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Featured Historic Trips

  • San Antonio Missions (World Heritage Site) by Byron Browne

  • The Texas State Railroad and Texas Forest Trail by John Troesser

  • The Texas State Railroad by Archie McDonald (All Things Historical)

  • Goliad, and Goliad State Historic Sites

  • Gonzales: Come and Enjoy It

  • The Road to Independence

  • The Painted Churches Tour -
    The painted churches of Fayette County

  • El Camino Real by Archie McDonald (All Things Historical)
    AKA The King's Highway, Texas 21, Old Spanish Trail, and the Old San Antonio Road

  • Mackenzie Trail by Clay Coppedge
    "A number of towns have claimed portions of the Mackenzie Trail as their own, and most of them probably have a right to do so....
    The best of what's left of the Mackenzie Trail today is probably on private property. You're near it when you're at the intersection of U.S. 277 and Texas 6 in Stamford, where a monument tells you the trail ran a little north of there. The trail also ran between Dickens and Spur, so when you're on parts of U.S. Highway 82 from Dickens to Lubbock you're probably following Mackenzie's path pretty closely."

  • The Pinta Trail "Hindsights" column by Michael Barr

  • Trammel's Trace by Clay Coppedge
    Trammel's Trace started (or ended) at what is now East Main Street in Nacogdoches and took North Street through what is now Mount Enterprise, then north between current Rusk and Panola Counties and across the Sabine River near Tatum. From there the road jogged north through Marshall and Jefferson, crossing the Sulphur River at Stephenson's and Epperson's Ferry.

  • The Alamo (World Heritage Site)
    Site of the 1836 Battle of the Alamo
  • Bankhead
  • America's Broadway by Clay Coppedge
    Bankhead Highway

  • Bankhead Highway by Frank R. Brown
  • Great Western Trail by Barclay Gibson
  • International Boundary
  • A Unique Historical Landmark by Bob Bowman
    A granite shaft set into the ground on April 23, 1841, marks the only international boundary existing within the continental United States.
    Farm Road 31 between Deadwood, Texas, and Logansport, Louisiana
  • Wild Rose Pass
    The two mile-long pass ranges from 4,320 feet to 4,546 feet above sea level.
    Texas Legend Bigfoot Wallace, who once carried mail by foot from San Antonio to El Paso later drove a stagecoach along the Skillman mail route which included the pass.
  • Larissa
  • Larissa
    Cherokee County Ghost town
    Site of the Killough Massacre

  • Texas Historic Travel by Theme

  • Texas Courthouses - of 254 counties

  • Texas Jails

  • Texas Historic Trees

  • Texas Forts

  • Texas Towns - The illustrated stories of every town in Texas (Over 3300 towns included so far) . The people, buildings, and histories that when put together explain why Texas is like no place else.

  • Texas Ghost Towns (Over 1000) - Think of them as open-air museums; a weatherbeaten and unvarnished look at the way we were.

  • Texas State & National Parks - Including many historic sites.

  • WWII - POW Camps

  • WWII - Memorials

  • Centennial
  • TEXAS CENTENNIAL by Sarah Reveley

  • Featured Texas Historic Destinations:

    Sabine Pass
  • Sabine Pass:
    The Town, Battlefield and Cemetery
  • Fort Concho
    The best preserved of the chain of forts across Texas. Twenty-three buildings on 40 acres make up this National Historic Landmark.
  • A Monument to the Killough Massacre
    by Mitchel Whitington
    from "Ghosts of East Texas and the Pineywoods"
  • From Bugs Bunny to Sam Houston by Clay Coppedge
    "If you're the type of motorist who doesn't mind stopping every few miles to read a brief tidbit of history by the side of the road you can put together a pretty fair sketchbook of Texas history just from the historical markers scattered all over the state."

  • A Tour of Dog-Trots by Bob Bowman
    If you’re a fan of dog-trot houses--and know what they are--here is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. The SFA Gardens of Stephen F. Austin State University will host a tour of two historic Shelby County dog-trot homes...

  • The Runestone by Bob Bowman
    "East Texans willing to take the time to drive about 100 miles into eastern Oklahoma will be rewarded with a centuries-old mystery."

  • Battleship Texas

  • Sam Rayburn's Home by Bob Bowman
    "A visit to Bonham should start with a stop at the Sam Rayburn House Museum on U.S. Highway 82 on the west side of town."

  • San Jacinto Battleground / Monument State Historic Site

  • Return to San Jacinto after 67 Years by Ken Rudine

  • Texas State Cemetery, "The Arlington of Texas", Austin

  • Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historical Park

  • Monument Hill State Historical Park

  • The Temple to the Brave, Beaumont, Texas

  • La Lomita Chapel

  • Texas Territorial Compromise of 1850

  • Stagecoach to the Rio Grande
    "Of 31 stagelines in Confederate Texas (hauling mail, soldiers, civilians), no other was more vital nor more interesting to travel than this through Paso Real."
  • The Chisholm Trail Rides Again by Clay Coppedge
    Anyone wanting to follow the Old Chisholm Trail through Bell County would find part of the quest relatively easy, at least as easy as driving on IH-35. The old trail roughly paralleled the Interstate from Salado to Belton. After that following the old trail might get a little trickier, though anyone who spends much time here passes or crosses it many more times than they could ever know... more
  • Trip #94
  • Tag Along with Barclay on Texas Photography Trip #94 by Barclay Gibson
  • Trip #94 conclusion
  • The Conclusion to my “Tag Along with Barclay on Texas Photography Trip #94 Story” by Barclay Gibson
  • Grave marker
  • Finding the Polancio Grave Marker by Barclay Gibson
    Back in the 1870s a stage was attacked by Indians and a man, Jose Maria Palacios, was killed. He was buried right where he fell, at the base of the Peak and a crude rock slab had the information scratched on it...

  • National Scenic Drives
  • Camino Real National Scenic Byway by Delbert Trew
    The old road "Camino Real" or Royal Road may not be the oldest road in America but was completed in 1598... It begins at the San Juan Pueblo in northern New Mexico, goes 400 miles south to El Paso then on another 1,200 miles to Mexico City. The U.S. designated it a National Scenic Byway...

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