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Caldwell County TX
Caldwell County

Texas Towns
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Luling Hotels


Caldwell County, Central Texas South

29 40' 50" N, 97 38' 44" W (29.680556, -97.645556)

Hwy 183, Just North of I-10
17 miles S of Lockhart the county seat
47 miles S of Austin
20 miles SE of San Marcos
34 miles E of New Braunfels
57 miles E of San Antonio
13 miles N of Gonzales
141 miles W of Houston
Population: 5,869 Est. (2019)
5,411 (2010) 5,080 (2000) 4,661(1990)

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Luling TX - watermelon Water Tower

Luling's signature watermelon water tower
Photo Courtesy Barclay Gibson, March 2008

Rivalry between Lockhart and Luling has cooled somewhat. Their high schools no longer compete in football and both towns have spanking-new HEB stores. Life is good in Caldwell County. Barbecue aficionados from South of I-10 have never seen the need to drive the additional mileage to participate in the Barbecue Wars in Lockhart, since City Market and Luling Barbecue know what they're doing. Once called "The Toughest Town in Texas", time has tenderized Luling to a nice medium-rare.
Luling men, 1935 B&W photo
Luling roughnecks, circa1935
Courtesy Caldwell County Genealogical Society

Luling, Texas Landmarks / Attractions

Luling Texas Zedler's Mills and spiilway

Photo Courtesy Sarah Reveley, March 2006

Zedler's Mills
On Highway 80 just South of Luling

bathhouse in Luling Texas
The Bath House that Wouldn't Die

Luling TX - Oil City display
Luling Oil City display
Photo Courtesy Chia-Wei Wang, August 2006

Luling TX - Oil City display

Luling Oil City since 1922
Photo Courtesy Chia-Wei Wang, August 2006

[ Edgar Davis: Visionary Wildcatter by Clay Coppedge ]

Luling TX - Pumpjack
A decorative pumpjack in Luling
Photo Courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2006

Luling TX - Pumpjack
Another decorative pumpjack
Photo Courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2006

Luling TX - pumpjack  with pig
Decorative pumpjack with a pig
Photo courtesy Margie Warwas, May 2003

Luling TX - pumpjack with whale
Decorative pumpjack with a whale
Photo courtesy Margie Warwas, May 2003

Luling TX - Stanley Theatre

Stanley Theatre
See Barclay Gibson's Texas Theatre Old Neon Collection

Photo Courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2006

Luling TX - Stanley Theatre
Photo Courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2006
More Texas Theatres | Texas Old Neon

Luling Texas Zedler's Mills, san Marcos River swimming hole
Designated swimming hole on the San Marcos River
TE Photo August 2006

McNeil Texas - McNeil Baptist Church
McNeil Baptist Church
14304 FM 1322, 5 miles NE of Luling
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, March 2008

Caldwell County TX 1931 Plum Creek Bridge in Luling
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, March 2008
Luling 1931 Plum Creek Bridge

Luling, Texas Chronicles

  • Edgar Davis: Visionary Wildcatter by Clay Coppedge

  • The Bath House that Wouldn't Die
    Amusing history provided by the Caldwell County Genealogical and Historical Society.

  • Zedler's Mills

  • "Tall Town Tales by a Country Editor"
    Since a newspaper is the heartbeat of a town, we are including a review of a book written by R. E. Bailey, Founder and Editor of The Luling Newsboy and Signal

  • Pixilated in Port Arthur & Reincarnated in Luling:
    Alfred Stillwell and Edgar Davis
    by Luke Warm

  • Downtown Luling

    by David Knape

    Them sulfur wells
    made visits grueling,
    noses repelled
    'twas our undoing

    Never been to hell
    but I ain't fooling,
    It's smelled like hell
    in downtown Luling!

    Don't know about the present, but in the old days, you could smell Luling, Texas for miles around. Smelled like rotten eggs. We kept going. The smell might have stopped. We never did. - d.knape

    "Once Upon A Line" - Light verse and poetry by d.knape

    Watermelon Thump Festival

    A "world famous" annual event - Last weekend in June

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    Luling TX - Watermelon Water Tower
    Luling's Watermelon Water Tower
    TE Photo, 2006
    More Texas Water Towers

    Luling Area Day Trip Destinations:

    Hwy 183 S 13 miles to Gonzales
    Hwy 183 N 17 miles to Lockhart
    Hwy 183 N 47 miles to Austin
    I-10 30 miles E to Flatonia.
    I-10 59 miles W to San Antonio
    I-10 21 miles W to Seguin, then Hwy 46 13 miles to New Braunfels
    Hwy 80 20 miles NW to San Marcos

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    Battle Ax tobacco ghost sign

    A Battle Ax plug Tobacco sign appears in Luling, Texas
    TE Photo, 11-2003

    Luling Texas Building
    Luling street scene
    TE Photo

    Luling Area Chamber of Commerce -
    641 East Davis Street In the Historic Walker Bros. Building, sharing space with the Central Oil Patch Museum
    P.O. Box 710 Luling, TX. 78648.
    Phone (830) 875-3214
    Website: www.bcsnet.net/lulingcc

    Caldwell County Genealogical and Historical Society -
    This well-oiled facility is found adjoining the library and can well serve as a model for other cities concerned about preserving their past.

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    Luling TX - Watermelons for sale
    TE Photo, 2006

    Luling, Texas Forum
  • Subject: Morris Ranch & other places

    My wife love going to old places......About 2 weeks ago we went to the Austin, San Marcos area (Hill Country) We found Morris Ranch, no problem with the excellent directions on your website....we were kind of disappointed that it was all fenced off......the silo was close enough to the fence to get some good pictures, the large barn was just like on the website but a No Tresspassing sign kept us from getting closer.......the schoolhouse was incredible but a big gate was in the way I would have love to look inside.......

    We went on to San Marcos, there we found an old hospital that had at one time been converted into a college fraternity house, but now is abandonded with a somewhat spooky history of a fraternity ritual that had gone wrong ,maybe true maybe not...( I read about it in a book called Weird Texas, check it out sometime, it's a cool book)........

    Also we found an abandonded saw mill outside of Luling it was great, [Zedler's Mills] it was along side the River you can walk right up to it, of course you wouldn't have wanted to go inside, the historical marker said it had been abandonded since 1960......

    As usual I can't say enough good about your magazine... who knows where we will go next.......... Thanks. - Rodney Stegall, November 08, 2005

  • Subject: SARG RECORDS

    Hello Historic Luling, My name is Graham C. Marshall and I live in East Yorkshire, England. For a brief period in the seventies I corresponded with Charlie Fitch of Sarg Records. Does anyone know anything about him? Is he still alive? I should be very grateful if you could find someone who could enlighten me. Thanks - Graham, January 05, 2006

  • Take a road trip
    Central Texas South | Texas Hill Country

    Luling, Texas Nearby Towns:
    Lockhart the county seat
    Austin | San Marcos | New Braunfels
    See Caldwell County

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    Texas Escapes, in its purpose to preserve historic, endangered and vanishing Texas, asks that anyone wishing to share their local history, stories, landmarks and vintage or recent photos, please contact us.















































































































































































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