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Texas | Columns

"Notes From Over Here"
by Byron Browne


Byron & Angie Browne
Byron & Angie Browne
Photo courtesy Lee Miller

  • Don Antonio de Espejo 7-27-11
    He was only trying to return home, to New Spain, by a short cut. However, Don Antonio de Espejo’s venture through Texas has warranted his inclusion within the history books (the Texas ones in particular) alongside other explorers and conquistadors such as Coronado and Cabeza de Vaca.
  • Majestic History 6-8-11
    ‘Jeff Davis County, Texas’ by Lucy Miller Jacobson and Mildred Bloys Nored.
  • Fort Davis and Colonel Benjamin Henry Grierson 3-23-11
    The assignment to Fort Davis should have been relatively calm. However, the Mescalero Apache chief Victorio saw to it that Grierson and his soldiers remained active...
  • Robert F. Stockton 2-1-11
    Robert Stockton’s life was one of those extraordinary events that persuades and affects the lives of, not only those who were contemporaries, but also the generations that follow.
  • Institute for the Humanities at Salado 7-17-10
    Dr. Harry Wilmer
  • Steel House 5-5-10
    Sculptor and architect Robert Bruno has bequeathed to us his Steel House, sometimes referred to as “The Metal Mansion”, just outside of Lubbock in Ransom Canyon.
  • Home Again 4-1-10
    Prior to a couple of weeks ago, I had been to Puerto Rico for exactly an hour and a half...
  • The Laugh Track: Directing Emotions Since 1950 3-1-10
    Some shows, Barney Miller and anything Bob Newhart come to mind, are hilarious with or without a laugh track. Jack Benny will elicit a smile from just about anyone even if he is simply staring at the camera.
  • Letter 2-8-10
  • You Heard It Here First 1-11-10
    In keeping with tradition for this time of year what follows are some predictions for the now not so new year...
  • Grape Creek Winery 12-6-09
    You know what’s fun? Besides listening to Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach speak- fun is drinking a nice, refreshing, Texas wine on a Saturday afternoon...
  • Fly-Fishing in New Mexico 11-1-09
    Before I left for New Mexico last month, where I was for the first time, to try my hand at fly-fishing, I spent some time producing my fish story. I thought I would need one...
  • I Fear That My Wife Is Insane 10-2-09
    Any rational, right-thinking person would have been packed and gone months ago. Yet, she stays and even finds a way to maintain a smile on that marvelous, olive-skinned countenance of hers...
  • Same Old Lubbock 9-2-09
    I was reminded that I had heard quite a lot of news lately about Lubbock and, as usual, most of it was odd.
  • My Son Has Just Received His First Car 8-1-09
    As we zigged and zagged around the local high school’s parking lot it occurred to me that the car exposes entirely different worlds to the two of us...
  • Hitting the Marc 7-1-09
    The wine industry in Texas is blooming... For anyone who has traveled to west Texas or the Hill Country...
  • Here it Are 6-4-09
    ...It’s been with us for a millennia and a half since the Germanic tribes brought their yerk n’ chuk language with them from across the North Sea. Nevertheless, we have all let it slip quietly into oblivion...
  • Charlie Bullock 5-27-09
    “Art’s a luxury,” Charlie Bullock says... Of course, Bullock is talking for us non-artists. For himself, art is as much a necessity as eating...
  • Professor Langford 5-6-09
    "... I had, up that point, suspected that Dr. Langford was extraordinary and now I had both strong proof and witnesses..."
  • San Antonio Missions 4-1-09
    Beginning two and a half miles south of downtown San Antonio there are four eighteenth century missions along what the National Parks Service refers to as the “Mission Trail”. This route will lead you on an afternoon’s journey through some of this country’s few, yet greatest, antiquities...
  • "It was like that when we got there."3-3-09
    The Parthenon
  • Degree Or Not Degree 2-1-09
    Almost daily, I tell my students to get to work, stop whining, hunker down and get busy. I tell them college is a comin’ and they better get ready...
  • Print This 1-12-09
    Cut, copy, paste and print this paper so that you can have it in your hands. Do it so that...

    "Notes From Over Here" Column begins January 2009
  • Byron Browne

    Byron Browne is a free lance writer and teacher living in Austin, Texas. After completing an English degree at Texas Tech, he and his son moved, by way of Dallas, to Austin, some 15 years ago where he finished a second degree in Latin and began teaching at an Austin high school.

    He has been writing for various magazines and newspapers for the past several years. Some of the subjects he has written about include Texas wineries, Spanish bullfighting and sundry destination pieces centered around he and his wife's travels.

    Mr. Browne's work has been published in Texas Escapes, Literary Traveler, Travel Intelligence, Escape Artist, Texas Wine and Life magazines as well as the Lubbock Avalanche Journal and the Austin American Statesman. He can be reached at Byron.Browne@gmail.com

    Books by
    Byron Brown
    Order Here

    Byron Browne's Texas:

    Steel House
  • Steel House 5-5-10
  • Bob Wade 12-5-08
  • Bandera 1-31-08
  • West Texas Museums 9-1-07
  • Chinati-Hot-Springs 5-8-07
  • Terlingua> 12-8-06

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