carolyn Sumbera Heinsohn 6-10-14
    Cpl. John G. Sumbera, WWII
  • How Lonely The Men by David Knape 6-10-14
  • Red River Expedition by Clay Coppedge 6-6-14
  • Remembering Private Caballero by John R. Fox 6-6-14
  • Nearly a Second Alamo: First Shots of the Mexican War by Mike Cox 6-5-14
    Capt. Daniel P. Whiting
  • The Loneliness of Longevity by John Troesser 6-4-14
  • Just Like The Old Man by David Knape 6-3-14
  • Vice Presidential Library of John Nance Garner
    or Mr. Smith Goes to Uvalde
    by Dabney Blewett 6-1-14
  • L.D. Clark
    L.D. Clark
    1922 - 2014

    My Lunch with L.D.
    by John Troesser 5-1-14

  • Amusing Newspaper Blurbs from the Past by Mike Cox 5-29-14
  • The Lone Star and Charles Zanco by Wanda Orton 5-23-14
  • Robbed By Rube or Standing and Delivering West of the Colorado by Mike Cox 5-21-14
  • Texas Ranger Dan W. Roberts by Mike Cox 5-15-14
  • An Unexpected Encounter With A Texas Bad Man by John Germann 5-14-14
  • Soapy Smith by Clay Coppedge 5-10-14
  • Ferry
  • Last Ride on the Ferry: My life as a migrant worker 1940's by Angelica Reyna 5-7-14
  • South Texas Justice by Dianne West Short 5-2-14
  • Father Muldoon, forgotten hero of Texas history by Wanda Orton 5-1-14
  • Elvis Slept Here by Mike Cox 4-30-14
  • Tiger Hunt in Mills County by Mike Cox 4-24-14
  • Elvis in Texas: The Undiscovered King, 1954-1958 Book Review by Dr. Kirk Bane 4-19-14
  • Captain Barnett's Traveling Whale Show by Murray Montgomery 4-18-14
  • Lost Letters from Travis' Saddlebags Spark Outrage by Mike Cox 4-16-14
  • A Writer's Life "Once Upon A Line" by d.knape 4-15-14
  • Funeral Planning "Once Upon A Line" by d.knape 4-15-14
  • Corpus Christi Policemen 1940s photos courtesy Jo Ann Arnold 4-13-14
  • Quanah Parker
  • Quanah Parker by Jeffery Robenalt 4-1-14
    Quanah Parker was a major player in both the Comanche war of resistance against white encroachment of the Comancheria and in the tribe’s eventual acclimation to reservation life. Nomadic warrior of the plains, war chief of the Quahadi band, cattle rancher, man of business, and friend to American Presidents; it could truly be said that Quanah was a man of two worlds.
  • Big Sam vs. Little Davey in Hot Election, 1841 by Wanda Orton 4-7-14
  • Terraqueous Transportation by Clay Coppedge 4-6-14
  • Bureaucratic Mutilations in Spanish Goliad or "Can You Hear Me Now?" by Mike Cox 4-3-14
  • Eyewitness to the Council House Fight by Murray Montgomery 3-23-14
  • Tom Mix: Don't Mess with the Myth by Mike Cox 3-19-14
  • Taking John Wesley Hardin's Advice by Mike Cox 3-16-14
  • Elephantine Memories by Dianne West Short 3-2-14
  • A Fiddler’s Redemption by Clay Coppedge 3-1-14
  • Leander H. McNelly
  • Leander H. McNelly and the Special Force by Jeffery Robenalt 3-1-14
  • Grandpa and Grandma Lindig by Mike Cox 2-27-14
  • The Final Day by Mike Cox 2-20-14
  • Myrtle Springs Cemetery Tales by Mike Cox 2-18-14
  • The First State Fair of Texas by Clay Coppedge 2-17-14
  • Rest in Peace, Son of the South - William Riley Byas by Murray Montgomery 2-16-14
  • Frontier Battalion
  • The Texas Frontier Battalion by Jeffery Robenalt 2-1-14
  • Hot Air Verses by Mike Cox 1-29-14
  • Banjo Man "Once Upon A Line" by d.knape 1-28-14
  • Envelope Season by Maggie Van Ostrand 1-22-14
  • A Dalliance to Remember by Clay Coppedge 1-19-14
  • Bastrop County's (Post-) Revolutionary Rooster by Mike Cox 1-15-14
  • Death at Goliad by Murray Montgomery 1-13-14
  • The Best Singing Cowboy in the Movies by C. F. Eckhardt 1-11-14
  • The Blinding of "Stovepipe" Johnson by Mike Cox 1-9-14
  • The Curious Saga of R.G. Dyrenforth by Clay Coppedge 1-8-14
  • Sam’s Kids — the Houston Eight by Wanda-Orton 1-5-14

  • Annexation
  • Ill Fated Nolan Expedition by Clay Coppedge 12-4-13
  • The Struggle for Annexation by Jeffery Robenalt 11-1-13
  • James Butler Bonham by Murray Montgomery 11-2-13
    The Alamo's brave messenger
  • Ben K. Green by Clay Coppedge 11-2-13
  • Rubbing Shoulders with a President by Brent Clanton 10-29-13
  • Dr. Smythe's Journal Continues by Mike Cox 10-16-13
  • The Cane Mutiny by Wanda Orton 10-14-13
  • Dr. Smythe's "Secret" Journal by Mike Cox 10-9-13
  • Cowboy Lullabies by David Knape 10-5-13
  • From Successful Cattleman to Man Burner by Murray Montgomery 10-4-13
  • Juan Seguin
  • Juan Seguin: A foreigner in his native land by Clay Coppedge 10-2-13
  • settlement
  • Land Policy and Foreign Settlement in the Republic of Texas by Jeffery Robenalt 10-1-13
  • James Swann History Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 10-1-13
  • Two Ranchhands Meet Judge Lynch by Mike Cox 9-25-13
  • Grandma Barnett Pioneer Woman by Mike Cox 9-18-13
  • Double Takes on Names by Wanda Orton 9-17-13
    Emily West and Emily West.
  • The Makers by Mike Cox 9-12-13
  • "Skelped" by Mike Cox 8-29-13
  • Poet Laureate Of Ammannsville by David Knape 8-30-13
  • Gone Fishin' by David Knape 8-28-13
  • Sam Houston's trusted friend was born a slave by Murray Montgomery 8-27-13
  • Cabeza de Vaca, M.D. by Mike Cox 8-21-13
  • 9 Boys by David Knape 8-18-13
  • Be it ever so ‘umble by Wanda-Orton 8-17-13
  • West Texas Black Bear Kills an East Texas Man Named Brown by Mike Cox 8-15-13
  • Kindness In A Candy Jar by David Knape 8-12-13
  • “Dr. J.B. Cranfill’s Chronicle: A Story of Life in Texas” by Mike Cox 8-7-13
  • Clyde Barrow, motorist by Clay Coppedge 8-2-13
  • Journalist Describes Physical Texas in 1910 by Mike Cox 8-1-13
  • Obituary 7-15-13
    Bob Bowman

    June 3, 1936 - July 13, 2013
  • Death Of The Salesman by David Knape 7-28-13
  • Frontier Times by Mike Cox 7-27-13
  • "Here's the money, but I'm not Bill Thompson." by Mike Cox 7-17-13
  • Gentlemen's Agreement by Mike Cox 7-10-13
    Dutch Henry and Charles Goodnight
  • Connie Hagar and Roger Tory Peterson by Ken Rudine 7-1-13
  • What became of Jim Bowie's famous knife? by Murray Montgomery 6-13-13
  • Winifred Gordy, the Selma, and a Vaudeville Act Were in the Same Family by Bill Cherry 6-8-13
  • Small Town Rumors by Dianne West Short 6-2-13
  • Confederate Compassion by Mike Cox 5-23-13
  • Stolen Bounty by Mike Cox 5-15-13
  • Last President of the Republic by Murray Montgomery 5-13-13
  • The opium war, Texas style by Clay Coppedge 5-11-13
  • Writer saw the Goose Creek light in WWII by Wanda Orton 5-9-13
  • Meeting Miss Rita by Frances Giles 5-9-13
  • Two Poems for George Jones
    "If we all could sound like we wanted to, we'd all sound like George Jones." - Waylon Jennings
  • The Possum by David Knape 4-27-13
  • A Picture of Us Without George by Luke Warm 4-27-13
  • Rafting Cotton from Bastrop to Matagorda by Mike Cox 4-25-13
  • A Sailor's Story: Kamikaze Attacks on the U.S.S. Sandoval by Lois Wauson 4-20-13
  • Smiths at San Jacinto by Mike Cox 4-18-13
  • Wild Willie's Picnic by Murray Montgomery 4-15-13
  • The Oil Camp Boarding House - Hearty Food - Dainty Waitresses and No Tipping by Mike Cox 4-10-13
  • Pat Garrett Clay Coppedge 4-9-13
    Because he killed Billy the Kid in New Mexico...
  • Mrs. Anson Jones by Wanda Orton 4-7-13
  • Surviving
    World War II
    George Olsson Short
    Chapter Three

    Surviving WWII, and Arriving Home
    How his soldier brother became his savior and how he managed to get home to a post-war Texas life
    World War II
    Chapter Two
    From Hitting Homers to Hitting the Hun
    and a Face-off with Gen. Patton
    A Personal Account of the Battle at Remagen Bridge
    Chapter One
    My Father Zola
    Baseball, Love and a Love of Baseball
  • Sarah’s Story by Mike Cox 3-13-13
  • Women Bandits Hijack Cotton in Civil War Texas by Mike Cox 3-7-13
  • Andy’s Antics in Austin by Wanda Orton 2-21-13
  • Dodging the (Confederate) Draft Through Postal Service by Mike Cox 2-13-13
  • Love on the Frontier by Mike Cox 2-6-13
  • Borden
  • Mrs. A.P. Borden by John Polk 2-4-13
  • Bullet Riddled Buddies by Clay Coppedge 2-1-13
  • Secession: Texas leaves the Union by Jeffery Robenalt 2-1-13
  • Dr. Blair's Mobile Pharmacy by Mike Cox 1-24-13
  • Till Death Do Us Part by David Knape 1-22-13
  • Name That Lake by Wanda Orton 1-5-13
  • Angel
  • Angel of Goliad by Murray Montgomery Photos courtesy Sarah Reveley 1-2-13
  • Wichita Falls Falls for Flim Flam Brit by Mike Cox 1-2-13
  • Frontier Journalism in Texas by Clay Coppedge 1-3-13

  • More Texas People

























































































































































































































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