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Old news is amusing
The Year: 1897
The Place: Weimar, Texas

The names have been changed, but not much else.

Four young boys, sons of prominent citizens of Columbus, were arrested for stealing pistols and cartridges from stores in the city. The boys confess to having followed the occupation of burglars for about two years. Their ages range from 11 to 13 years.

Gamblers infest Houston, and the good people of that city want the evil exterminated. They should secure the services of the Rev. Samuel P. Jones. Perhaps he might accomplish it.

Mrs. Tab Brown, who lives on the farm of Mr. Dew on Mustang creek, was stabbed between the ribs with a knife by her son-in-law Monday morning. The wound is a serious one, but not necessarily fatal. It is stated that the wound was inflicted accidentally.

Eagle Lake Canoe: A party of fishermen, while sporting on the lake last Wednesday, found a large deer near the middle of the lake. It is supposed he had gone out there feeding on the green moss that grows on the lilies. They succeeded in killing him.

Chas. Williams, born near here, but now of eastern Texas, came in this week to visit his father and the old home at Hard Scramble, in Lavaca County.Two vacant dwelling houses in our burg wait for occupants. Move in on us.Call at the post office if you wish to see a fine assortment of stationery, purchased for cash in New Orleans.
Hallettsville New Era: An episode occurred Thursday, which again brings Wm. Nichols to public notice in a most unenviable light. It will be remembered something over a year ago this young man left his family and enticed a young girl by the name of __ __ to go with him. He took her to a far northern city and there abandoned her, from where she was returned to her home here by the charity of the people of Hallettsville. A few months afterwards, Nichols returned home and after promises of reform was admitted to the affections of his forsaken wife. However, happiness for the reunited family was short-lived, for he has a second time abandoned his family and left, by the way of Schulenburg, with the same girl that he run off with before. The feeling of the community against Nichols is very strong, as he has squandered the property of his wife and left her without means of support. It may be added that the person he went off with will not again receive the kind assistance extended her heretofore.

Kate Hortacker was arrested at Philadelphia, Pa., for poisoning her uncle and guardian. She desired to possess her fortune, and took this method of obtaining it.

At Corsicana, Tex., burglars robbed Pace's store of about 2000 pounds of coffee, sugar and lard.
Burglars are plying their nefarious work at Laredo, Tex.
Joe Lewis, who had the misfortune to have his hand nearly severed by an ax, is now at his father's home. He thinks his hand will grow back again.
Our own Alexander Watkins Terrell will represent the United States as minister to Turkey. Alec always was partial to turkey.
A suicide club was organized at Bridgeton, N. J., a few days ago, with a membership of fifty fools.
A steam laundry and a telephone system are among the late enterprises booked by the energetic city of Yoakum.
Patent folding beds caused the death of fifty-six children in New York City last year. ..... next page
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