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Sabine County
Sabine County

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Submerged - Toledo Bend Reservoir

Texas Ghost Town
Sabine County, East Texas

10 Miles N of Hemphill the county seat
E of San Augustine
Population: 0

Time TX School class photo 1915 or 1916
"School at Time, Texas l915 or l916.
My mother and 3 sisters and one future sister-in-law are in this picture" - Shirley McLain
Click on image to enlarge

History on a Pinhead

Ironically, Time has very little history. A post office was granted in 1896, but closed in 1931. The 1914 population was only 40 people served by two stores. It increased to 75 people by 1925, however by 1939 it was back to 40. When Toledo Bend Reservoir was constructed in the late 1960s, Time was inundated and joins the soggy roster of submerged ghost towns.

Time TX School class photo 1915 or 1916 student names
Student names of photo above
Click on image to enlarge

Time, Texas Forum:

  • I read with interest your information about Time, Texas. Your quote was recorded by my father, Carl Arvid Beall, and published in a little school magazine called CHIQUAPIN, Spring-Summer 1980 edition, published by Douglass Independent School District. It got in that magazine by way of my son, Kress McLain, who was in high school at eacher, Gene Tomlin, asked his students to interview a senior citizen and if he liked their report he would have it published. Kress' interview with his grandfather was chosen and Mr. Tomlin gave it to his wife who was on staff at the Douglass, Texas school, and an advisor for the CHIQUAPIN magazine. I don't know how long the little magazine was published, but I have that copy and one other printed in 1977. Once I saw 2 or 3 in an antique shop in Nacogdoches, marked $5.00. They are really neat little publications containing interesting personal history told by ordinary senior citizens. I just wonder how and where you saw that article. I have a group school picture of the Time, Texas school taken about 1916, including my mother and 3 of her sisters - 30 students in all and their teacher. It is on a post card. It was a thriving community at one time. According to my mother, Belva Beall, Tom Beall, my grandfather( also her father-in-law), had a store (where her family did their Christmas shopping one year spending $10.00), a cotton gin, syrup mill, a grist mill and a big farm where he raised hogs, cows, and chickens. In his thirties he was hired by Orange Lumber Co. to float logs from Sabine County to Orange. Logs floated from Patroon and other creeks into the Sabine River and were guided to Orange where the raft on which the men had their tent, was dismantled and sold with the other logs. The men then walked back the ninety miles and assembled another raft on which to put their tent which was hauled back from Orange by a wagon. The logs for the raft were held together by iron spikes and chains. Good reading. - Shirley Beall McLain, March 22, 2017

  • “Time, Texas was founded by my great grandfather, Thomas Neil Beall. The following information was passed on by his son, Carl Arvid Beall, who grew up in Time. It was told by Arvid in the 1970's and printed in an article, “guiding on Toledo Bend Lake.” There was also a schoolhouse in Time that both my grandparents attended. I went there in the 1970's myself, and it was just woods, with some earthen mounds. I hope this is useful.” - Celeste Waller Milam, Texas, June 14, 2012

  • "My Dad had a small country store up at Time. It sold general merchandise. Her also had a cotton gin. We ginned cotton and ground meal for people. It was over here between Patroon Creek and the Sabine river. At one time there was a big settlement in there but now they took that land, and all, and put the river in there, and there ain't nobody lives over there now...ain't no such place. We had a post office and all over there. It's been dead, plum dead, ever since they put in this Toledo Bend dam, but just over half of them had moved out before then, in the 30's and 40's."

  • "Something pretty interestin', in old times, back in them days, back up at old Time, Texas, A pretty big community was there, and everybody was trying to help each other. Lot of people was clearing up new land, putting in cultivation, and they'd give what they called a 'log rollin' . And all the community would meet up there, and we had what we called 'hand sticks'. And they had them logs cut up and they'd take them hand sticks and one would get one side and one on the other, and they'd get 7 or 8 men on that log, and tote it and put it on a heap....where they could burn 'em up. They helped each other that way. The women would all meet and bring dinner, and we'd have a big dinner. When we got ready to cover a house, we done the same thing. And back in those days, most everybody built mud chimneys."


    Once upon a time
    there was a Time

    a little place
    small as a dime

    but the lake was built
    and Time declined

    what's left behind
    is just lost Time.

    © d.knape

    Time, TX last day cover info
    Time, TX last day cover
    Last Day Cover canceled with Time, TX 1931 postmark
    Courtesy The John J. Germann Collection

    Sabine County TX 1907 postal Map
    1907 postal map showing Time (in northern Sabine County near Shelby County line) before it was submerged by Toledo Bend Reservoir.
    From Texas state map #2090
    Courtesy Texas General Land Office

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