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Texas Love Stories

"By all means, marry.
If you marry a good woman you will be happy.
If you marry a bad woman you will become a philosopher."
- Socrates

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  • Langtry: A West Texas Love Story by Michael Barr
  • Loving County Seat - Mentone, Texas - With a historic chapel
  • Valentine, Texas
    How to Send Your Valentine a Valentine from Valentine for Valentine's Day
  • Mother Neff State Park by Clay Coppedge
    "It's especially popular with couples who want to say "I do" amid the oak, elm, juniper and cottonwood trees near the banks of the Leon River. The park is the setting for about 30 weddings a year."
  • Love's Lookout by Bob Bowman
    Perched atop a scenic forested ridge beside U.S. Highway 69 north of Jacksonville, Love's Lookout offers perhaps the grandest view in East Texas.
  • Speer Chapel
  • Longview's Historic Speer Chapel
  • Ghost Town Honeymoon Or Lunamiel en el Rio Frio
    Story and Photographs by Josa Combs
  • Zilker Park, Austin Texas
    "The park is the site of numerous baptisms, weddings, and memorial services."

  • Weddings & Elopements


  • Funerals have changed, but this wedding was old-timey by Delbert Trew
    In the early days of my youth all my country neighbors and friends had a "funeral suit" or dress hanging in the closet. Bought and kept for that purpose, it showed utmost respect for the deceased when worn at a funeral...
  • Common Scents: Why Brides Carry Bouquets by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Everybody loves a bride. Why, women love to see one almost as much as we love to be one, especially a June bride...
  • Indian Stories by Mike Cox
    Shortly before the Civil War, Indians nearly spoiled a wedding...
  • Early settlers threw mega-wedding by Delbert Trew
    Strict, religious Mexican laws allowed for unusual ceremony
    There was a time in Texas history when our grand state still belonged to Mexico, where the law required all Colonists to adopt the Catholic faith to become Mexican citizens... Complicating the problem, only marriages performed by a Catholic priest were recognized...
  • The Tailor and the Hideaway Bride: The man who kept his wife in stitches
  • The Bride, He Wore White by John Troesser
    Or How Men Wed in 1953 Waco
  • Right lubrication greases squeakiest of wheels by Delbert Trew
    Many classic Old West tales are similar in plot but different in location. The following tale has been told many times with the same plot but featuring different ranches, different characters and different tunes. The original story is probably true, but where it happened is anybody's guess. Our version here supposedly happened on the famed XIT Ranch...
  • For Better or Worse by Louise George
    In their own words some of yesterday’s brides tell about their weddings and the early days of their marriages. Texas Panhandle in the early 1900s.
  • Drive-up Wedding 1906
  • May 31, 1919: Bomber Wedding Cartoon by Roger T. Moore

    Humor / Contemporary

  • Sabotage by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
  • MOB vs. MOG by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
  • Wedding Nightmare by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
  • Wedding Belles by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal

  • Romance

  • Valentine’s Day by Mike Cox
    Must have been around Valentine’s Day in 1877 when a young man named Donaho took pen in hand to write a love letter to his sweetheart in Dallas...
  • A Texas-Norwegian-German Valentine
    'No Person Shall Put Asunder' by Benard Burson - A synopsis
  • Speak for yourself, Robert by Archie P. McDonald
    Sam Houston was a man of many loves...
  • Love Letter from an Outlaw by Mike Cox
    An outlaw's love letter in 1878
  • Pirate chieftain Jean Laffite and Polly Crow
  • The Espersons - The "Mr. and Mrs. Esperson Buildings".
  • Lillian by George Lester
    "Probably every boy has had a crush on a girl who didn't even know he was alive. It happened to me."
  • Romance at Spunky Flat or Little Schoolhouse in the Cotton Field
  • St. Valentine And The Year Of The Tiger by Britt Towery
  • Romance at the Mailboxes

  • Marriage


  • Robert and Harriet Potter by Archie P. McDonald
  • A German Love Story by Michael Barr
    Friedrich and Emma Schnerr of Fredericksburg, and a tombstone by Elisabet Ney
  • Love in the Time of Diphtheria by Luke Warm
    The Haunting of Liendo Plantation, “Miss” Elisabet Ney and Dr. Edmund Montgomery

  • Relationship Status: It's Complicated or Killer Soup by Mike Cox
  • King Ranch Cartoon by Roger T. Moore
  • The three-hour Texas Ranger by Mike Cox
  • Grandma Barnett Pioneer Woman by Mike Cox
    19th century Texas - A short courtship, a long marriage and 11 children
  • Love on the Frontier by Mike Cox
    The lanky young ranger faced a tough choice, worse than life or death: Turn in his badge or lose the woman he loved.
  • Widows by Death by Mike Cox
    In the summer of 1915, when it cost just two cents to send a letter anywhere in the United States or its territorities, the following piece of mail arrived at the offices of the Cattleman Magazine in Fort Worth...
  • A stitch in time saved 9 in a girl's hope chest by Delbert Trew
    In the American early South, young maidens were expected to know how to sew and do embroidery in order to be classed as ladies or experienced homemakers. Decorating with embroidery added class. Suitors were often shown the results of efforts made by maidens enhancing their values as prospective wives...
  • Ida Lee by C. F. Eckhardt
    On March 21, 1924, Mrs. Ida Lee Daughtery of Hall, Texas, died. She was a woman of some reputation—not as a ‘soiled dove,’ but as a devoted wife.
  • Post-San Jacinto Marriage Traditions in Texas by C. F. Eckhardt
    In 1837, but just for a short time, any man who had served honorably in the Texian army in 1836 was entitled to a full league of land—over 4000 acres—but only if he was married...
  • An Introduction of Two Persons
    From "The Americanization of Edward Bok: The Autobiography of a Dutch Boy Fifty Years After"
    “Make the world a bit more beautiful and better because you have been in it.”
  • Belle Christmas by Mike Cox
    No matter how she came to be called Belle Christmas, she had a reputation as a local character long before someone dreamed up the “Keep Austin Weird” bumper sticker...
  • Doe and a Bride by Mike Cox
    Anyone accidentally walking up on the young couple sitting on a wagon tongue near Brushy Creek outside Round Rock that day would have realized they discussed something very important. Indeed, their topic had to do with the rest of their lives.
  • Transitions by Mike Cox
    When you take time to think about it, everything in life is in a state of transition. Back in 1921, a young Methodist preacher assigned to the vastness of the South Plains approached a major transition – the adjustment from single life to being married...
  • Reconstruction Valentine by Mike Cox
    In modern chick-flick speak, Ansel "Hance" McKinney must have had a "fear of commitment." Before marching off to fight for the South at the beginning of the Civil War, the 23-year-old Goliad County cattleman gave a ring to his younger sweetheart, 15-year-old Martha Campbell...
  • Pila Blanca - Cowboy & the rancher's daughter
  • The Brides Wore Black by Raoul Hashimoto
    The Wends in Texas

  • Marriage


  • Parenting In The Age Of Social Media by Taylor Kovar 3-27-23
  • Navigating Divorce and Dollars by Taylor Kovar 3-21-23
  • Prepping for Holiday Spending by Taylor Kovar 11-8-22
  • Should We Merge Bank Accounts? by Taylor Kovar 11-1-22
  • What expenses should I cut to save for overdue honeymoon by Taylor Kovar 5-11-22
  • How to Navigate Money with Your In-Laws by Taylor Kovar 5-4-22
  • Preparing for the costs of having a baby by Taylor Kovar 11-1-21

    Humor / Opinion

  • A lifetime case of the girl crazies by Jase Graves 1-10-22
  • Love, and How To Say It by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • I Hate Valentine's Day by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • How to Deal With a Contractor If You're a Single Woman by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Lord help me if I’ve ever got to live by myself by Peary Perry
    Having spent a few days these past weeks with some of my bachelor friends I can safely say that this type of life is not good for them and I’m certain for me. I don’t think I would survive for very long in that kind of an environment. I need help. I need help all of the time...
  • Shoes by Peary Perry
    I’d like to discuss another subject which I believe proves up one of the fundamental differences between men and women. Shoes...
  • I Fear That My Wife Is Insane by Byron Browne
    I fear that my wife is insane. There can be no other reason for her continued presence here in our home. Any rational, right-thinking person would have been packed and gone months ago. Yet, she stays and even finds a way to maintain a smile on that marvelous, olive-skinned countenance of hers...
  • Holiday Season by Peary Perry
    Anyone who has had married children or in laws of their own should be able to identify with what I’m about to say. This time of the year (the holiday season) puts an enormous amount of stress on family relationships...
  • Nine Phrases Women Use by Peary Perry
    I promise that this will be the last article I write about my youngest son getting married...
  • Battle of the sexes by Peary Perry
    Anyone who has been married as long as I have can certainly relate to what I am about to say. It really makes little difference how long you have been married, there are always going to be daily challenges to your relationship...
  • Father-Son Talk by Peary Perry
    Our youngest son is getting married in a few weeks.
  • Men Watch Survivorman, Women Watch Holmes on Homes by Peary Perry
    I wonder if anyone has performed an extensive study on how television has changed marriages over the past fifty years...
  • Special Occasion by Peary Perry
  • Keepsakes? by Peary Perry
    I’m beginning to think the nomads and the Mongols had the best approach…..throw everything away….keep nothing but what you need to feed yourself and your clothes.
  • What happened after the move by Peary Perry
    Anyone who has been married for any length of time can identify with what I am about to say...
  • How Women Think or How They Don’t Think by Peary Perry
    Once you’re married, she’ll begin to collect and save things you cannot begin to imagine. You give her a Valentines Day card? She’ll save it. Birthday cards? Never thrown away. Mothers Day cards? She’ll keep them until she dies and then they’ll pass onto someone else, God only knows who...
  • Moving by Peary Perry
    After nearly twenty months we have finally sold our home and will be moving in a week or so. I say a week or so, because it isn’t me that is in charge of this move. It’s my wife...
  • Happy Trails by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
    By the time you read this I will be a long gone baby! Our vacation, the first in two years (two really awful years, if you want to know), will be well underway...
  • “I Now Thee Wed”, Half a Century Later…. by N. Ray Maxie
    FLASHBACK TO 1957….. We, the 1957 McLeod Longhorn seniors, each and everyone had our head full of dreams, all twenty-one of us. Life was new and fresh for this small group of eighteen-year-old wannabes...
  • A Blessed Event by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
    This week Mike and I have had a taste of what it is going to be like when our empty nest is truly and finally empty...
  • Delicious Crow by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
    I flipped out this weekend. I lost my temper and I told my husband everything - and I mean every single thing - that I was thinking...
  • Subtext by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
    We have... evolved a different way of expressing our irritation. When we are stressed out by circumstances, tired, down-trodden and cranky we do not throw dishes or scream, "I hate you, ya big poo- head." ... Instead we have subtexts...
  • The Truth About Love by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
    Here it is, the truth about love. Some of you know it already. Some of you will read it and scoff. "Ha!" you will say, "what does she know about it? Obviously nothing! She knows nothing about love, real love, true love." I can hear you saying that now. And I have to tell you two things...
  • Man Should Not Live Alone by Peary Perry
    As I recall somewhere it is written, "Man should not live alone." I don't remember if this is in the bible or some other place, but as whoever wrote it (God?) was a really smart fellow, or person (to be gender sensitive)...
  • Men I Wanted to Marry by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
  • Home Improvement by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
    "It is the strong marriage that survives each spring without a tremor or two."
  • Butter Manners by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
    "The women in our family can be as sweet and mild as milk through all kinds of adversity. But everyone has their breaking point..."
  • Love is in the Hair by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
    "In the early years of our marriage, romance was a challenge... "
  • Two addendums to vows help marriage to last by Delbert Trew
    "Unlike the Ten Commandments, which were chiseled in stone to prevent erasure or change, marriage vows are merely spoken. This allows these sacred promises to be forgotten, ignored, misunderstood, changed or deleted by the modern-day theory of "doing whatever feels good at the moment." ...
  • ‘Harmful to Marriage' Questions by Peary Perry
    "A question such as this requires extreme diplomacy, tact and sensitivity training to answer properly. Having said that, let me add… give it up you and I don’t have the ability to do this. If you can, run…."
  • 50-50 VS 110% by Peary Perry
    "Marriage is not all wine and roses, sometimes its vinegar and weeds."
  • Fayetteville Photographer William Tauch

  • Doomed
    "To love and win is the best thing; to love and lose the next best."
    - William Makepeace Thackeray.
  • Peter Berg Hermit of the Hills by Michael Barr
    The story of Peter Berg and his sweetheart ranks right up there with Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra and Brad and Jenn on the list of the most timeless and tragic love stories ever told.
  • He Done Her Wrong: The Sad Case of Mrs. Harriet Moore Page Potter Ames by Archie McDonald
  • Jersey Lilly and Judge Roy Bean by Mike Cox
  • "Brown-eyed Lee" by Mike Cox
  • Memories of What Might Have Been by Mike Cox
    After taking one final look at the still form of his mother, Clifton Maxey Cobb discretely pulled the old letter from his coat pocket and placed it inside her casket. Later that December day following the services, funeral home workers covered her grave, the last chapter of a love story dating back to Reconstruction.
  • Six Degrees of Separation, or, How a Mexican Star Became a Cajun Legend by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Evangeline and Gabriel
  • Pansy by Mike Cox
    Though her looks could have given her a shot at Hollywood, Pansy opted for the circus world. She and her husband had a trapeze act in a traveling show. They drew big crowds and made good money. All that changed in a moment. ...
  • A Gruesome Prophecy Tattooed on a Soldier’s Breast
  • Indian Emily by Mike Cox
    One of the most romantic stories in the lore of the Old West originated at Fort Davis. The tale has been told and retold in all media. It’s the story of Indian Emily and goes like this: In the late 1860s, an Apache female fell wounded in a skirmish between cavalry troops stationed at Fort Davis and her band....
  • The White Lady of Rio Frio by Linda Kirkpatrick
    The love triangle of Gregorio, Maria and Anselmo
  • Schulenburg's Heartbreak Hotel
  • Leaping Lovers by Mike Cox
    Knowing their love can never be, the young couple stare at the swirling river far below. One last kiss, and then, holding hands, they leap off the cliff, united forever in death - and legend.
    Texas has at least four landmarks known as Lover's Leaps ...
  • Metheglin Creek by Clay Coppedge
    How the creek got its name
  • Old Buddy George by George Lester
  • Where are you Benny Goodenberger? by Perry Peary
    In his last letter, he wrote ”Mom, I am worried about this trip…if, by chance anything should happen to me, there is this girl, Benny Goodenberger, in …………, and I’d like you to tell her what happened to me.”
  • Not all ghosts are dead by Mike Cox

  • What

  • The Wedding Oak, San Saba, Texas
  • A Valentine Story by Mel Brown
    Story of a Valentine balloon...
  • Crane
  • Sandhill Crane by Bonnie Wroblewski
    Honored as symbols of marital fidelity and conjugal bliss throughout Southeast Asia, the native cultures of India, and Japan (where it is customary to adorn wedding gifts with folded origami cranes in place of ribbons and bows), gruids have a celebrated reputation for monogamy in folklore as well as in scientific investigations.

  • Issues

  • Harvard Strangles First Amendment
    ... and what women really want by Maggie Van Ostrand

  • About

  • What Do Women Want? Don't Ask Freud, Ask a Woman by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Love Never Dies - The Rainbow Is a Two-Way Bridge by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • A Valentine's Day Love Story by Barbara Duvall Wesolek
  • When a Hanging Goes Wrong by Mike Cox
  • Bureaucratic Mutilations in Spanish Goliad or "Can You Hear Me Now?" by Mike Cox
  • My Heart on a Sleeve by Gael Montana
    "...Valentine's Day has traditionally been the scene of massive romantic disasters around here. My husband and I even waited to get hitched until two days afterwards to avoid that pesky dark cloud. If you recall, Chicago has a rather grisly connection with Valentine's Day..."
  • The Saddest Valentine by John Troesser
  • True love prevails by Mike Cox
    Or outsmarts his girl’s dad

  • Poems by David Knape

  • Smart Wife 10-17-22
  • Driving Instructor 4-25-22
  • Second Fiddle 4-11-22
  • Doing
  • Kitchen Table
  • Broken Hearts
  • Making Allowances
  • Slow Learner
  • A Love Poem
  • Mourning Dove
  • Somebody
  • Old Shoes
  • When Christmas Came
  • Oh Silv'ry Moon
  • True Love
  • To Be Loved
  • Love Sickness
  • Ring Around Rosie
  • Ammannsville Moon
  • She Loves Me Knot
  • How To Dance
  • Till Death Do Us Part

  • Vintage Wedding Photos
  • Vattmann, Texas
  • Fayetteville, Texas
  • Granger, Texas
  • Topsey, Texas























































































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