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"Don't just stand there, preserve something!"

  • Texas Courthouses
    Past and Present
    Demolished or Restored
    Vintage and contemporary photos and postcards
  • Centennial
  • Texas Centennial Index by Sarah Reveley
    During the 1936 Texas Centennial celebration, the state built memorial museums, restored historical structures, improved parks, erected statues of important Texans, and installed over 1,000 historical markers.
  • This ongoing project will examine the extant Centennial projects and include the stories behind them.

    Texas Preservation

  • Zedler's Mills
    Photos Courtesy Sarah Reveley, Justin Parson, Barclay Gibson and Chia-Wei Wang

  • Sebastopol
  • Sebastopol House by Mike Cox
    A limecrete Structure in Seguin
    National Register of Historic Places
    Recorded Texas Historic Landmark

  • The First Fayette County Library
    aka The Judge Stiehl House
    A small fachwerk cottage, 1852

  • Saving the Pearl in Johnson City by Michael Barr

  • Choate
  • Love in the Ruins - Choate School Photos courtesy Shannon Grayson

  • Wedemeyer
  • Belton - Wedemeyer Home/Academy
    Recorded Texas Historic Landmark
    National Register of Historic Places

  • School
  • Longview - Judge J. N. Campbell Homeby Maryanne Gobble
    On Texas' Most Endangered List

  • Concord Rosenwald School by Maryanne Gobble

  • neglected
  • Taken For Granite - Our Neglected 1936 Texas Centennial by Sarah Reverley 1-28-11

  • Extinction
  • History On The Brink Of Extinction by Dana Goolsby
    Biological minor heirs to the property, as well as their guardian would like the property to be obtained by the Historical Commission in order to salvage their family history, as well as some of East Texas' oldest history.

  • Shiloh School
  • Shiloh Schoolhouse by Maryanne Gobble

  • Cabin
  • The Brock Cabin in Lockhart by Jeffery Robenalt

  • Slaton Harvey House Photos courtesy Barlcay Gibson

  • Donley County Courthouse
  • Donley County Courthouse Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson & Donley County Judge's Office 5-22-10

  • Hill Country Schoolhouse Preservation: 12 Gillespie County Schools are Recognized – Not for Achievement, but Survival 1-18-10

  • The Rebirth of the Kay by Chris Adams 12-24-09

  • The Rebirth of the Pines by Chris Adams 11-7-09
    Lufkin's beautiful renovation of the 1925 moderne, single-screen Pines Theater

  • Rains County Courthouse by Terry Jeanson 11-16-09
    Restored and Rededicated
  • 1911 McKinney Post Office 11-24-09

  • Humble
  • San Antonio Humble Gas Station Wins National 'This Place Matters' Contest Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson 11-4-09

  • Jarrett Schoolhouse Photos courtesy William Beauchamp 11-5-09

  • Unveiling
  • Unveiling in San Antonio
    Bronze Goes Green without Verdigris
    Bexar County Triumphs Over Vandals
    by Terry Jeanson

  • Saving Sallie's Home by Bob Bowman
    The proud old house looked as if it might fall down. Turkey vultures perched on its roof like sinister messengers of doom.

  • Portland Cement Plant
  • First Portland Cement Plant, San Antonio
    Photos courtesy Stephen Michaels

  • Sunken Garden Amphitheatre, San Antonio
    Photos courtesy Justin Parr & Sarah Reveley

  • Santo old High School 7-28-09
    Photos courtesy Mike Price

  • Five Buildings of San Antonio
    The Star, the Pig, the Dealership, the Icehouse and the Chinese Grocery
    Photos by Mel Brown, Sarah Reveley and Jacinto Guevara

  • Savior
  • Courthouse Savior
    by Terry Jeanson
    Persistence and Tenacity Preserves Blanco Landmark
    JoNell Haas and The 1885 former Blanco County courthouse

  • San Antonio's Roatzsch-Griesenbeck House
    by Johnny Stucco
    A Survival Story
    Carpenter's Cottage Thumbs it's Chimney at the Alamodome

  • Bob's Oil Derrick Service Station, Matador
    by Wes Reeves

  • The Worthington National Bank
    Fort Worth's Burk Burnett Building
  • Bexar County's Old Rock House Endangered by the Trans Texas Corridor by Analiese Kunert

  • The Rufus F. Hardin School
    Photos courtesy Jason Grant

  • Crosbyton's Prairie Ladies Inn
    Texas historic landmark. Originally the Crosbyton Inn (1908), the area's first hotel.

  • Firestone Service Building & Smith-Swinney Motor Company Building by Sam Fenstermacher
    Saved building faces another with an uncertain fate.
  • FDR and Nine Acres by Bob Bowman
    "With luck -- and an infusion of funds -- a historic Kilgore home built in the 1930s could be on its way to regaining its stature as one of East Texas’ most interesting homes."

  • The Gus Cranz Mansion, Schulenburg, Texas, ca 1874
    by John Troesser. Photos courtesy Roy Saffel & the Cranz Family
    Fine old-world craftsmanship

  • The Tyler Depot by Bob Bowman
    On June 4, 2005, a city-wide celebration unveiled a plaque that establishes the depot as a National Historic Landmark.
  • Haunting Photos of the Baker Hotel
    Courtesy of Jason Grant & The Nostalgic Glass

  • Cistern Schoolhouse
    Photos by John Troesser

  • The First Fayette County Library
    aka the Judge Stiehl House
    by Johnny Stucco
    Photos by John Troesser

  • Memories of the Hall County Courthouse by Wes Reeves

  • The "Red River Plunge" Bridge of Bonnie & Clyde
    On the National Register, threatened with demolition by TXDOT.
    Photo by Wes Reeves

  • The Endangered Spring Creek Bridge of Ellis County
    Letter from Joe Bento, Ellis County Resident

  • San Angelo’s (Semi-) Old Five-and-Dime
    by Audrey A. Herbrich

  • Hotel McCartney -
    A Look Inside Texarkana's Ten-Story Ghost

    Photos by Ken Rudine and Officer Grant Gildon

  • Texarkana's McCartney Hotel
    Photos and Notes by Jimmy Ramsey

  • Hotels Marshall Under Renovation
    Photos and Notes by Jimmy Ramsey

  • Little Tee Pee(s) on the Prairie by Johnny Stucco
    Photos courtesty Ken Rudine & Blue Dolphin Investments LP
    "This is the biggest news in Wharton County in years. It's bigger than the night they burned the wooden sidewalks on the square and certainly bigger than the night they cut down the sycamore trees on the courthouse lawn. It might even be considered a tie with the time Sheriff Buckshot Lane burned the state highway bridge."

  • Perfect Worlds by Dwight Young
    Donna Reed and the Granada Theater in Plainview, Texas
    "... I’m glad they’re memorializing Donna Reed by restoring an old movie house. Escape is essential now and then, but it’s hard to find it in a shoebox-sized theater with a name like Asphalt Gardens Shopping Plaza Multiplex Cinema 17. We need to save lots of Palaces and Rialtos and Majestics – and Granadas...."

  • Sagging Symbols by Dwight Young
    "In the midst of the vast, windswept West Texas landscape, the courthouse was the architectural paperweight that kept the town from blowing away. ... [It] offered tangible evidence that our town was here to stay and that the residents were a civilized lot who knew what a public building ought to look like."

  • Goliad County Bridge Available for Adoption
    "Looking for a good home"
    Bridge and photos courtesy Glen L. Baecker

  • Lost Buildings of the "Macaroni" Railroad in Inez
    Photos and text by Sara Duncan
    Railroad laborers' cabins near Victoria, Texas

  • How to Demolish a Texas Courthouse in 14 Days
    Photos courtesy texasoldphotos.com

  • Fayette County Courthouse restoration
  • Maverick County Courthouse Restoration -
    Snapshots of the progress as of May, 2004

  • Fayette County Courthouse - Restoration Progress as of July 2004 - A photo essay by John Troesser 7-23-04

  • Hill County Courthouse by Sam Fenstermacher 7-12-04

  • Buildings inside buildings
  • Buildings inside Buildings
    by John Troesser 4-21-04
    Little Church in the Warehouse (Fort Worth)
    The Siddon-Barnes Log Cabin, Chico, Texas
    History in the Hotel Lobby, Austin, Texas

  • DeMorse home, Clarksville, Texas
  • The Editor's Home by Bob Bowman
    The Red River County Historical Society has embarked on a $1 million fundraising effort that could lead to the restoration of the early Greek revival home as an educational museum of early Texas architecture and the remarkable life of Colonel DeMorse. more
    Photo courtesy Robin Jett

  • Granbury Opera House by Joan Upton Hall
    "Inside, period chandeliers and wall sconces light the auditorium. Exposed stone walls, original doors, molding, white-painted balcony rails, and authentic needlepoint seats evoke the 1886 atmosphere of the theatre’s birth..."
    "Its preservation “just in the nick of time” was perhaps what united the town."
  • Austin's Moonlight Towers by Johnny Stucco
    Officially recognized as state archeological landmarks in 1970
    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976
    "... In the entire United States, only Austin has surviving examples of this type of lighting system that was once popular in many U.S. cities during the late 1800s....." more
  • Ritz Theatre in Wellington
  • Hill County Courthouse Text & photos by Sam Fenstermacher
    The Hill County Courthouse was destroyed by fire on the night of January 1, 1993. The destruction was nearly complete. All that remained standing was the four limestone walls... Today, the Hill County Courthouse is again perfect in nearly every detail. more
  • Saving Sallie's Home by Bob Bowman
    The proud old house looked as if it might fall down. Turkey vultures perched on its roof like sinister messengers of doom.
  • Kyle: Growing with Thought by Veranda Mansard
    With all that's going wrong in the world of development - it's nice to know that something is going right.
  • Ghost Signs in Texas by John Troesser
    Faded reminders of (usually) defunct products painted on the fronts and sides of buildings in small towns and large cities all across the country...
  • Outhouses by Bob Bowman
    The old-fashioned outhouse, which served thousands of rural East Texans before indoor bathrooms became affordable, has again become fashionable, but not as a working privy. It is showing up in historical displays, as art and in advertisements.
  • Circuit Board Fragments on Pine Needles - February 2003
    Personal Observations on the Search for Columbia Debris By Gary McK

    Gary McKee's observations of the search in East Texas for debris from the Space Shuttle Columbia. It's the type of quality first-hand reporting that seldom gets into print.
  • The Bathhouse that Wouldn't Die
    Reader's Comment : I enjoyed your piece on the Luling Bathhouse. I had no idea all that history was there. - Chandra Beal, author of "Splash Across Texas"
  • Temple, Texas downtown linked façades
  • Temple - Santa Fe Depot Railroad and Heritage Museum
  • New Braunfels Faust Street Bridge c.1887 over the Guadalupe River.
  • Honey Grove pocket park
  • Restoring Two Old Reds by Bob Bowman
    "A couple of grand old ladies, both with identical nicknames, are getting facelifts on different ends of East Texas.........."
  • Paper Cuts & County Lines - Adopt-A-Map
  • A Bridge Too Near
  • The Buda Taxi
  • Preserved Building; Fresh Food - The Collin County Prison as Restaurant

  • Losses

    La Grange Fire
  • Hollywood Soot by Audrey A. Herbrich
    Photos by Boyd Photography, La Grange
    The fire in La Granger - "The north wind—unusually strong this March—carried the voices from those gathered below to me, and I could hear their whispers and gasps. And it wasn’t the ablaze Botts Title Company that trumped the conversation, or the equally ablaze China Inn Restaurant, Bertie’s Barbershop, or the income tax lawyer’s office. No, it was the Cozy Theater, slotted between Bertie’s on the left and the JC Penney catalog store on the right."
  • Fire on the Snyder Town Square - February 2003
    Photos by Charlene Beauchamp and Christopher Kelly
    Text from various reports
    The loss of a 1905 building on the Snyder, Texas courthouse square.

  • Related Categories

  • Razed in Texas - A reminder of our lost architectural heritage 
    Through images of buildings that are no more
  • Texas Architecture
  • Texas Towns ( and small town architecture )

  • Preservation / Restoration Outside of Texas

  • Lake Wales, Florida's Dixie Walesbilt / Grand Hotel 2-24-11
    The “Green Monster” of Lake Wales
  • "Astoria Station" of Dawson, Minnesota
    Restored 1928 Sinclair Station Appreciated by Townspeople
    Photos courtesy Shari Aabye




















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