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Williamson County TX
Williamson County

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Williamson County, Texas Hill Country

3043'05"N 9726'28"W (30.718081, -97.440996)

Hwy 95 and FM 971
16 miles NE of Georgetown the county seat
36 miles NE of Austin via I-35
7 miles N of Taylor on Hwy 95
ZIP code 76530
Area codes 512 & 737
Population: 1,505 Est. (2019)
1,419 (2010) 1,299 (2000) 1,190 (1990)

Granger Images Prior to 1936
Courtesy of Dan Martinets "The Lone Granger"

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Granger, TX - Goodrich Flyer
Gassing up the Goodrich Flyer c. 1923.
Dan Martinets (seated) with his father, an early aviation fan.

This is where we normally put our "History in a Pecan Shell", however Granger presented us with a gift in the form (the rather long form) of Dan Martinets, who was born, and raised in Granger and has recently returned. Due to Mr. Martinets' generous gift of time and information, we're able to bring you much more than our usual "Nutshell" history.

We were invited to Mr. Martinets' house, and listening to his stories about Granger's history was like watching a movie with the director beside you, for he was there for some of the more interesting moments. (See Granger Chronicles According to Dan Martinet.)

Mr. Martinets, who has sometimes been known as "St. Dan", was born in 1920, less than a year from Armistice Day, which Granger appropriately celebrated with joint, but separate festivities. For Granger was Czech community on the west side of the railroad tracks and Anglo on the other.

Dan was from the west side and spoke no English until he went to school. He wasn't all that excited about going, but took to it at once, with all of his grades being in the 90s except for penmanship, which was a lowly 83. Public School was on the Eastside and the closing bell started the Czech boys on their mad dash to their own territory.

Granger Texas historic photo awaiting parade
Davilla Street awaiting a parade
(Looking west - city hall building on right.)

Granger Through The Years

by Clay Coppedge

Dan Martinets used to walk along the railroad tracks running through the heart of his hometown, Granger, and dream of getting on one of those trains and never coming back.

That was in the 1920s, when both Granger and Martinets were young and in their prime. Now Granger would seem to be yet another small town with a great future behind it and Martinets has passed on; he died two days before Christmas last year... more

Armistice Day Granger Texas historic photo
Armistice Day Westside of Granger
Martinets' store in background

Armistice Day Granger Texas historic photo
Armistice Day Eastside
(Note effigy of Kaiser to left of flag)

Martinets Photo Studio, Granger Texas historic photo
Martinets Photo Studio

3 cyclists in Granger Texas, vintage photo
Early Harleys in Granger

Armistice Day Granger Texas historic photo
Martinets' store  in Granger  Texas
Martinets Store in 1918 and the store today

Miniature Cotton Bales - Granger Officials in 1936 sending miniature bales of cotton to Texas Centennial
Miniature Cotton Bales on their way to the Texas Centennial (1936).
Hats courtesy of Amon Carter

SPJST Building , band and Rhinehart Hotel, Granger, Texas historic photo
SPJST Building and Band. c1909
Rhinehart Hotel is visible behind parapet of small building.

Hoxi House in Granger Texas
The Hoxie House (Built in 1882, burned in 1934)
was already deteriorating in the early 1900s when this picture was taken.

John R. Hoxie was once mayor of Chicago and the house was a centerpiece of a 9,000 acre ranch where he bred horses and cattle. Later the ranch was broken up into small parcels and became the community of Hoxie, Texas.

You could see the Capitol Building in Austin from the widow's walk of the house.

Granger High School, Texas vintage photo
Granger High School

The Granger Chronicles:

According to Dan Martinets, The Lone Granger:

  • The Tailor and the Hideaway Bride

  • The Double Murder in Granger, 1934

  • "Rip" Torn and "Sissy" Spacek Cousins from Granger

  • Polly want a Galleta?

  • More about Granger, Texas:

  • Granger Through The Years by Clay Coppedge

  • John Trlica by Clay Coppedge
    "Every picture tells a story only as long as people know the story.
    A visit with Dan Martinets is in order if you want the story on the photographs collected in the book "Equal before the Lens: Jno. Trlica's Photographs of Granger, Texas" by Barbara McCandless..."

  • Double Crossed, Double Murder by Clay Coppedge

  • Ghost signs in Granger

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  • Austin Hotels

  • Granger Nearby Destinations
  • Take Hwy 95 South 7 miles to Taylor, another 16 miles to Elgin via Coupland, another 17 miles south to Bastrop

  • Hwy 95 North 34 miles to Temple, passing through the charming town of Bartlett

  • FM 971 west 15 miles to Georgetown.

  • Lake Granger / Friendship
  • Granger Lake bridges
  • Granger Lake - Hoxie & Friendship Bridges

    Granger Tourist Information can be obtained at the city offices.

  • Granger Texas Forum
  • How exciting to see such a wonderful history of this small town my Father remembers so fondly! ... Thank You! - Cindy Nemec Lloyd

    Granger Images Courtesy of Dan Martinets

  • See Georgetown the county seat

    Williamson County

    Texas Hill Country

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    Texas Escapes, in its purpose to preserve historic, endangered and vanishing Texas, asks that anyone wishing to share their local history, stories and recent/vintage/historic photos, please contact us.






















































































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