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Lamb County TX
Lamb County

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First Lamb County seat

Lamb County, Texas Panhandle / West Texas

3411'00"N 10208'05"W (34.1834142 -102.1346258)

Highway 70 and FM 168
20 Miles NE of Littlefield the county seat
25 Miles W of Plainview
ZIP code 79064
Area code 806
Population: 2,060 Est. (2019)
2,215 (2010) 2,288 (2000) 2,116 (1990)

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Olton Texas historical marker
"Site of the First Lamb County Courthouse" historical marker
SE corner Main St. (FM 168) and 8th St.

Photo Courtesy Terry Jeanson, February 2007

History in a Pecan Shell

Olton was the first town in Lamb County and as such became the first county seat when the county was organized in 1908.

Initial settlement occured around 1900 on a piece of state land. The C. C. Slaughter ranch occupied most of surrunding property. Three miles from the present town, one A. B. Powell opened a store and post office in 1903. The name is said to come from Mr. Powell's son or a preacher. After several changes in location, the the post office settled at the home of T. F. Brown on the old Slaughter ranch. The 1910 population was 75 which increased to 300 by 1930 and 782 in 1940.

Throughout the short history of Lamb County, nearby Littlefield was vying for the title of county seat. Elections were held in 1929, 1932, 1937 and 1946, when Littlefield finally won. (See First Lamb County Courthouse in Olton)

In spite of the setback which has historically sent other towns into oblivion, Olton surprised everyone with growth. By 1960 the town had nearly 2,000 people. In 1970 there were 78 businesses servicing the needs of 1,782 and the
last figure available was the 2010 census figure of 2,215.

Olton, Texas Landmarks

Olton Texas-  Roxy Theatre
Roxy Theatre, Olton Bright Spot
Photo courtesy Rick Vanderpool, 2010

Olton Tx Roxy Theatre Ticket Booth
Roxy Theatre Ticket Booth
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009
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Olton Tx Church
Olton Church
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009
More Texas Churches

Historical Marker: 600 Ave. M
First Baptist Church of Olton
In 1903, the Rev. J.W. Winn, a missionary with the Staked Plains Missionary Baptist Association, led a meeting at a farmhouse northeast of what became Olton. That day, the first Missionary Baptist Church in Lamb County was organized. The members called the Rev. Richbourg as their first pastor. After meeting in area homes for many years, members joined area residents in 1908 in constructing a union church building to be used by several denominations. In 1923, under the leadership of the Rev. G.I. Britain, the Baptist congregation built its first sanctuary. The membership doubled within a few years and continued to grow and serve its community through education, worship and missionary work.

Olton Tx Gin
Cotton Gin
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

Olton Tx Gin Husk Burner
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

Olton Tx Cotton Gin Scale House
Scale House
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

Olton Tx Cotton Gin Scale House and Mill
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009
More on Cotton & Texas Cotton Gins

Former Lamb County Courthouse, Olton, Texas
The 1922 Lamb County Courthouse in Olton.
Torn down in 1964.

1939 photo courtesy of TXDoT

Historical Marker: SE corner Main St. (FM 168) and 8th St.
Site of the First Lamb County Courthouse
Created in 1876, Lamb County was unorganized until it could muster 21 qualified voters, 1908. Citizens donated labor for first 9-room frame courthouse, which served until it burned in 1922.

First county officials were: judge, H. R. Miller; commissioners, J. A. Hooper (Precinct No. 1), Claude E. Halsell (No. 2), G. M. Arnett (No. 3), Walter Sullivan (No. 4); sheriff, Herb Dickenson; clerk, George Gallaway; treasurer, Fred Schreier; assessor, Luther Williams.

A new courthouse of brick and concrete was built here, 1922-23. After a 1946 election, the county seat was removed to Littlefield.

First Lamb County Courthouse historical marker, Olton Texas
"Site of the First Lamb County Courthouse" historical marker, which sits on the corner of the empty lot where the 1908 and the 1922 courthouses once stood.
Photo Courtesy Terry Jeanson, February 2007

Photographer's Note:
"The city secretary at the Olton City Hall confirmed what I had read in "Wanted : Historic County Jails of Texas" by Edward A. Blackburn, Jr. The 1922 courthouse was remodeled in 1949 and served as a hospital. It was torn down in 1964." - Terry Jeanson , March 11, 2007

Olton Texas First  courthouse ground
"Site of the First Lamb County Courthouse" historical marker
SE corner Main St. (FM 168) and 8th St.

Photo Courtesy Terry Jeanson, February 2007

Olton Tx Mill
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

Olton Tx Home of Racing Hall of Famer Carl Nafzger
Welcome to Olton
Home of Racing Hall of Famer Carl Nafzger

Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

Olton Tx city limit pop sign
Olton City Limit Pop 2288
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

Native Son

Jimmy Dean

TX Lamb County 1940s Map
Lamb County 1940s map showing Olton, Littlefield and Plainview
From Texas state map #4335
Courtesy Texas General Land Office

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