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Wart Removal - Wart Treatment - Wart Cures

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Warts Forum

The Healing Hands from Mississippi
The Wart Remover

Hand Warts Removal

"I live in Kentucky and have had a similar experience. My dad said that his grandfather had this touch and that it gets passed down generation by generation. My great grandfather sadly passed before I was born. My father said he knew a family friend who also had the touch, he was called "The Wart Witch" or "The Muddy Medicine Man". I recently had him rub a wart on my left ring finger. he told me not to think about it and it would go away. I soon forgot and the other day i realized the wart was gone. I never went to a doctor and the wart had been on my hand for at least a year before i went to him." - Matty Reece, January 27, 2019
"I just wanted to email you. I read your website, as I am searching for wart remedies for my 6 year old daughter who has just had a wart appear on her nose. My great-grandfather has this gift as well. He was able to remove warts just by looking at them. When I was a young child, about 6 or so, I had warts on the back of my hand and he made them disappear. He did this for many people. Until I just read our website, he was the only person I had ever known to have this gift. Unfortunately he died several years ago and did not pass the gift on to anyone else that I know of." - Brandy, May 11, 2008
"As a child I had numerous warts, especially on my hands. I had a huge wart on each of my thumbs that actually retarded the growth of my thumbnails. I had a half of a thumbnail on one thumb and none on the other due to the growth of the warts. My parents took me and my cousin, who also had numerous warts, to see a man who could remove warts. The older gentleman rubbed his hands over the warts and told us just to forget about them. A few weeks later they were just gone and have never returned.

Unfortunately, I passed on the wart virus to three of my four children, who are all now grown. Over the years we have spent a small fortune on doctors and dermatologists having the warts burned off, frozen off and some, cut off. Not to mention all the over-the-counter remedies we've used. The warts have always come right back!
A few years ago I mentioned to a friend about the problem with the warts and also told her the story of my own wart removal experience as a child. Unbelievably, she had the same experience. A man her family knew in Mississippi removed a wart off her arm simply by touching it. I asked her if the man was still living or if she knew his whereabouts. She contacted some of her family in Mississippi to try to locate him, which they did. She called him and set up a day for us to go see him. I told my children about it but they were all skeptical and figured it was a waste of their precious Saturday. My youngest son, who was 17 at the time, was the only one willing to make the trip. He was desperate! We went to the man's house, and visited awhile. I asked the man if this gift of removing warts was something that could be passed down or taught to someone. I also asked him if he prayed when he touched the warts or what he thought about. He said he really didn't think about anything special and he couldn't pass it on because he really doesn't know how or why it works. He said he discovered he had this gift when he was visiting a young boy in the hospital. The boy had warts all over his arms. He was just joking around trying to cheer the boy up and told the boy he was going to take all of his warts away. In a sweeping gesture, he ran his hands down the boy's arms like he was scraping them off. He was told later that the boy's warts had actually fallen off.

My son showed him his warts and he casually touched his hands while looking at the warts. A while later, I mentioned that we should get going. My son looked at the man and asked, "Aren't you going to do something?" The man replied, I already touched them when I looked at them. My son grabbed the man's hand and started rubbing it over his own hands, stating, "Just to make sure." As we were leaving I tried to give him some money for his trouble. No matter how much I insisted, he refused to take anything.

Two or three weeks later all the warts were completely gone and have not returned. My other son has continued treatment from the dermatologist for his warts, which has still been unsuccessful. He's begged me to take him to see the man his brother went to see. My friend told me she heard the man had moved from that town in Mississippi. I don't know how to locate him.

I am looking for someone who has this gift. If anyone has ever experienced this or knows of someone who has the ability to remove warts I would like them to share that information with me. I now have two small grandchildren and am praying this virus hasn't been passed down to them. But if it has, I would love to have access to a wart remover.

By the way, my mother also had three warts removed from her hands when she was young by a wart remover. Her story was a little different. The man put a piece of tape over her warts and told her not to take the tape off or look under the tape at the warts for five days. Of course she couldn't contain her curiosity and on the second day, she pulled the tape up on one of the warts and looked at it. After the five days were up, she removed the tape. Three of the warts were gone, but the wart she had looked at was still there. I know that sounds bizarre but she swears it's true.

I think the best thing to come out of this experience was that it "shut my husband up". Years ago, I told him about my warts and their method of removal and he never believed me. He has teased me and made fun of me for years. He reluctantly had to admit there must be something to this after our son's warts went away. - Connie Eaton, Baton Rouge, LA, April 22, 2005
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