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Ghost Towns

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Texas Ghost Town List

Over 1000 Ghost Towns

Cain City
  • Cain City Gillespie Co
  • Blowout Blanco Co
  • Gruene Comal Co
  • Chesser Valley Community
  • Gruene
    Calf Creek
  • Calf Creek McCulloch Co
  • Center City Mills Co
  • Aldine Uvalde Co
  • Heard Uvalde Co
  • Waring Kendall Co
  • Center City

    Ghost Towns Counties Description
    Albert Gillespie Lyndon B. Johnson attented school there
    Aldine Uvalde A cemetery & old schoolhouse remain
    Anhalt Comal On the way to Boerne
    Baby Head Llano A cemetery remains & historical marker
    Bankersmith Kendall An old railroad tunnel remains, sanctuary for thousands of bats
    Bear Creek Settlement Kimble A cemetery remains
    Bettina Llano Deserted long ago
    Big Valley Mills Remembered by a post mark
    Bluffton Llano Bluffton II, ghost town under water
    Blewett Uvalde Nothing left but holes in the ground
    Blowout Blanco Named for an explosion
    Brambletye Kimble Recorded Texas Historic Landmark
    Cain City Gillespie Remembered by a road sign
    Calf Creek McCulloch Bowie's big fight before the Alamo
    Camp San Saba McCulloch Site of Civil War Camp San Saba
    Camp Verde Kerr Former home of the Texas Camel Corps
    Capitola Mason Left to the elements when road was altered
    Capt's Mill Hays Resurrected
    Carta Valley Edwards Population 20
    Cele Travis Near Mason
    Center City Mills Ghost town with a historic tree
    Chesser Valley Community Mills Remembered with a monument
    Cleo Kimble And mysterious stone carvings
    Click Llano On unnamed County Road
    Cline Uvalde Not on the county map
    Copperas Kimble Ghost town with a historic church
    Corn Hill Williamson Near Georgetown and Austin
    Crabapple Gillespie Ghost with church, creek and cemetery
    Dabney Uvalde Nothing left but holes in the ground
    Democrat Mills Two cemeteries and a church
    Denman Kimble Present day Junction
    Dolores Kinney Remembered by a historical marker
    Doole McCulloch The concrete coliseum
    Duval Travis Incorporated into greater Austin
    East Sweden McCulloch Ghost with church, historical markers & bridge
    Eckert Gillespie Not on the State map
    Elstone Medina Once a cotton town
    Exile Uvalde-Edwards Not on the county map
    Fairland Burnet Not on the State map
    Fly Medina Ghost town with a haunted schoolhouse
    Fly Gap Mason Near Mason
    Friendship Williamson Now under Lake Granger
    Fort McKavett Menard State Historic Site
    Gano Williamson Formed around a school
    Goforth Hays Not on the State map
    Gold aka Rheingold Gillespie Old schoolhouse remains
    Grapetown Gillespie German ghost town with stone structures
    Gruene Comal Texas' Most Successful Ghost Town
    Grundyville Lampasas Not on the map
    Hackberry Edwards A cemetery & a few scattered houses
    Harkeyville San Saba Once famous for its horses and racetrack
    Heard Uvalde A cemetery & old schoolhouse remain
    Hedwigs Hill Mason One of oldest communities in Mason County
    Henze Edwards Found on vintage maps
    Hilda Mason Historic church & cemetery
    Hoover's Valley Burnet A cemetery and scattered houses
    Kickapoo Edwards Historical markers remain
    Koockville Mason Historic store & historical marker
    Locker San Saba Population 16
    Lone Grove Llano With historic schoolhouse & cemetery
    Loyal Valley Mason One of the county's oldest communities
    Luckenbach Gillespie You've heard about it; now see it
    Marco McCulloch Not on the County map
    Merrilltown Travis Annexed by Austin
    Moline Lampasas Population 40
    Montell Uvalde Once the site of a Spanish Mission
    Morris Ranch Gillespie More horses than Luckenbach but less music
    Mount Alamo Kendall A town that never was
    Mount Olive Mills With a church & cemetery
    Nameless Travis On Nameless Road, Near Nameless Cave
    Nine McCulloch Remembered by a postmark
    Nix Lampasas Former crossroads
    Noxville Kimble Near James River
    Old D'Hanis Medina A cemetery
    Oxford Llano The Cemetery at "Cat Town"
    Pear Valley McCulloch Not on the state map
    Pedernales Gillespie Only the old schoolhouse remain
    Peyton Colony Blanco With a historic church
    Polly Bandera With historic chapel & cemetery
    Quihi Medina With a historic church & centennial marker
    Regency Mills With a historic suspension bridge
    Republic Llano On private property today
    Rescue Lampasas On 1907 postal map
    Roca Springs Kimble AKA Viejo Springs
    Roosevelt Kimble Recorded Texas Historical Landmark
    Saline Menard AKA Saline Community
    Salt Gap McCulloch Not on the state map
    Segovia Kimble Began life in the early 1860s
    Shady Grove Burnet Not on the State map
    Spanish Pass Kendall Gateway into the Hill Country for centuries
    Teacup Kimble Named for Teacup Mountain
    Telegraph Kimble Population: 0003
    The Ditch Uvalde Only the cemetery remains
    Three Points Travis Absorbed into other communties
    Trio Uvalde Haunted schoolhouse
    Tularosa Kinney Borderland ghost town
    Vance Real Buried treasure?
    Verand Schleicher Settled by Vermonters
    Villa Mills On an old map
    Waldrip McCulloch By the Colorado River
    Waresville Uvalde Moved to Utopia
    Welfare Kendall Old schoolhouse Texas historic landmark
    Wesson Comal Going postal in the Hill Country
    West Sweden McCulloch Not on the State map
    Whiteland McCulloch Not on the State map
    Worthy Uvalde Found in old maps
    Yates Kimble Began as a crossing for cattle herds
    Zodiac Gillespie A centennial marker marks the site

  • Friendship Submerged Williamson Co
  • Blewett & Dabney
  • Blewett & DabneyUvalde Co
  • Blewett | Dabney
  • Hilda Mason Co
  • Oxford Llano Co

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  • Locker San Saba Co 7-23-20
  • Lone Grove
  • Lone Grove Llano Co 9-13-18
  • Peyton
  • Peyton Colony Blanco Co 9-11-18
  • Koockville
  • Koockville Mason Co 6-7-18
  • Polly
  • Polly Bandera Co 6-4-18
  • Telegraph
  • Telegraph Kimble Co 6-1-18
  • Yates Kimble Co 10-1-18
  • Quihi
  • Quihi Medina Co 5-16-18
  • Verand
  • Verand Schleicher Co 4-26-18
  • Spanish Pass
  • Spanish Pass Kendall Co 7-15-17
  • Mt. Alamo
  • Mount Alamo Kendall Co 4-15-17
  • Worthy Uvalde Co 5-17-17

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