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Reader's mail from Maine

Monahans in the 1950s

Not Remembering the Monahans Sandhill Rangerettes

Monahans, Texas

Rex Parsons
Monahans Texas Murrays Hardware Boys 1954
"This is my brother (seated) and me. Murray's Hardware can be seen across the street. Its probably Main Street in Monahans. The date on the pic is 1954. Obviously a hot west Texas afternoon."
I lived in Monahans from 1952-1963. I do not recall any Sandhills Rangerettes while I was there. I have some pix in/around Monahans if you might be interested. The photo looks to me like a shoot for a "cheesecake" calendar which were popular back then. I'm not saying there weren't any Sandhills Rangerettes. I'm saying I just don't remember them.
Monahans Sandhill Rangerettes, beauties on sandhill
Printed at the back of the postcard:
"Monahans Sandhill Rangerettes"

c. 1958
TE Postcard Archives
I haven't lived in Texas since 1965 but I am still full-blood TEXAN. I can still talk about Texas all day - and will, if given the chance.

We used to "hike" out to the Million Barrel. Back then it was quite the adventure. We'd pack our canteens and head out to slide down the inside slopes where we ruined many a pair of jeans. There were some dried seed pods that we picked up along the way. Or they picked us up. They were monstrous, very sharp, three pronged things that when dried would draw blood from you ankle if you walked into and got caught by one. And they were a bitch to get off.

The old (only) newspaper / magazine stand on Main Street would sell "dressed up" pods. We, not so affectionately, called them Devil's Claws. Nobody here believes me. Wish I had a couple to show them.

The old Texan theatre on Main closed while I was there. There were two drive-in movies. The old "Dingo" drive in restaurant. Doubt that's still there. We kids would cruise around it all evening. Sometimes we'd go inside to jitterbug awhile. When we tired of driving around in circles we'd just sit in our cars and order "windmill floats" from the carhops. We didn't have much money so it was usually windmill floats and french fries. Why didn't our parents understand the importance of being seen "dragging the Dingo". When the Youth Center opened we finally had a place to go to hangout.
Monahans Texas - Grandfalls Hwy Dog 1955
"This is our dog, Pal who always enjoyed visiting Bud and Merle Moore. That's their house on west side of the Grandfalls Hwy. In the background you can barely see Parsons Lease Works. A company my father owned. circa 1955.

When we kids were giving old Pal a bath in the yard Bud would see us and whistle and Pal would go running to him. Soap aflying."
During the late evening hours in September we would sneak down to the new car dealerships. Back then the official unveiling of the new models was a closely guarded secret. The windows would be covered with paper so nobody could see until the next day. It was so exciting back then to get that sneak peek. Of course, we'd have to avoid any "police" entanglements. We did get caught a couple of time and returned to our parents. But, we knew something they didn't. We knew what the 1956 new cars would look like. - Rex Parsons, Maine, 1-31-06

Subject: To Rex Parsons

You may not remember me, Rex, but perhaps you will remember who I am, Kay Watson. My father was MHS band director for many years, probably during the time you lived in Monahans. I was in the 5th grade in 1952 so you and I were in junior high at the same time. I was looking for pictures to put on Facebook when I discovered Texas Escapes. You have some interesting stories and pictures--good job. The picture of the drill team girls is not one of young ladies from Monahans. To my knowledge we never had a drill team. In my opinion they may be from Odessa High School. Odessa folks used the sandhills for pictures because of the "beautiful" scenery it afforded.

I'm wondering about the picture of you and your brother, also. I lived in Monahans from 1942 to 1960, and I do not recall a Murray's Hardware store. The site of the town does not look familiar at all. Do you think maybe you were visiting in Kermit, Grandfalls, Pecos, or somewhere else and enjoyed your ice cream there? I loved your story about Pal and the youth center opening. Do you remember Carter Barron or Mary Ann and Jim Kent? Keep up the good work. - Kay Watson, January 09, 2015
Monahans, TX
TE photo

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