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  • Texas | Columns | "They shoe horses, don't they?"

    Schulenburg Preacher
    Honored as Bike Bug Brother of 2011
    – Building A Church

    of Schulenburg, Texas

    By Mike Schneider
    The Motorized Bicycle Company of Houston, Texas has donated one of its Bike Bug (America’s Favorite Bicycle Engine) front wheel drive bicycle engine to Reverend Johnny Moore of Schulenburg, Texas and honored him as Bike Bug Brother of the Year 2011. The Bike Bug engine is mounted on a Worksman Industrial Tricycle (model ADB-3CB) with a 2’ X 6’ bicycle wheel trailer. The Motorized Bicycle Company’s engineering staff designed and built the accompanying trailer. Their calculations and tests show the Bike Bug 1.2 horsepower engine, industrial tricycle and bicycle wheeled trailer should support 300+ lb. payloads and travel at 20+/- miles per hour and achieve 150 miles per gallon.

    During the recent MS150 bicycle event (Houston to Austin 150 miles) – four Bike Bug equipped bicyclers learned about Rev. Moore constructing a church by collecting recyclable materials with a bicycle and wagon during their stop in Columbus, Texas. They learned Rev. Moore collected the materials and hauled them to his facility. At the Church of the Heart construction site, the Preacher and parishioners sort and stack the various items into an immaculate arrangement of various items. The local good citizens of Schulenburg shop at Rev. Moore’s outdoor facility and buy the various items. The proceeds are set to fund the church construction.

    After completing the 150 mile Houston to Austin MS 150 run, several of the Bike Buggers drove through Schulenburg to Houston to find Rev. Moore. They were immediately greeted with great smiles and handshakes from Rev. Moore and several of his parishioners. They were shown the facility, and told of the construction ambitions and adventures involved. Rev Moore has three bicycles parked in front of his facility and tells this story about each:
    1. A bike with a mule drawn plow (The Lord says you have to Sow),
    2. A bike with a boat with fishing poles (The Lord says you are to be a fisher of men).
    3. A bike with the wagon (The Lord will provide).

    Preacher Moore told the Motorized Bicycle Company of his collections – hauling refrigerators, cast iron bath tubs and other items weighting up to 200 lbs. on his bicycle wagon. Straining hard, pumping a bicycle and wagon loaded to the gills, late at night in his service to the Lord. The Motorized Bicycle Company showed Rev. Moore one of its adult tricycles outfitted with a Bike Bug engine and told him about the recent 150 mile trip and how the unit handled the hills of Austin, Texas during the MS150. Rev. Moore said he had been praying for some help form the lord in building the church and he figured that four angels had just been sent to show him the tricycle with the engine. When Rev. Moore asked how much the tricycle and engine would cost - the Motorized Bicycle Company told him they figured that would be their contribution to building a church in Schulenburg, Texas. Preacher Moore took out his handkerchief and cried some – wiped the tears and then gave Thanks. There were allot of smiles and laughter after that among the people there.

    The Motorized Bicycle Company decided this was a project that its Bike Bug 1.2 horse power engine with its great fuel efficiency could really make a contribution and be of service. The Worksman Tricycle (model ADB-3CB) was selected because of its industrial strength, hauling capacity and history of lasting as long as rocks. Several trailer designs were considered and the final design incorporated a steel frame, bolted frame with 3/8” plywood board as a bed and tricycle 15mm steel axles and four 24” heavy duty bicycle wheels, tires and tubes. The trailer pivots on ˝” steel plumbing pipe coupled by a twin tee on each end of the pipe. One of the key items in building the trailer was to use commonly found items from the local hardware store.

    Hearing about the project several of the Texas Bike Bug Brotherhood met at the Motorized Bicycle Company’s Houston facility and spent several evenings working on refurbishing the Worksman Tricycle, tuning up the Bike Bug engine and building and testing the various trailer designs and pivoting systems. The comments ranged from: “Helping build a church with wheels” to “Can’t wait to see Rev. Johnny’s Smiling Face In The Wind”. During the refurbishing of the Worksman Tricycle the Motorized Bicycle Company contacted the Worksman Cycle Company of Ozone, New York www.worksmancycles.com (America’s Oldest Bicycle Manufacturer) for technical help in repairing the unique front drum brake system. During the conversation Worksman decided to contribute a wire basket made for the model ADB-3CB Tricycle to complete the Tricycle restoration and to assist Rev. Moore build his church.

    With the Bike Bug Engine, Worksman Tricycle and Trailer – it is hoped Preacher John will be able to travel further distances, and speed up the gathering and financing of the church construction. The Bike Bug engine routinely achieves 175 to 200 miles per gallon and speeds ranging from 5 to 28 miles per hour. Equipped with the Worksman 26” wheel Industrial Tricycle (adaptable model) and trailer – engineering calculations show Rev. John should be able to average 5 to 20 miles per hour with payloads up to 400lbs. The Worksman 26” wheel Industrial Tricycle (model ADB-3CB) is a workhorse of the Industrial bicycles rated at 450 lbs capacity. It is outfitted with 3 speeds, front drum brakes and rear coaster brakes. The speed control on the rear wheels and engine on front will allow Rev. Moore to navigate the hills in the area with ease in lower gear and speed faster in higher gear along the flat roadways in the area.

    Since the Bike Bug engine is 1.2 horsepower and 23cc – a motorized tricycle or bicycle is street legal without license, tags, inspection, or insurance in Texas. It is hoped that this substantial cost savings plus great gas mileage and low maintenance cost will help Church of the Heart be funded sooner than using a costly truck or car. The Motorized Bicycle Company is also equipping the unit with head light, bell, mirrors, taillight and flashing safety wheel Lights. It is hope the good citizens will give room on the roadways to Rev. Johnny and his cause when he is encountered on the roadway.

    The Church of the Heart’s Bike Bug equipped Worksman Tricycle and trailer will make its maiden voyage at the 2001 Art Car Parade. The Art Car Management learned of the Motorized Bicycle Company’s contribution in Schulenburg and asked the Motorized Bicycle Company to have the Bike Bug Engine, Worksman Tricycle and Trailer be the official bottled water ferrying vehicle for the 2011 parade volunteer skaters who pace the various Art Car floats. After the parade and activities the Bike Bug Engine, Worksman Tricycle and Trailer will be delivered to Rev. Johnny Moore at Church of the Heart in Schulenburg.

    Every year the Motorized Bicycle Company elects one of the owners of a Bike Bug engine as Bike Bug Brother of The Year. Rev. John Moore will be honored as Bike Bug Brother of 2011. He will be featured in the Motorized Bicycle Company website www.motorizedbicyclecompany.com and Bike Bug’s website www.bikebug.net with photos and video of his augural ride on the streets of Schulenburg. Of course he will be wearing his official Bike Bug Brotherhood T shirt and wearing one of those famous ”Wind In Your Face Smiles”. Bike Bug salutes his service to the community of Schulenburg, Texas, the fine citizens who support the church construction and the service to the Lord in this campaign of church construction.

    © Mike Schneider
    "They shoe horses, don't they?"
    Guest Column, July 3, 2011
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