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Texas Ghost Town List

1000 Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns Counties Description
Acol Angelina/Polk/Tyler A "wandering post office."
Africa Shelby Formed by former slaves
Alabama Houston Only the Centennial marker remains
Aldridge Jasper A sawmill ghost town
Allen Chapel Houston Founded by freed slaves
Asia Polk Once a lumber town
Atoy Cherokee Settled before the Civil War
Augusta Houston Site of the Edens-Madden Massacre
Baldwin Harrison No road sign
Barado Walker AKA Kelly's Switch
Bath Walker AKA Possum Walk
Batson Hardin An early oilpatch town
Baxter Henderson A schoolhouse as a community center
Bayou Sabine A submerged ghost town
Beck's Chape Henderson A church & cemetery remain
Belgrade Newton Once a thriving port
Bethany Panola On the Texas/Lousiana state line
Bethel Anderson NW of Palestine
Bevilport Jasper On the Neches River basin
Birthright Hopkins Once known as Lone Star
Black Ankle San Augustine Not on the county map
Bogus Springs Cass The spring dried up
Bois D'Arc Anderson Little is known
Bonami Jasper A sawmill town
Boxwood Upshur Population 20
Bragg Hardin Ghost town with a ghost road
Brooklyn Shelby Home town of movie star Ann Miller's mother
Buena Vista Shelby Once called “Buck Snort”
Buffalo Henderson First Henderson County seat
Bulah Cherokee A predominantly black community
Burning Bush Smith A failed Methodist experiment
Byspot San Jacinto No longer on the US Geological Survey list
Calloway Upshur One of Upshur County's earliest communities
Catfish Henderson Near Athens
Camden aka Walling’s Ferry Gregg One of the earliest communities in Gregg County
Caro Nacogdoches Once a sawmill town
Carroll Springs Henderson A historic church & cemetery remain
Centennial Panola Population: Between Zero and Unknown
Center Point Camp Near Pittsburg
Centerville Henderson Second Henederson County seat
Cheeseland Angelina A Two Family Town
Chickenfeather Rusk A rural cemetery today
Chumley San Augustine A cemetery remains
Cincinnati Walker On the Trinity River
Climax Nacogdoches Close to Nacogdoches
Coffeeville Upshur Once a travel destination
Coke Wood Near coal and oilfield
Coltharp Houston Only historical markers remain
Comet Marion Two Miles from Jefferson
Concord Angelina A wet ghost town in East Texas
Country Campus Walker WWII German POW camp
Craft Cherokee With a historic church
Dalby Springs Bowie Grew areound a medicinal spring
Darby Polk Historic log house with cemetery
Denmark Anderson Close to Palestine
Danville Gregg A cemetery & church remain
Dextra Nacogdoches A dispersed community
Dialville Cherokee Not on the map
Dido Walker Appeared in early 20th century maps
Dillon Hopkins Population 0
Dodson Houston Established in the mid-1880s
Drusilla Wood Population 0
Earle’s Chapel Cherokee A church and cemetery
Eliza Houston Population 0
Emilee Tyler A cemetery remains
Emporia Angelina With a mystery
Eureka Franklin Found only on county map
Everitt San Jacinto A church & Magnolia Cemetery
Eylau Bowie Settled under the Republic of Texas
Fairmount Sabine Today a well-kept graveyard and a church
Falba Walker A cemetery remains
Farrsville Newton Not on the map
Fawil Newton Once a sawmill town
Fastrill Cherokee "A beautiful logging camp."
Footes Gregg Not on the map
Fort Houston Anderson Near Palestine
Fostoria Montgomery A cemetery remains
Fostoria Montgomery Once a prosperous saw mill town
Geneva Polk Inundated by Lake Livingston
Geneva Sabine Oldest continuously occupied town in East Texas
Gent Cherokee AKA Ghent. On Gent Mountain
Glendale Trinity Once a lumber town with orchards
Gould Cherokee North of Rusk
Grand Bluff Panola Once a ferry town
Grayrock Franklin A cemetery remains
Greggton Gregg Absorbed into Longview
Griffin Cherokee Centennial marker & cemetery remains
Gusher Hardin Not on the map
Hagerville Houston Historical marker remains
Halifax Polk Once essentially a racetrack
Hardin Hardin First Hardin County seat
Hortense Polk Near Bear Creek
Haslam Shelby Built around 1913 for lumber production
Holcomb Store Cherokee AKA Holcomb's Mill and Holcomb's
Hopewell Smith Texas largest magnolia tree
Horace Upshur Dropped from county maps by 1936
Ioni Anderson Named for Ioni Indians
Iron Bridge Gregg Not on the map
Ironosa San Augustine Not on the highway map
Irwin Rusk Once had a post office
Java Cherokee Moved to Maydelle
Jonesboro Red River Once Arkansas' Miller County seat
Jonesville Angelina Second Angelina County seat
Kellyville Marion Site of Kelly Foundry, Furnace, and Plow Co.
Kelsey Upshur Mormon colony
Kiam Polk Named for a clothing retailer in Houston
Kickapoo Anderson Relocated to Frankston
Kiomatia Red River Dates from 1816 as part of Arkansas Territory
Larissa 1-20-20 Cherokee Near the site of the Killough Massacre
Lawsonville Rusk Dates to the 1870s
Lindsey Springs One of the oldest logging camps
Linwood Cherokee Intended to be a river port
Little Hope Wood An active church with a historical marker
Lone Star Cherokee Not on the map
Los Adaes Louisiana Capital of the Province of Texas, 1721 to 1773
Macedonia Marion On Macedonia Road
Madras Red River A church & community center remain
Magnolia Anderson A cemetery & historical marker remain
Manila Cherokee Close to Rusk
Martha's Chapel Walker A Cemetery remains
Marion Angelina First Angelina County seat
Millville Rusk Once had a bright future
Mims Chapel Marion A cemetery & scattered houses
Mixon Cherokee Historic Churches & cemetery
Mount Sterling Nacogdoches A centennial marker and a bridge remain
Munz Cass Destroyed by a tornado
Mutt and Jeff Wood Not on the county map
New Birmingham Cherokee East Texas Iron
Newport Walker Centennial marker on private property
Nigton Trinity Settled by former slaves
North Chapel Gregg A church building remains
Oak Flats Rusk Historic cemetery & church
Oakland Houston Historical marker
Old Carolina Walker On the Trinity River
Old Waverly San Jacinto A ghost town with resident ghosts
Olive Hardin A sawmill ghost town with a ghost train
Ollie Polk Formerly Rice
Omega Gregg Once in Upshur County
Paul's Store Shelby Named after William Paul
Peach Tree Village Tyler Once Alabama and Coushatta settlement
Pennington Trinity Former County Seat
Philistine Angelina Neches River bottomlands
Pickens Henderson A ghost church remains
Pine Town Cherokee Moved to Maydelle. Not on the map
Pleasant Hill
Pluck Polk Once a sawill town
Pone Rusk A cemetery remains
Prairie Point Houston Only a cemetery remains
Presley Titus Not on the map
Providence Anderson Not on the map
Pylas Rusk Once had a post office
Quicksand Newton Former county seat
Rambo Cass Not the movie
Ratcliff Houston Four C Mill ruins & historical marker
Red Rock Upshur Remembered by vintage maps
Remlig Jasper Once a lumbermill town
Rosalie Red River A church, cemetery and a community center
    With two historical markers
Sabine (Gulf Coast) South of Sabine Pass Battleground State Park
Sabinetown Sabine Once-prosperous river town. Now submerged
Savannah Red River A church & cemetery remained
Saxet Shelby Texas’ only palindrome ghost town
Science Hill Henderson Once an education center. A cemetery remains
Scrap Red River A ghost town in northeast Texas
Security Montgomery Once a timber town
Setag Polk Once leased to operate a silica plant
Shacklefoot Sabine Built by Jean Laffite
Snow Town San Jacinto Today a lot of what was Snow Town is supposedly called Oakhurst
Soda Polk Cemetery & church remain
Spivey Shelby Historical marker marks the site
Stormville Wood W of Lake Fork Reservoir
Sumpter Trinity First Trinity County seat
Swartwout Polk A submerged ghost town
Tallys Harrison Not on the map
Tarrant Hopkins The first Hopkins County seat
Tecula Cherokee Settled before the Civil War
Teneryville Gregg Absorbed into Longview
Thedford Smith Not shown on State Map
Time Sabine A submerged ghost town
Tinrag Hopkins Started as a flag stop on the railroad
Town Bluff Tyler Almost a Houston
Troy Freestone A ghost town on the Trinity River
Turpentine Jasper Once a turpentine camp and distillery
Tuscaloosa Walker On the Trinity River
Urbana San Jacinto On the Trinity River
Utica Smith Close to Tyler
Vessey Red River Remembered by a postmark
Viola Cass Already a ghost before the Great Depression
Waldrop Panola Settled sometime after the Civil War
Waneta Houston A schoolhouse and historical marker remain
Watson Red River Not on the map
Waverly - See Old Waverly
Weldon Houston Not shown on State Map
Wiergate Newton A sawmill ghost town
Who'd Thought It Hopkins A forgotten community with an unforgettable name
Yero Walker A cemetery remains
Zana San Augustine A submerged ghost town
Zavala Jasper On Jasper County's records as late as 1878
Zeirath Jasper Not on the map

Science Hill
  • Science Hill Henderson Co 4-1-17
  • Batson Hardin Co
  • Coke Wood Co
  • Coke
    Martha's Chapel
  • Martha's Chapel Walker Co
  • Snow Town San Jacinto Co
  • North Chapel Gregg Co
  • Hardin Hardin Co
  • North Chapel
  • Waneta Houston Co
  • Mount Sterling Nacogdoches Co
  • Camden Gregg Co
  • Sumpter Trinity County first county seat
  • Camden
    Mount Sterling
  • Belgrade Newton Co
  • Madras Red River Co
  • Los Adaes Louisiana
  • Dalby Springs Bowie Co
  • Kellyville Marion Co
  • Sumpter

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  • Craft Cherokee Co 2-2-23
  • Mixon
  • Mixon Cherokee Co
  • Larissa
  • Larissa Cherokee Co
  • Rock Island
  • Rock Island Colorado Co
  • Becks Chapel
  • Beck's Chapel Henderson Co
  • Allen Chapel  
  • Allen Chapel Houston Co
  • Augusta
  • Augusta Houston Co
  • Weldon
  • Weldon Houston Co
  • Ratcliff
  • Ratcliff Houston Co
  • Sabinetown
  • Sabinetown Sabine Co
  • Sabine
  • Sabine Jefferson Co
  • Carroll Springs
  • Carroll Springs Henderson Co
  • Pickens
  • Pickens Henderson Co
  • Baxter Henderson Co


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