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The Ghosts of the Baker Hotel
by Bob Hopkins

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With so many sightings in such a landmark, it was time to see if any of it could be proven. In October 2000, two Paranormal Investigation teams, "DFW Ghostwatchers" from Dallas and "Lone Star Spirits" from Houston were contacted to perform a full-scale investigation.

With about $100,000.00 worth of high tech scientific instrumentation, the teams began a full-scale research mission on the Baker that took three visits to complete.

Investigator Dusty Rainbolt, of DFW, using a digital camera, photographed hundred's of orbs. Orbs, according to some experts, are actual spirits of the dead. Orbs were photographed throughout the building with the largest concentration being in the basement, and on the fifth, seventh and fourteenth floors. Dusty also captured an orb partially hidden behind a door which she said was most unusual.

She also captured, what appeared to be, two very distinct "ecto mist" apparitions in the 14th floor ball room. Another photographer/investigator, Weems Hutto, was taking still shots with a 35 mm camera at the same time and captured what appeared to be another ecto mist above the first photographer. Another psychic who accompanied the team reported "seeing" an old woman in a wheelchair in the southeast corner of the ballroom who kept saying, "I can't do it", "I can't do it".

On one night the fifth floor was the most active. Donna, the psychic with the group, felt hesitant and nauseous as she moved toward the west end of the fifth floor. She said someone was trying to make the team "sick" so they would leave. She refused to go any farther in that direction. Later, members of Lone Star Spirits who visited the area began to choke and cough at the same spot, unaware of Donna's earlier experience.

Donna was then drawn to a room on the north end of the fifth floor where she sensed a young woman making rustling sounds with her dress. Donna reported the young girl to be moving to and fro, making sure her makeup was just right. She said the spirit would move around the men in the group and was especially attracted to a certain one. She went on to say she sensed a man about to knock on the door to escort her to a dance in the Sky Room.

Another psychic named Wayne, later joined the group on the fifth floor, and confirmed Donna's findings. He added that he had picked up on "disgust and discomfort" on the west end and said the area was occupied by a large disgusting man who wanted everyone to leave. Wayne said he found suffering and disease in the area.

A time-lapse video camera was placed in the first floor Brazos room and over a four-hour period various objects appeared moving. 151 objects - to be exact. The room had been closed off to the party and entrance was not allowed by anyone "living". The objects could have been dust motes reflecting light, but some were moving orbs.

An audio of the basement elevator area captured the distinct sound of a man screaming in agony. A different group recorded the same sound on another investigation in June 2001. It would have been difficult for anyone in the team to mimic the sound since the area had been locked to keep everyone out.

One of the expedition members gets nauseous whenever she gets around haunted places. At the Baker she was unable to stay more than a few minutes before she was forced to leave - very ill.

In May 2001, nine journalism students from Weatherford High School spent a Saturday night in the hotel, not really putting much interest in the ghost stories. The group, of course, thought differently after their visit. (See Forum below)

A picture taken of the students on the fourteenth floor ballroom shows them enveloped by hundreds of orbs, which they never actually saw. Another picture taken by the only female in the group captures, what appears to be the profile of a blond woman's head. No one in the group had blond hair, let alone, long blond hair. The picture was taken in a darkened room.

With so much activity in the building it may be one of the most haunted places in Texas if not in the country. One psychic claimed to have counted at least 49 different spirits in the building. The investigations are not complete and are currently being continued by "Dagulf's Ghost", another professional paranormal investigating team. With so much paranormal activity, the Baker has become a hot spot for investigators. It is hopeful that in time, more proof of the restless spirits will be documented.
Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas
The Baker Hotel distant view
Photo courtesy Jason Grant

In 1982 the Baker's owners auctioned the hotel's furniture and most original fixtures. The hotel remains a grand old structure, though, containing thousands of stories of the people that stayed there - some during their last days as they sought cures for terrible illnesses. Once the playground for cattle barons, oil tycoons, Hollywood celebrities, and military and political leaders, the decaying grand hotel sits reminding us of an era long gone. Like the mighty RMS Titanic on the bottom of the ocean fading into time, the Baker sits in the middle of the Texas Cross Timbers Region, slowly wasting away. Gone are the starlets, the proud men in uniform, the big bands, the conventions, and others who made the Baker a memorable part of their lives. Perhaps some never left at all or have returned to forever experience a time when Mineral Wells was one of North Texas' finest cities. So, if you get the chance to visit the beautiful old hotel, please have respect for those who may still be there - the Baker's patrons who refused to check out.

A new attitude is emerging that may rekindle the spark of old Mineral Wells and the Baker. According to expert, the Baker is still structurally sound, but, a complete renovation could cost 30-55 million dollars. Tours of the Baker are conducted weekends during warmer months. For more information - contact the Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-252-MWTX. And if you happened to visit the seventh floor, don't be surprised if you catch the faint scent of a young lady's perfume as she lurks the old halls - lost in time. ... next page - The stories of ghosts and hauntings began in the Baker long before it ever closed.....

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Author's Note:
I am a professional Firefighter with a degree in Fire science and a certified Fire Investigator, therefore, I believe just about everything can be explained if one looks hard enough. That was before I began to research a few north Texas ghost stories that are difficult to explain.

I have researched about 30 north Texas haunts, many of which have never before been documented or researched. They range from the hauntings of the old Baker and Crazy Water hotels in Mineral Wells to a haunted plantation near Tyler. I have researched each as to the best of my ability for authenticity and historical accuracy. I would be more than happy to share some of my research with (your readers). Thank you very much. - Bob Hopkins, Weatherford.

Bob Hopkins, Weatherford, August 2002


  • Subject: Mineral Well, Baker Hotel
    Dear TE, My name is Luther Himes and I was one of the high school students from Weatherford who spent the night in the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells back in 2001. I was reading your stories of the Baker Haunting's and came across the account of our stay where it reads we were "not really putting much interest in the ghost stories". I just wanted to point out, without any sort of rancor, that this is incorrect. The entire focus of the documentary that we filmed there was, from the first idea formation, the abundant ghost stories that we all had heard growing up in Weatherford. We did a hearty amount of research, including interviews with Mr. Bob Hopkins (included in the documentary) who I believe wrote the account, and even went so far as to research the protocol in interacting with spirits, and having our base camp blessed by a priest (because, yeah, we were pretty damn scared once night came). We tried to be even handed with the history and legend involved in such an old building, but we were definitely there for the ghosts. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that you were informed on the situation. I enjoy your site, and it's abundant and interesting articles. Thanks. - Luther Himes, October 31, 2006

  • Just about every weekend my boyfriend and I go to the downtown video store and rent movies. On several occasions we've witnessed stranged lights coming from windows.The lights that we've seen are'nt like the kind of light you see coming from a flahlight or a lamp. It does'nt reflect on the window as the light from a flash light does. We've also seen people looking down at us from many of the windows. I waved to the figure without hesitation, the figure waved back and when we looked back up it was gone. - Mineral Wells, 10/Nov/2002

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