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Hidalgo County TX
Hidalgo County

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Hidalgo County, South Texas

26 12' 59" N, 98 14' 11" W (26.216389, -98.236389)

Highway 83 (Old Military Road)
West of Highway 281
8 miles S of Edinburg the county seat
N of Hidalgo
N of Reynosa, Mexico
16 miles W of Weslaco
30 miles W of Harlingen
45 miles E of Rio Grande City
ZIP Codes 7850178504
Area code 956
Population: 142,210 (2020)
129,877 (2010) 106,414 (2000) 84,021 (1990)

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Rex Cafe mural, McAllen Texas
Photo courtesy Ken Rudine, March 2008.
More Murals

McAllen, Texas Topics

  • About McAllen, Texas
  • McAllen Street Name Trivia
  • McAllen Area State Parks, Nearby Destinations & Chamber of Commerce
  • McAllen Old Post Cards

  • For some reason, this town seems to stand out as the Hub of the Valley. West of here are the smaller towns that become known to true connoisseurs of the Valley. Edinburg is technically connected, but they haven't merged like Bryan-College Station although they might have by the time you read this. Traffic is noticeably more congested but still not as bad as back home. It's the only city we know where the busiest street is 10th. One has to feel for early residents who bought on this street thinking it would be far away from Main Street hustle and bustle.

    Since the tallest building in the Valley is here (visible from Mexico) it's not easy to get lost in McAllen. At the foot of this building is an arch from the old McAllen High School (NE corner of the parking lot).

    McAllen High School arch memorial, McAllen Texas
    The stone arch of the front of the McAllen High School preserved at the corner of 12th street and Austin Ave.
    Photo courtesy Ken Rudine, March 2008
    See Texas Schoolhouses

    Other outstanding architectural points of interest include the old Southern Pacific Railroad Station on Bicentennial. After passenger service dropped off, the building has been vacant, has headquartered the Police and other city departments, and is currently home to a law firm.

    To show their appreciaton of their winter guests, McAllen has monthly picnics honoring them state by state. A few Iowans have been known to show up at the Illinois picnic, but this was only in retaliation for the ugly 1938 incident which we will not discuss here.

    John Troesser

    McAllen Street Names:

  • Street Name Trivia by Joe Foster
    "A set of McAllen avenues are named alphabetically for trees..., flowers, and birds..." more

  • Subject: Addition to "Street Name Trivia" for McAllen
    Please add the following to "Street Name Trivia" for McAllen by Joe Foster.

    McAllen is one of the easiest towns to navigate. The town plat was based on the railroad and the canal. Old Business 83 paralleled the East/West railroad. Per Joe Foster, the streets north of the railroad were named alphabetically after trees, flowers and birds. South of the railroad streets were alphabetically named for towns and girls' names. If a Texas town was not available, the planners went outside the state. So ... Austin, Beaumont, Chicago, Dallas, Erie, Fresno, Galveston, Houston, Ithica, Jackson, Kennedy, Lindberg, Mobile, Newport, Oakland, Portland, Quebec, Richmond, Savannah, Toronto, Uvalde, Vermont, Victoria, Wichita, Yuma, Zion.

    The next set started as Aztec, Balboa, Cortez, Diaz, and El Rancho but stopped.

    Another list started when McAllen expanded to the south: Agusta, Balboa, Covina, Daytona, Elmira, Francisca, Gloria, Helena, Idela, Judith, Katrina, Lucille, Melba, Norma, Olga, Paula, Queta, Rosalva, Sarah, Tanya, Teresa, Ursula, Vanessa, Wanda.

    The numerical streets that run North and South started with 1st (east of the canal) and 2nd (west of the canal). Numbers were added as McAllen grew to the West. They stopped when they reached the neighboring towns of Sharyland or Mission. The open canal was eventually enclosed. Also, 13th is Broadway and 14th is Main Street. - Ella Aubin, January 12, 2012
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    El Rey Theatre in McAllen, Texas
    El Rey Theatre
    Photo courtesy Ken Rudine, March 2008
    More Texas Theatres

    McAllen Texas Bulldogs water tower
    Photo courtesy Ken Rudine, March 2008
    More Texas Water Towers

    McAllen Texas Natural Attractions

  • Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park

  • Boca Chica State Park

    McAllen Nearby Destinations
  • Hwy 281 North 8 mile to Edinburg.
  • Hwy 83 East 15 miles to Weslaco, another 19 miles to Harlingen
  • Hwy 83 West 45 miles to Roma, via Mission, Rio Grande City, and don't miss the hand-operated ferry in Los Ebanos.
  • Just a few miles south of McAllen is Hidalgo, where you can cross the border to visit Reynosa in Mexico.

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    McAllen Chamber of Commerce 1-800-250-2591
    10 North Broadway.
    For our readers that are interested in Demographics (and who isn't) the chamber has a US Map in lieu of a guest book. Visitors are encouraged to insert a map tack into their city of origin.
  • Gargoyle in McAllen, Texas
    Even gargoyles are colorful in McAllen
    This one adorns a former Elementary School

    TE photo

    McAllen, Texas
    Vintage Postcard Images

    City of Palms, McAllen, Texas
    "City of Palms"
    McAllen, Texas

    Postcard courtesy rootsweb.com/
    ~txgenweb// postcards/Index.html
    1922 Main Street, McAllen, Texas
    Main Street, McAllen, Texas, 1922
    Postcard courtesy rootsweb.com/
    ~txgenweb// postcards/Index.html
    Main Street, McAllen, Texas
    1940s Main Street, McAllen, Texas
    Postcard courtesy rootsweb.com/
    ~txgenweb// postcards/Index.html
    McAllen, Texas street scene showing theatre
    McAllen, Texas street scene
    Postcard courtesy rootsweb.com/
    ~txgenweb// postcards/Index.html
    US Post Office, McAllen, Texas
    U.S. Post Office
    Postcard courtesy rootsweb.com/
    ~txgenweb// postcards/Index.html

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    South Texas

    McAllen, Texas Nearby Towns:
    Edinburg the county seat
    See Hidalgo County

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