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El Paso County Seat, West Texas

Interstate 10, Hwy 62 / 180
On the state-line to New Mexico
Across the border from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
573 miles from Austin
617 miles from Dallas
730 miles from Houston
548 miles from San Antonio
795 miles from Texarkana
835 miles from Orange
Population: 671,563 (2010) 563,662 (2000)

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El Paso, Texas Topics of Interest:

  • History in a Pecan Shell
  • El Paso Chronicles
  • El Paso Texas Landmarks/Attractions
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  • El Paso Texas Landmarks/ Attractions

    El Paso County Courthouses
    El Paso County has had seven courthouses ...
    El Paso
    Union Depot
    "The Equestrian" Plutoed in El Paso!
    or The World's Largest Blue Horse as White Elephant
  • Concordia Cemetery - The El Paso of the 1870s and 80s provided many chapters (many of them final chapters) in the lives of some of the most well-known Texas gunfighters. Dallas Stoudenmire, John Wesley Hardin, his assassin John Selman and Bass Outlaw to mention a few. J. W. Hardin is buried here.
    "From the Chinese section to the poorest graves marked only by a cross made from two pieces of rebar, a very strong feeling of the past is evoked, despite (or maybe because of) its change into an urban setting with adjacent freeway overpasses." - Chris Abbott.
  • El Paso Union Depot circa 1906 - AMTRAK station.
    Behind the Convention Center.
  • Chamizal National Memorial - 915-532-7273
    Paisano St. and San Marcial St.
  • El Paso Speedway Park - Auto racing, 915-857-3478
  • El Paso Zoo - 915-521-1850. Admissions.
    4001 E. Paisano St. near the Bridge of the Americas.
  • Fort Bliss
  • Juarez, Mexico
  • The Missions of the Lower Valley
  • Wyler Aerial Tramway
    1700 McKinley El Paso, Texas 79930
    (915) 566-6622

  • The Border Patrol Museum - 915-759-6060
    4315 Transmountain Rd. (Loop 375)
  • El Paso Centennial Museum - 915-747-5565
    University Ave. and Wiggings Rd.
    University of Texas at El Paso campus.
  • El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center - 915-584-4202
  • El Paso Museum of Art - 915-532-1707
    Kress Collection, and Mexican and Southwestern art.
    Tues. - Sat. 10AM - 5PM, Sun. 1-5PM
    Santa Fe St. and San Antonio St.
  • El Paso Museum of History - 915-759-8585
    I-10 and Loop 375
  • The Natural History Museum

    State Parks: http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us
  • Hueco Tanks State Park
    6900 Hueco Tanks Road No 1 El Paso TX 79938
  • Franklin Mountains State Park
    1331 McKelligon Canyon Road El Paso TX 79930
  • Magoffin Home State Historical Park
    1120 Magoffin Avenue El Paso TX 79901

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  • Bassett Tower, El Paso, Texas
    More El Paso Landmarks

    Architecturally, El Paso has many (but not all) of West Texas' crown jewels. Included are the Bassett Tower (c.1930), The Hotel Cortez (1926), The Kress Building (1937) The Alhambra Theater (1914), The Merrick Building (1887), the Railroad Station and El Paso High.

    Bassett Tower c.1930
    Old postcard
    Camino Real National Scenic Byway by Delbert Trew
    The old road "Camino Real" or Royal Road may not be the oldest road in America but was completed in 1598... It begins at the San Juan Pueblo in northern New Mexico, goes 400 miles south to El Paso then on another 1,200 miles to Mexico City. The U.S. designated it a National Scenic Byway...

    El Paso as Movie Location
    El Paso also has a film commission. Recent films in and around El Paso have been scenes from Dead Man's Walk (Salt Flat), Courage Under Fire, Blue Sky (an appropriate title) and the recent Traffic.

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    St Patrick's Cathedral El Paso Texas
    St Patrick's Cathedral El Paso Texas
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2005
    El Paso History

    History in a Pecan Shell

    The History and Culture of El Paso go back to 1598 and earlier. El Paso and Ciudad Juarez are the largest border cities on the Texas/ Mexico border. The battles fought for control of Juarez during the Mexican Revolution were observed with great interest by El Pasoans who stood on freight cars to watch. The story is told that the victorious Francisco "Pancho" Villa (after accepting the surrender of the Federal troops) invited the defeated General to dinner in El Paso. The defeated general accepted, but they started fighting again - this time over who would pay the check.

    The El Paso of the 1870s and 80s also provided many chapters (many of them final chapters) in the lives of some of the most well-known Texas gunfighters. Dallas Stoudenmire, John Wesley Hardin, his assassin John Selman and Bass Outlaw to mention a few. J. W. Hardin is buried in El Paso's Concordia Cemetery.

    El Paso’s Beautiful People: 1921-1946
    Photographer Alfonso Casasola and The Casasola Photo Collection

    El Paso Chronicles
  • The Newspaper Tree by Mike Cox
  • El Paso's Austin High School 1943 Yearbook by Mike Cox
  • Padre Island Considered Atomic Test Site by Mike Cox
    July 16, 1945 saw three dawns. At 5:29.45 a.m. Mountain War Time, scientists detonated the world’s first atomic bomb 171 miles north of El Paso at a site on the Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range in New Mexico... more.
  • Sal del Rey by Delbert Trew
    "This historic old salt lake... has been providing 99 2/5 percent pure salt since before America was discovered. It covers about 640 acres... more "
  • El Paso and the Battle of Juarez by Mike Cox ("Texas Tales" column)
    On June 29, during a gun battle in Juarez, Mexico, seven stray AK 47 rifle rounds flew across the Rio Grande and hit city hall in downtown El Paso... Nearly a hundred years have gone by since the last time it happened...
  • Border Patrol Shootout on the Rio Grande El Paso (1916)
    from "Border Patrol: With the U.S. Immigration Service on the Mexican Boundary 1910-54" by Clifford Alan Perkins
  • 1918 Flu by Mike Cox ("Texas Tales" column)
    " In El Paso, east-west railroad traffic and the routine rotation of troops at Fort Bliss carried the disease to the Southwestern desert, an area generally noted for its healthfulness. On September 30, 1918, El Paso papers casually noted that some people in the city had the flu, but the situation worsened daily.... more"
  • Storm of 1895 by Mike Cox ("Texas Tales" column)
    "... In a good year, which is to say an average year, the city at the Pass of the North enjoys only nine inches of rain. But in the spring of 1895, what fell from the sky was dust... more "
  • Bombsite by Mike Cox ("Texas Tales" column)
    July 16, 1945 saw three dawns.
    At 5:29.45 a.m. Mountain War Time, scientists detonated the world’s first atomic bomb 171 miles north of El Paso at a site on the Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range in New Mexico.
  • The Lady in Blue by Bob Bowman ("All Things Historical" column)
  • Death Notice by Mike Cox ("Texas Tales" column)
    William A. Keleher’s first assignment as a Times staff writer was what’s known as a death watch. General Victoriano Huerta, former Mexican president, had been living in exile in El Paso. But the 73-year-old newsmaker would not be living anywhere much longer. When Huerta died on Jan. 13, 1916, Keleher wrote the obit. It appeared on page one the following morning. Positive as that was, it turned out to be the last newspaper story Keleher ever wrote. ... more
  • Walking among the dead - Richard Andis and Concordia Cemetery, El Paso, Texas by Mike Cox
  • Early Railroad Trip from San Antonio to El Paso by Mike Cox
  • Bobby Fuller by Clay Coppedge
    He played the teen venues in El Paso and billed himself "The Southwest King of Rock and Roll." The El Paso Herald Post in 1964 declared, "England has the Beatles, but El Paso has Bobby." ... more
  • Salt Warriors:
    Insurgency on the Rio Grande

    by Paul Cool

    An award-winning history of the El Paso Salt War
    Suspension Bridge Over The Rio Grande, El Paso, Texas
    Foot Bridge on Rio Grande River, El Paso, Texas
    Gallery of Forgotten Texas Bridges >
    Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas
    View Of Franklin Mountains from twelfth floor of the current El Paso County courthouse.
    Photo courtesy
    Terry Jeanson, December 2005
    El Paso Tourist Information
    El Paso Convention and Visitor's Bureau:
    Downtown El Paso
    Postcard courtesy rootsweb.com/
    ~txgenweb// postcards/Index.html
    Downtown El Paso
    Postcard courtesy rootsweb.com/
    ~txgenweb// postcards/Index.html
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    El Paso Texas Forum

  • Nacogdoches claims to be the oldest town in Texas, using 1716 as the date. Now, the Dallas Morning News Texas Almanac and the Univ Texas Handbook of Texas, on line, say it 'aint so. They say Ysleta and Socorro of ElPaso were est. ~ 1680-2, which is an earlier date even using public school math. I suspect there's some 'school pride' in this Nacogdoches-ites claim, but is there a real, non-tall-tale truth for claiming to be the oldest? Or maybe Mr. Bowman has this covered somewhere? - J R Overton, May 04, 2004
  • You don't know how glad I was to find this article...thanks so much. It is really a great piece of history right in our backyard. - Joshua, 19/Jun/2002

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