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Presidio County TX
Presidio County

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AKA Rio Doso, Riodosa

Texas Ghost Town
Presidio County, West Texas

On the Rio Grande and CR 170
Also accessible via CR 2810 with 4 wheel drive
53 miles SW of Marfa the county seat
36 miles NW of Presidio
ZIP codes 79843
Area code 432
Population: 43 est.(since 1990)

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Ruidosa TX - Ruidosa Cantina
Ruidosa Cantina
Photo courtesy Travis Peterson, December 2018

History in a Pecan Shell

According to the Handbook of Texas, the name translates as either "windy" or "noisy." This either refers to the omnipresent wind or the sound of water falling over an irrigation dam.

The settlement was once a penal colony established by the Spanish in the 1820s. Prisoners were sent to the remote area to guard ranches in northern Chihuahua against Indian raids. The uninspired prisoners were so often on the losing side that the project was abandoned.

Much later, in 1872, an American named William Russell constructed ditches to irrigate a farm and a flour mill - a successful operation that prospered for thirty years.

As late as 1879 the farm was attacked by Mescalero Apaches resulting in four settlers killed and three wounded.

By 1914 the community had a post office and 100 citizens. Cotton was planted and a gin constructed. In the late 20s there were about 300 residents in the area. The gin closed in 1936 and by 1954 the post office discontinued mail delivery. In late 2004 the town consisted of a few buildings and was listed for sale.

Ruidosa Texas Forum

Ruidosa TX ruins
Ruidosa ruins
Photo courtesy Travis Peterson, December 2018

Ruidosa TX ruins
Ruidosa ruins
Photo courtesy Travis Peterson, December 2018

Ruidosa TX Christmas Wreath
Christmas wreath
Photo courtesy Travis Peterson, December 2018

Ruidosa Texas church ruins
Ruins of Sacred Heart Mission in Ruidosa
Photo courtesy Tom Rinard, 2004
More Texas Churches

CR 2810

An adobe ruin at Ruidosa
An adobe ruin at Ruidosa
Photo courtesy Erik Whetstone, April 2005

West Texas CR 2810 ruins

Ruin along CR 2810
Photo courtesy Erik Whetstone, April 2005

West Texas CR 2810 ruins
Another view of CR 2810
Photo courtesy Erik Whetstone, April 2005

West Texas CR 2810 rusted car
Abandoned Truck Chassis in need of restoration
Photo courtesy Erik Whetstone, April 2005

Ruidosa TX Presidio Co  Post office info
Ruidosa TX Presidio Co 1936 Postmark
Cover canceled with Ruidosa, TX 1936 postmark
Courtesy The John J. Germann Collection

Ruidosa, Texas Forum

  • Subject: Family in Ruidosa, Texas?
    It is the only information I could find on Ruidosa, Texas which I guess is a ghost town now. My grandmother and her twin sister were born there in 1900. But her obituary said El Paso, Texas, maybe because she had no birth certificate. My mother's cousin gave me this information. I know so little about this side of the family. Apparently my grandmother, Guadalupe Barrera was widowed before the twins were born, but remarried and had more children. My grandmother's name was Manuela Barrera, and she married Alejandro Arevalo. Just wondering if maybe I have family in the area, or who have moved on. I would love know. - K. Moore, kmaclaughlin76@gmail.com, November 21, 2016

  • Subject: Family from Ruidosa, Texas
    My father, Isaac Prieto Hernandez was born in this small village 6-3-1921. His two sister's were married in the old historical church, Carmen and Benita Hernandez. My father attended the school also pictured in the photos. The family moved to Marfa years later, then migrated to southern New Mexico. - Ben Hernandez, Artesia, NM, December 31, 2011

  • Subject: Ruidosa, Tx church picture
    The picture of the church ruins is of a church in Ruidosa, Tx as you are leave heading toward Candelaria, Tx - Florencio Garcia, March 26, 2008

  • Subject: Family from Ruidosa
    Dear TE, My grandmother "Reyes Negrete" was born in Ruidosa on April 12,1898, her parents were Sebastian DeAnda & Reyes Ochoa (maiden). They later moved to Van Horn, but I'm not sure of the year. Thanks for the pictures and information on the town. - Ben Negrete, September 21, 2007

  • Subject: Long line of Nunez in Ruidosa, Texas
    Dear TE, My mother was born and grew up in Ruidosa, Texas. Her name was Dora Nunez and her parents were: Jesus F. Nunez and Maria L. Nunez. There was a long line of Nunez's back in Ruidosa who had businesses. My grandfather was the postmaster of the Ruidosa post office. My mother has wonderful memories of her town, Ruidosa. - J. Garcia, Alpine, Texas, January 29, 2007

  • Heartfelt Memories of Ruidosa
    I was born in Ruidosa in 1940 and my grandparents were the only owners of the grocery store. They had a lot of land, and I just discovered not too long ago the Fuentes cemetery. When I saw the pictures it brought a heartbeat to my heart and I hope to go there one more time before I leave this world .. I was just 9 years old the last time I was there. We used to cross the river to get to the other side to visit the folks. Keep up the good work. - Catarina Fuentes, January 24, 2007

  • Subject: Photo of the Old Church
    Last year about this time I visited Ruidosa, Texas and noted with interest the Old Church in ruins there.

    Thanks for making these stories of these interesting places available. I'm fascinated by that country down there. - Jim Horn, April 02, 2006

  • Presidio County TX 1940s Map
    Presidio County 1940s map showing Ruisdosa
    ( Below "P" in "P-R-E-S-I-D-I-O")

    Courtesy Texas General Land Office

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