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Hardeman County TX
Hardeman County

Texas Towns
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aka "Iris Village"

Hardeman County, Texas Panhandle / Central Texas North

34 15' 19" N, 99 30' 44" W (34.255278, -99.512222)
Highways 287, 91, and FM 2006
15 miles E of Quanah
15 miles W of Vernon
Population: 673 Est. (2016)
707 (2010) 798 (2000) 816 (1990)

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Texas Chillicothe Grain Processing
Hwy 287 in Chillicothe, Texas
Photo courtesy Stephen Michaels, December 2007

History in a Pecan Shell

The town was named by A. E. Jones for his previous home in Missouri. Begun in the 1880s, a post office was granted in 1883. Things really started jumping when the railroad (the Fort Worth and Denver City) built through the county in 1887. The town had been on the north side of the railroad tracks, but after a devestating fire, the rebuilding was done on the south side.

The town had grain elevators constructed in 1892-93, and Chillicothe incorporated in 1907 with a population of 800. A second railroad arrived in 1908 (the Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railway) and Chillicothe's future seemed bright.

The town reached its high-water mark in 1950 with over 1,400 Iris Villagers living there. The population decreased slowly - but was still over 1,000 in 1980. In 1990 the population had dropped to just over 800.

First United Methodist Church

Chillicothe Texas First United Methodist Church
First United Methodist Church built in 1916
Photo courtesy Katherine Heilhecker Nixon
Photo courtesy Katherine Heilhecker Nixon
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Chillicothe Mural

Chillicothe Texas Mural
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Chillicothe Mural - A 40 x 12 mural on the side of a building adjacent to the Downtown Memorial Park expansion project.
Artists: Teresa Byrd, Marcia Haynes and Jeanne Moffett.
Completion date; July 1, 2006.

"The mural depicts some of the history of Chillicothe and includes Medicine Mounds, the Santa Fe Doodlebug, Ft. Worth & Denver Zephyr, grain elevators, Wanderers Creek, ranching, oil and the school mascot (the Eagle) holding the banner. The First United Methodist Church built in 1916 is in the center." - Teresa Byrd, July 07, 2006

The Former Chillicothe City Jail

Chillicothe Texas former city jail

The former city jail.
Photo Courtesy Teresa Byrd, July 2006

Chillicothe Texas jail window detail
Jail detail.
Photo Courtesy Teresa Byrd, July 2006
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Hwy 287 in Chilicothe, Texas
Photographer's Note:
I found this site of old grain tanks pretty interesting. I plan on stopping next time I go through there. That town has LOTS of very old buildings! Even seen some tucked away ones. - Stephen Michaels, December 13, 2007
Texas Chillicothe Grain Bins Processing
Photo courtesy Stephen Michaels, December 2007
Texas Chillicothe Grain Bins Sunset
Photo courtesy Stephen Michaels, December 2007
Texas Chillicothe Grain Stacks
Photo courtesy Stephen Michaels, December 2007
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Texas Chillicothe Scale House Side
Photo courtesy Stephen Michaels, December 2007
Texas Chillicothe Scale House Front
Photo courtesy Stephen Michaels, December 2007

Chillicother Texas Fire Department

The area in the red rectangle (far right just below the middle of photo) is a relic from the buildings previous incarnation as a smithy or livery stable.

Chillicothe livery stable ghost sign

Detail of the sign: "Buggies, wagons and repair."
Photos courtesy Teresa Byrd, July 2006
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Chillicothe Texas Fall Pumpkin
Photo courtesy Katherine Heilhecker Nixon
Chillicothe Texas water tower
Chillicothe's water tower
Photo courtesy Ken Rudine, July 2006
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Chillicothe Vintage Photos
Farmers Union Gin Plant, Chilicothe, Texas old photo
Farmers Union Gin Plant in Chillicothe
Postcard courtesy William Beauchamp
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Chillicothe TX after fire

Chillicothe after fire (Click on image to enlarge)
Photo courtesy Roger Harden

Chillicothe TX after fire

Chillicothe after fire (Click on image to enlarge)
Photo courtesy
Roger Harden
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Texas - Kerley's Store 1922

Kerley's Store (moved from Margaret to Chillicothe?)
"My great-grandfather John Marcus Kerley is the gentleman in the white shirt."

Photo courtesy Roger Harden

Medicine Mound Texas old gas station
Photo courtesy Randy Hinsley, February 2011
Medicine Mound, Texas
A ghost town 9 miles SW of Chillicothe on FM 91

Chillicothe Irises in San Francisco

Subject: Chillicothe
Just wanted to say thank you for the info on Chillicothe; my father grew up there. The Methodist Church is where my grandmother and grandfather met, married, and were both eulogized upon their passing. When I bought my home in California, I obtained some Iris bulbs from my Father who took a handful when they sold the house there. That Iris Village is alive and well in San Francisco and my children think the violet ones are the most beautiful flowers they have ever seen (and they are). Thanks again, Bruce Derr, son of Walker Derr, son of E.L Derr, Sr., January 18, 2008

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