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Cooke County TX
Cooke County

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Cooke County Seat, Central Texas North

33°37'49"N 97°8'25"W (33.630360, -97.140323)
Interstate 35 Highway 82
67 miles N of Dallas
22 miles E of Saint Jo
33 miles N of Denton
33 miles W of Sherman
Population: 16,002 (2010) 15,538 (2000) 14,256 (1990)

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Gainesville Tx Historic Building
Downtown Gainesville
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, April 2009

Gainsville, Texas Topics:

  • History in a Pecan Shell
  • Gainesville Landmarks & Attractions
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  • Four Photographers, Six Visits Photo gallery
  • Gainesville Chronicles
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  • Gainesville Hotels

  • History in a Pecan Shell

    1840: Peters Colony attracts first settlers by offering land grants
    1845: Fort Fitzhugh established 3.5 miles Southeast of the future town
    1850: Town established on 40 acres donated by Mary Clark
    1851: post office is granted
    1858: Gainesville becomes a stop on the Butterfield Stagecoach Line from Missouri to California
    1862: The "Great Hanging" incident where 40 men were lynched (and 2 shot) for being Union loyalists
    1873: Town is incorporated
    1886: The Santa Fe Railroad comes through Gainesville
    1915: Gainesville's population reaches nearly 7,500 people
    1942: Camp Howze opens as an Infantry training facility - population doubles

    Gainesville Landmarks / Attractions / Images

    Cooke County Courthouse, Gainesville, Texas 1939 photo
    1939 Photo courtesy TXDoT
    Cooke County Courthouse

    Morton Museum of Cooke County
    In the restored firehouse - 210 S. Dixon

    Gainesville TX Depot
    Photo courtesy Mike Price, December 2007
    Gainesville Santa Fe Passenger Depot

    More Texas Depots
    Gainesville TX St Paul Episcopal Church
    Gainesville Churches
    Photo courtesy Mike Price, December 2007
    More Texas Churches
    Skylight of Cooke CountyCourthouse, Gainesville, Texas
    Cooke County Courthouse
    Photo by Barclay Gibson, 2005
    Gainesville Tx Civil War Statue
    Civil War Memorial
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, April 2009
    More Texas Monuments & Statues
    Gainesville Tx Former Cooke County Jail
    Former Cooke County Jail
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, April 2009
    More Texas Jails
    Gainesville Tx State Theater
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, April 2009
    State Theater Gainesville Tx
    Gainesville's State Theater
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, April 2009
    More Texas Theaters
    Gainesville Tx Old Factory Building
    Old factory building
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, April 2009
    Gainesville Tx - Red Brick Station House
    Red Brick Station House
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, April 2009
    Gainesville Texas - Victorian Architecture
    Victorian Architecture
    Photo courtesy Mike Price, December 2007
    More Victorian Architecture
    Camp Howze , near Gainesville  Texas
    Camp Howze
    WWII POW Camp and Infantry Training near Gainesville
    Photo courtesy Sarah Reveley, 2007
    More WWII
    Elm Bridge
    Red River Bridge
    Turner Hotel - Then & Now
    Gainesville High School
    Gainesville East School
    Cotton gin, Gainesville, Texas 1910
    Cotton Gin in Gainesville, 1910
    Postcard courtesy www.rootsweb.com/ %7Etxpstcrd/
    See Cotton | More Cotton Gins

    Gainesville Chronicles
  • The 1862 Hangings at Gainesville Texas by W.T. Block
    Certainly one of the worst atrocities of the Civil War occurred in Gainesville, Texas in Oct. 1862, when 40 men, suspected of Union sympathies, were hanged...

  • Gainesville Event Highlights the Great Hanging of 1862

  • Flagpole by Mike Cox
    This story is about a mystery involving the flag staff that once stood at Camp Howze, a sprawling World War II Army base at Gainesville...

  • Circus by Mike Cox
    Being a newspaper editor always has been something of a high wire act. But for Peggy O’Neal, it was easy...

  • Gainesville Native Sons
  • Born in a Wagon Yard, the Buck Started There by Mike Cox
    No, really, Frank Buck wasn’t a cartoon character. Maybe his unusual if particularly fitting surname – given that he became world renowned as a pith helmet-wearing-big-game hunter from Texas who “brought ‘em back alive” from Africa and other exotic locales -- is what led to a mistaken perception that Buck was only a fictional hero like the Green Hornet, Superman, Batman, or the Incredible Hulk.

  • Bring 'Em Back Alive: Frank Buck by Archie P. McDonald
    Before the late Steve Ervin wrestled his first crocodile, before Jane Goodall learned to communicate with chimps, before swimming champion Johnny Weissmuller personified Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan and Jungle Jim in movies and serials, and before John Wayne performed in a film titled "Hatari!" about a professional trapper of animals for zoos, Frank Buck captured American and international audiences with tales of his adventures doing just those kinds of things everywhere on the planet...

  • "My Blue Heaven: Gene Austin" by Archie P. McDonald
    Gainesville, in Cooke County, gained a native son named Eugene Lucas on June 24,1900. Lucas became one of the nation's most popular entertainers during the 1930s, but by then he used his stepfather's name-Austin...

  • Gainesville Tourist Information
  • Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce:
    P.O. Box 518 101
    South Culberson Street, Gainesville, TX 76241
    Toll Free: 888-585-4468 Local: 940-665-2831
  • City of Gainsville
    200 S. Rusk Street, Gainesville, Texas 76240
    Website: http://www.gainesville.tx.us/
  • Gainesville Hotels
  • TX Cooke County 1907 Postal Map
    Cooke County 1907 Postal Map
    From Texas state map #2090
    Courtesy Texas General Land Office

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