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Gregg County TX
Gregg County

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Gregg County Seat, East Texas

3230'33"N 9445'14"W (32.509147, -94.753909)

Junction of Hwy 80 & Hwy 259
37 miles NE of Tyler
NE of Kilgore
E of Gladewater
SE of Gilmer
W of Hallsville
125 miles E of Dallas
ZIP codes 7560175606
Area code(s) 903 and 430
Population: 81,631 Est. (2019)
80,455 (2010) 73,344 (2000)

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Longview Texas street scene
Longview street scene
TE photo, 2002

Longview & Marshall: A Metropolitan Sunday Drive

by Bob Bowman

Begin at in downtown Longview with the excellent Gregg County Historical Museum at the corner of Fredonia and Bank streets. The museum's exhibits illustrate the development of Gregg County from the days of the Caddo Indians and will prepare you for the rest of your Sunday Drive.

Longview itself was carved out of the pine forests in l870 when railroad engineers surveyed a 50-acre tract deeded to the Southern Pacific Railroad by O.H. Methvin. From the crest of Capps Hill, the surveyors, looking into the distance to the south, remarked what a "long view" there was from the hill. Longview was made the county seat of newly-created Gregg County in l871.

Leaving the museum, you'll want to spend some time walking the streets of downtown Longview, where many of the city's oldest buildings are being preserved as the result of a strong historical movement in the community.

Be sure to see the historical marker to the last raid of the Dalton Gang at 200 North Fredonia. Here, at the First National Bank, a bloody gunfight resulted in three deaths when the Dalton Gang robbed the bank. The robbery resulted in the ultimate capture of the gang, ending its reign of crime and violence.

The Gregg County Courthouse is also in downtown Longview. Here is a statue to General John Gregg, a general in the Confederate Army.

Other Longview places of interest include:

  • The Campbell Honeymoon Home, located at 521 North Second Street. This was the home of Texas Governor Thomas Mitchell Campbell when he married Fannie Bruner while working as a clerk in the Gregg County courthouse in l878.

  • The Stagecoach Stop Museum at 322 Teague, one of the few remaining homes from Earpville, the forerunner of Longview. The building dates from the early l860s.

  • The Brown-Birdsong home at 104 West Whaley Street. This Victorian home was built in l879 by an early settler, B.W. Brown, a Methodist lay minister. Brown helped create Gregg County.

  • (Post Office Mural - The post office has a 1942 "WPA" mural: Texas Farm Scene by Thomas Stell. - Editor.)
  • From Longview, head east on U.S. 80. You'll pass through Hallsville while traveling a scenic route characterized by meadows, ranches, and turn-of-the-century buildings ...


    [See Longview & Marshall: A Metropolitan Sunday Drive]

    Longview Chronicles

  • The Bank Robbery (Dalton Gang, 1894) by Bob Bowman

  • The Longview Cannibals by Bob Bowman
    Over the years, East Texas have given their hometown baseball teams some oddball names. But none of them had the flair of the Longview Cannibals...

  • Longview, Texas
    Landmarks / Attractions

    Longview TX Gregg County courthouse
    Photo courtesy Terry Jeanson, December 2007
    Gregg County Courthouse

    The Gregg County Historical Museum:
    Located in the handsome and historic Everett Building at 214 North Fredonia Street. This was originally the Citizens National Bank. Many exhibits deal with the everyday life of early residents, and many showcase the various industries that molded the economy of the region. Included are artifacts from an 1894 bank robbery involving the Dalton Gang. 10:00 to 4:00 Tuesday through Saturday. Closed on Sunday, Monday, and major holidays. Admission is $2.00 for adults, $1.00 for students and senior citizens (65 and older).

    Gregg County Historical Museum, Everett Building, Longview, Texas
    The Gregg County Historical Museum
    The Everett Building in Longview
    TE photo, 2002
    More Texas Museums

    Everett Building historical marker, Longview Texas
    Everett Building historical marker
    TE photo

    Gregg County TX - Shiloh School ruins - remaining walls
    Photo courtesy Maryanne Gobble, December 2010
    Shiloh School

    Longview TX - Speer Chapel , Harmon General Hospital Chapel,  Night view
    Photo courtesy Maryann Gobble
    Speer Chapel
    Formerly Harmon General Hospital Chapel
    Recorded Texas Historic Landmark

    Longview Texas, Gregg County - Grable Cemetery
    Photo courtesy Maryann Gobble, December 2010
    Grable Cemetery

    Longview TX - Judge Campbell 1872 Home, Balcony
    Photo courtesy Maryanne Gobble, 2010
    The 1872 Judge J. N. Campbell Home
    on Texas' Most Endangered List

    White Oak TX - Pine Tree Cumberland Presbyterian Church
    Pine Tree Cumberland Presbyterian Church
    1850 Pine Tree Rd. (FM 1845)

    Photo courtesy Gerald Massey, June 2011

    White Oak TX - Pine Tree Cumberland Presbyterian Church Historical Marker
    Historical Marker
    Photo courtesy Gerald Massey, June 2011
    More Texas Churches

    KP Lodge in Longview, Texas
    The K of P Lodge in Longview
    TE photo, 2002
    More Texas Lodges

    KP Lodge in Longview, Texas
    The K of P Lodge in Longview
    TE photo, 2002

    Texas Auto Supply old neon, Longview, Texas
    Old neon in Longview
    TE photo 2002

    More Texas Old Neon

    Cast iron building, Longview, Texas
    A cast iron building in Longview
    TE photo, 2002

    Cast iron building, Longview, Texas
    Cast iron building detail
    TE photo 2002

    Union Iron and Foundry Co, St. Louis
    Union Iron and Foundry Co. St. Louis
    Cast iron building detail
    TE photo 2002
    See Texas Architecture

    Longview Texas mural
    TE photo 2002

    Longview Texas municipal building
    Municipal Building
    TE photo 2002

    Longview Event

    One of Longview's most popular events is the mid-July Great Balloon Race.

    Longview Nearby Destinations

  • Brandy Branch Reservoir - On Brandy Branch Creek in Harrison County, 10 miles east of Longview

  • Lake O' the Pines - 25 miles northeast of Longview

  • Marshall - Hwy 80 East 23 miles.

  • Longview and Marshall: A Metropolitan Sunday Drive

  • Longview Chronicles
  • The Bank Robbery (Dalton Gang, 1894) by Bob Bowman

  • The Longview Cannibals by Bob Bowman
    Over the years, East Texas have given their hometown baseball teams some oddball names. But none of them had the flair of the Longview Cannibals...

  • Gregg County, Texas - Northcutt Heights Elementary School - First Grade 1944
    First Grade 1944 Photo courtesy Jesse Suttles
    Northcutt Heights Elementary School

    Longview, TX - Cotton Market Scene
    Longview Cotton Market, circa 1910
    Courtesy The Will Beauchamp Collection
    See Cotton in Texas

    Longview Tourist Information
    The Longview Convention & Visitor's Bureau
    410 N. Center Street. 903-753-3281.
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    Longview, Texas Forum
  • About Longview
    When I was five years old, my family moved to Longview from Houston. My dad took a job as an engineer with R.G. LeTourneau, designing offshore drilling platforms. We moved into a pink house on Idylwood Drive and lived there until I was ten. The things that still come to mind about that time in Longview was in the summer, the streets, which were an oil/tar base were plowed up with huge tractor like vehicles. The smell of the tar was pervasive for weeks after they did that. As a young boy, I went barefoot in the summer and walking on the streets in Longview caused the bottoms of my feet to become black, like the tarred streets.... more
    - Mike Campbell, Hong Kong, December 01, 2006

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    Longview, Texas Area Towns:
    See Gregg County

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