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Grimes County TX
Grimes County

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"Blues Capital of Texas"

Grimes County, Central Texas South

30 23' 0" N, 96 5' 0" W (30.383333, -96.083333)

Hwys 6, 90 and 105
10 miles SW of Anderson the county seat
25 miles NE of Brenham
21 miles N of Hempstead
26 miles SE of Bryan / College Station
41 miles W of Conroe
43 miles SW of Huntsville
71 miles NW of Houston
ZIP code 77868, 77869
Population: 7,643 (2020)
7,049 (2010) 6,789 (2000) 6,296 (1990)

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Navasota TX Cotton Compress
Navasota Cotton Compress
Click on image to enlarge
Courtesy William Beauchamp Collection

Navasota is one of those towns that you never seem to have time to explore because you're rushing to a more distant destination. We wish you'd stop doing that. The problem with distant locations is that they're so far away. Why not visit something a little closer to home? If Navasota is too close, then include it with a trip to Huntsville, Brenham, or College Station.

Don't miss the Grimes County seat in Anderson, which is a mere 10 miles away. Their picturesque courthouse and main street is one of those timeless Texas views that haven't yet been ruined by prison expansion or modern high school architecture. Recently restored.

Navasota, Texas Topics:

  • Landmarks & Attractions
  • Photo Gallery
  • Vintage Photos
  • Scenic Drive
  • People

  • Navasota TX - La Salle's Statue by Coppini
    La Salle's Statue by Coppini
    in downtown Navasota

    TE Photo

    Navasota, Texas Attractions / Landmarks

    Photo Gallery

    Navasota offers many storefronts and streets that testify to its dominant place in the county's economic history.
  • Historic homes are frequently open for tours and architecturally, it ranks high on our list of best preserved in the Houston-Austin-Dallas triangle. Contact the chamber for an excellent driving tour of town.

  • Horlock Art Gallery & History Museum
    1215 E. Washington Ave.

  • La Salle Monument

    Texas Hwy 105 downtown. Navasota also has a statue dedicated to "Bobby" LaSalle, our favorite would-be colonizer and the man most responsible for Texas' claim to being under Six Flags. Interest in Mr. La Salle has been rekindled lately with excavations of both his stockade (Fort St. Louis) and ship (LaBelle) down around Matagorda.

    [See La Salle and French Exploration in Early Texas by Jeffery Robenalt

  • The Grimes County Courthouse
    10 miles East in Anderson on Hwy 90. This 1893 Italianate "Temple of Justice" once dispensed justice to a member of the Barrow-Parker gang in 1933. The street view with flanking stores makes a great photo opportunity, which makes up for there not being a "courthouse square." Anderson was named Fanthorp before Kenneth Lewis Anderson, Vice President of the Republic of Texas died there.

  • Fanthorp Inn State Historical Park
    Republic of Texas era stagecoach stop with replica coach on display. In Anderson, the former town of Fanthorp. Hours: Wednesday through Sunday 9 to 4. 936-873-2633

  • Washington-on-the-Brazos State Park
    Six miles west of Navasota off hwy 105. Home of the recently redone Star of the Republic Museum with its open all year (except Christmas day) research library.

  • Painted Church in Plantersville, Texas
    St. Mary's Catholic Church
    12 1/2 miles E. on Hwy 105

  • Oakland Cemetery
    Historic Cemetery on 801 Sixth St.

  • Navasota TX Bank Building
    Bank Building
    107 W. Washington St.
    Recorded Texas Historic Landmark

    TE Photo, 2004

    Navasota TX Bank Teller window
    Bank teller window
    TE Photo, 2004
    More Texas Banks

    Navasota TX 111 Railroad Street
    111 Railroad Street
    TE Photo, 2004

    Navasota TX Cast Iron Corinthian Columns
    Cast Iron Corinthian Columns
    TE Photo, 2004

    Navasota TX Cast Iron Pullis Bros St. Louis
    Cast Iron by Pullis Bros St. Louis
    TE Photo, 2004

    Navasota TX Cast Iron Pullis Bros St. Louis
    Cast Iron by Pullis Bros St. Louis
    TE Photo, 2004

    Navasota TX Wood Factory
    The Giesel House
    113 Railroad St.

    TE Photo, 2004

    Navasota TX - Giesel House Historical Marker
    The Giesel House Historical Marker
    TE Photo, 2004

    Navasota TX - Cast Iron by Front Builders Mesker Bros. St. Louis
    Cast Iron by Front Builders Mesker Bros. St. Louis
    TE Photo, 2004

    Navasota TX - Cast Iron by Front Builders Mesker Bros. St. Louis
    More Cast Iron
    TE Photo, 2004

    Navasota TX - Masonic Lights
    Masonic Lights
    TE Photo, 2004

    Navasota TX - Masonic  Lodge Plate
    Masonic Sign
    TE Photo, 2004
    See Texas Lodges

    Navasota, Texas Millers Theater
    Navasota Texas downtown
    L - Millers Theater in Navasota TE photo
    R - Navasota street scene TE photo

    Navasota TX - Millers Theatre Neon Sign

    Millers Theatre Neon Sign
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, April 2012

    Navasota TX - Wood store window display
    Wood store window display
    TE Photo, 2004

    Navasota TX Weather Vane in Store Window
    Weather Vanes in store window
    TE Photo, 2004

    Navasota TX - Carnival Rides
    Carnival Rides
    TE Photo, 2004

    Navasota TX Feed Store & Grain Elevators
    Feed Store & Grain Elevators
    TE Photo, 2004
    More Texas Grain Elevators

    The 1902 Sangster House
    1113 E. Washington Ave
    Recorded Texas Historic Landmark

    Wikipedia Commons

    windows architectural detail
    Navasota architecture
    TE photo

    Navasota, Texas Vintage Photos

    Navasota TX Submarine
    Submarine in Navasota
    Photo courtesy Navasota City Manager

    Navasota TX - Young People 1930s
    Young people in the 1930s
    Photo courtesy Navasota City Manager

    Razed Architecture

    Navasota TX - City Hall c1930s
    Navasota City Hall, circa 1930s, later demolished
    Photo courtesy Navasota City Manager

    Navasota Texas city hall, demolished
    Navasota City Hall, razed 1958
    Photo courtesy Navasota Examiner

    Navasota Texas old jail, demolished
    Former Navasota Jail, razed, no date
    Photo courtesy Navasota City Manager

    More Razed in Texas

    Vintage Photos

    A Scenic Drive
    FM 1375 as a day trip / scenic drive from Houston.

    For a tranquil drive that you'll long remember, we'd suggest FM 1375 west from New Waverly on Hwy 45. This takes you through the Sam Houston National Forest with its lush fern undergrowth.

    FM 1375 will join Hwy 149 that will lead you to Anderson via the quaint, nearly forgotten village of Richards. Then Hwy 90 South less than 10 miles to Navasota.

    More Texas Scenic Drives
    Navasota Tourist Information

    Grimes County Chamber of Commerce
    1215 East Washington
    936-825-6600 or 800-252-6642

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    Mance Lipscomb by Clay Coppedge
    Songster and guitarist Mance Lipscomb spent most of his 80 years as a tenant farmer around Navasota, in Grimes County before becoming an overnight sensation when he was 65... more

    Joe Tex by Clay Coppedge
    "A singer that critic John Morthland of Texas Monthly called 'by far Texas' greatest contributor to soul music.' ...
    Joe Tex belongs, in the mind of most Texans, to either Baytown, where his music career began, or Navasota, where it ended." more

    La Salle and French Exploration in Early Texas by Jeffery Robenalt
    The explorer was assassinated somewhere in western Grimes County about twelve miles west of Navasota.

    Take a road trip

    Central Texas South

    Navasota, Texas Nearby Cities & Towns:
    Anderson the county seat
    Brenham | Hempstead | Bryan / College Station
    Conroe | Huntsville
    See Grimes County

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