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Texas Ghost Town List

Over 1000 Ghost Towns

  • Margaret Foard Co
  • Medicine Mound Hardeman Co
  • Mabelle Baylor Co
  • Medicine Mound
  • Stiles Reagan Co
  • Adobe Walls Hutchinson Co
  • Sunshine Hill Wichita Co
  • Ochiltree Ochiltree Co
  • Tee Pee City Motley Co
  • Adobe Walls
  • Mobeetie Wheeler Co
  • Fort Elliott Wheeler Co
  • Shafter Lake Andrews Co
  • Shafter Lake
    Tascosa / Boys Ranch
  • Tascosa/Boys Ranch Oldham Co
  • Conway Carson Co
  • Conway

    Ghost Towns Counties Description
    Aberdeen Collingsworth Once a choice for county seat
    Acuff Lubbock Not on the state map
    Admiral Callahan A cemetery remains, and historical markers
    Adobe Walls Hutchinson Site of the Battles of Adobe Walls
    Acme Hardeman Population 14
    Afton Dickens Population 50
    Afton Fisher All that’s left is the Afton cemetery
    Alcino Floyd Near Floydada
    Alanreed Gray On old Route 66
    Allred Yoakum Late-blooming ghost town
    Alpha Hutchinson Remembered by vintage maps & postmark
    Ample Haskell Remembered by vintage map & postmark
    Anarene Archer Not on the map
    Antioch Stonewall Became Oriana
    Arvana Dawson Appeared before 1909
    Atoka Coleman Ruins & cemetery with historical marker remains
    Auto Howard Remebered by a postmark
    Ayr Deaf Smith A brief life-span of five years
    Back City Gray 1927 Back No. 1 Oil and Gas Gusher site
    Balch Hockley/Lubbock A railroad stop
    Bartonsite Hale Waited for a railroad that never arrived
    Bautista Moore Not on the map
    Belle Plain Callahan AKA Phantom U
    Ben Ficklin Tom Green County seat rivalry decided by a flood
    Benoit Runnels Still on the county map
    Bippus Deaf Smith Near New Mexico state line
    Blue Gap Runnels AKA Norwood
    Boise Oldham Just south of I-40, formerly Route 66
    Bomarton Baylor With a church
    Boyd Chapel Jones Historical Marker
    Boydston Gray Population 0
    Bradshaw Taylor Population 61
    Bridgetown Wichita Wooden footbridge remembered by historical marker
    Bronco Yoakum Ghost town with a watering hole
    Broome Sterling Once a railroad stop
    Bullock Eastland/Stephens Not on the map
    Bullock Young Population 0
    Bunker Hill Dallam Not on the map
    Burkett Coleman Population 30
    Caddo Stephens Located on a former Caddo Indian campsite
    Callahan City Callahan Almost the county seat
    Camp Colorado Coleman Moved from Mills County in 1856
    Car Mitchell Remembered by a vintage map
    Cedric Crosby Lost to Rall
    Chamberlin Dallam Population 0
    Champion Nolan Population 8
    Chautauqua 1-29-23 Callahan Population 0
    Chicago Dawson Only a historical marker remains
    Clairemont Kent Former Kent County seat with courthouse & jail
    Clara Wichita A cemetery full of Iris
    Coble Switch Hockley Skeleton of a cotton gin remains
    Codman Roberts On the Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway
    Cofferville Lamb A deserted cotton gin remains
    Coldwater Sherman/Dallam Former county seat of Sherman County
    Content Runnels AKA Tokeen
    Conway Carson On Route 66
    Copenhagen Hale In the cemetery
    Crews Runnels Population 25
    Crystal Falls Stephens Population 10?
    Cummins Sterling Historical Marker
    Curry Stephens Submerged
    Cuthbert Mitchell Near the Abrams No. 1 oil well
    Cuyler Carson On the Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway
    Dad's Corner Archer A boom town ghost town
    Damsite Hardeman Not even on the county map
    Decker Nolan A cemetery remains
    Denton Callahan Population 6
    Desdemona Eastland A boom town ghost town
    Doan's Crossing Wilbarger The Friendliest Red River Dog
    Dora Nolan A cemetery remains
    Dozier Collingsworth Near the Salt Fork of the Red River
    Drasco Runnels Close to the Taylor county line
    Draw Lynn "The store"
    Dressy Callahan A cemetery remains
    Dundee Archer Named after the city in Scotland
    Dunlap Cottle Town began with the splitting up of OX Ranch
    Durham Borden Only a cemetery remains
    Echo Coleman Not on the state map
    Eclipse Gaines Remembered by a postmark
    Edith Coke Only cemetery remains
    Eliasville Young A ghost town with a burned flour mill
    Eldridge Gray First Cemetery in Gray County 1888-89
    Electric City Hutchinson Furnish electricity to the oil fields
    Elmdale Taylor Within Abilene city limit
    Emma Crosby Second Crosby County seat
    Eolian Stephens Population: 9
    Erskine Concho Remembered by a postmark
    Eskota Fisher A ghost town with an annual Homecoming
    Espuela Dickens Only the cemetery remains
    Estacado Lubbock First County Seat of Crosby County
    Farmer Young Cemetery, school bus & oil rig
    Farwell Hanford First town in Hanford County
    Flat Top Coleman Named after a bunkhouse
    Fort Chadbourne Coke S of the old Fort Chadbourne
    Fort Chadbourne Coke The old fort
    Fort Elliott Wheeler A centennial marker remains
    Fort Griffin Shackelford AKA The Flat, one of Texas’ most lawless towns
    Fort Phantom Hill Jones Built in the 1850s
    Fort Picketville Stephens First Stephens County seat
    Frankel City Andrews Once had over 100 producing wells
    Frankell Stephens Once populated by oil workers
    Fry Brown Population 0
    Gasoline Briscoe The cotton gin burned
    Gazelle Hall Post office closed in 1902
    Geraldine Archer Remembered by a historical marker
    Gewhitt Hutchinson Near County seat Stinnett
    Gilliland Knox Much reclaimed by nature
    Gilpin Dickens Population 3
    Glazier Hemphill A cattle and grain shipping point
    Glenrio Deaf Smith The last Texas stop heading West on Route 66
    Goodnight Armstrong Home town of "Hud"
    Gooseneck Young A Cemetery
    Gomez Terry One name, two ghosts
    Grady Fisher A small cemetery remains
    Grape Creek Borden Absorbed by Gail
    Gray Mule Floyd On the Quitaque Canyon Trail
    Griffith Cochran Not on the map
    Guion Taylor Not on the map
    Gunsight Stephens Population 6, church & cemetery
    Hansford Hansford First Hansford County seat
    Hart Camp Lamb Population 8
    Hatchel Runnels Population 16
    Hayrick Coke First Coke County seat
    Hindman Dawson Remembered only by a map
    Hitson Fisher History on a historical marker
    Hud Scurry On vintage maps
    Hulver Hall Only the cemetery remains
    Hutson Brown Found on 1920s map
    Hylton Nolan Population 6
    Hyman Mitchell A church & a cemetery
    Iatan Mitchell A Cemetery
    Ibex 9-1-18 Shackelford Oil boom town with smokestack ruins
    Ideal Sherman Fermerly in Hutchinson County
    Isom Hutchinson Absorbed by Borger
    Janes Bailey Near Muleshoe
    Jean Young Named after ...
    Jeffry Hutchinson Near Adobe Walls
    Jericho Donley Home of "Jericho Gap" of Route 66 Fame
    Jewel Eastland Settled in the 1870s
    Jimkurn Jimkurn Oil boom ghost town
    Julia Borden Appears in the 1907 postal map
    Justiceburg Garza Near Post and Snyder
    Kerrick Dallam On the Oklahoma State line
    Key Dawson East of Lamesa
    King's Mill Gray Near Pampa
    Kirkland Childress Once the "Biggest Little City in Texas"
    Klondike Dawson East of Patricia
    Knapp Scurry Population 10, historical marker & church
    La Casa Stephens With historic church & cemetery
    Lakeview Lynn Population unknown
    Laketon Gray Near Pampa
    Landergin Oldham Not on the map
    Leaday Coleman Displaced by Lake Ivie
    Lehman Cochran County seat rivalry
    Lesley Hall Not on the map
    Lillie Collingsworth Once part of Rocking Chair Ranch
    Link Mitchell Remembered by a cancelled postmark
    Lipscomb Lipscomb Lipscomb County seat
    Litwalton Garza In 1907 postal map
    Loco Childress Only cemeteries remain
    Lone Wolf Tom Green Absorbed by San Angelo
    Lonnie Childress Remembered by ghost of a church
    Lou Dawson Not on the map
    Loveless Concho "Southeast of Eden"
    Lutie Collingsworth Began as part of Rocking Chair Ranch
    Luzon Kent Not on the map
    Mabelle Baylor Centennial Baylor County marker is there
    Machovec Moore Grain elevators standing
    Magenta Oldham Only a cemetery remains
    Mangum Eastland Once shipped bottled water
    Mankins Archer Once home to a wild west circus
    Maple Bailey With a Cotton Gin Coop
    Margaret Foard First Hardeman County seat
    Marie Runnels Not on the map
    Masterson Moore Not on the map. Near Lake Meredith
    Maverick Runnels Not on the map
    McLean POW Camp Gray A ghost community
    Medicine Mound Hardeman A Museum remains
    Mendota Hemphill Once center for grain & cattle
    Mesquite Borden NOT the Mesquite in Dallas County
    Middle Water Hartley Division of the XIT Ranch
    Middlewell Moore Not on the map
    Mingus Palo Pinto  Born with the arrival of the railroad
    Michies Dawson Remembered only by a map
    Montvale Sterling A cemetery and historical marker
    Mobeetie Wheeler "Hard-luck Capital of the Panhandle."
    Moro Taylor Near Mount Moro
    Mount Blanco Crosby First permanent homestead in Panhandle South Plains
    Mount Pleasant Taylor Historical markers & Castle Peak
    Mozelle Coleman A ghost town with a high school
    Mulock Hansford Existed as a post office
    Mungerville Dawson A schoolhouse remains
    Narcisso Cottle Population: 0
    New Moore Lynn No longer on the map
    Newlin Hall Abandoned bank and a store
    Newman Fisher Church & cemetery remain
    Norfleet Hale On north bank of Brazos River
    Norton Runnels Population 96
    Nubia Taylor Population: Unknown
    Ochiltree Ochiltree Former Ochiltree County seat
    Odell Wilbarger Near the county seat
    Ogden Cottle Population 0
    Oil City Hutchinson Population 0
    Old Pease City Foard Town site historical marker remains
    Olfen Runnels With a 1922 Romanesque church
    Olga Nolan On Coke and Nolan county line
    Opdyke Hockley Started in 1925
    Oriana Stonewall Oriana Camelback Truss Bridge
    Otis Chalk Howard Once a boom town
    Oxien Runnels Not on the map
    Pansy Crosby Not on the map
    Parmerton Parmer Former Parmer County seat
    Parnell Hall School ruins remains
    Patricia Dawson Look for Poco Crudo Longhorn
    Pep Hockley Once part of XIT Ranch
    Perico Dallam Once the shipping point for the XIT Ranch
    Phillips Hutchinson Obliterated by the 1980 explosion
    Picketville Runnels Not on the map
    Pickwick Palo Pinto Under Possum Kingdom Lake
    Plemons Hutchinson First Hutchinson County seat
    Plymouth Collingsworth Once part of Rocking Chair Ranch
    Polar Kent Not on the map
    Pride Dawson Absorbed by Welch
    Proffitt Young Church, schoolhouse & cemetery
    Pumphrey Runnels Not on the map
    Pyron Scurry Once a thriving community
    Ramsdell Wheeler Site of first area telephone system. N of Route 66
    Rayner Stonewall The first Stonewall County Seat
    Record Hansford Not on the map
    Rich Coffey Coleman On the property of Richard Coffey
    Rising Sun Shackelford Remembered by a postmark
    Rock Crusher Coleman A missed chance of the ultimate team name
    Rockledge Donley Two murders and a bank robbery
    Rolla Collingsworth Population unknown
    Ronda Wilbarger Ronda Cemetery
    Rowe Donley Rowe Cemetery
    Roxana Carson Oil boom town
    Runnels City Runnels Only the centennial marker remains
    Running Water Hale Bypassed by the railroad
    Ruth Concho Not on the map
    Sanco Coke Named for a Comanche chief
    Scherz Tom Green Near San Angelo
    Sedwick Shackelford Once an oil boom town
    Shafter Lake Andrews Lost the “county-seat war”
    Shep Taylor Not on the map
    Shields Coleman Cemetery remains
    Silver Coke Once a pioneer ranching center
    Silver Valley Coleman Alongside the Pecos and Northern
    Sligo Yoakum Not on the map
    Soash Howard Not on the map
    South Bend Young Ghost spa
    Spade Mitchell A cemetery with historical marker
    Sparenberg Dawson Population 20
    Stevens Sherman Grain elevator standing
    Sunshine Hill Wichita Highest elevation in Wichita County
    Swastika Hale Without a trace (on any map)
    Swearingen Cottle A cemetery shown on detailed county maps
    Swedonia Fisher A Swedish ghost town
    Swenson Stonewall With ruins and a church
    Talpa Coleman Close to Ballinger
    Tampico Hall Ozark Trail at Tampico
    Tascosa Oldham Home of Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch today
    Tee Pee City Motley Only a centennial marker remains
    Tesco Nolan There used to be a town in the location
    The Flat Shackelford AKA Fort Griffin, one of Texas’ most lawless towns
    Thrift Wichita A Red River Ghost Town
    Tokio Terry Sort of between Big Spring and Lubbock
    Tolbert Wilbarger Originally named Wheatland
    Tredway Borden Appears in the 1907 postal map
    Trickham Coleman The Oldest Town in Coleman County
    Trixie Gaines Encounter with a Texas "Bad Man"
    Truitt Runnels Not on the map
    Truscott Knox Once named China Lake
    Valera Coleman Once a ranch
    Valley View Cottle Not on the map
    Valley View Runnels Not on the map
    Verbena Garza Not on the county map
    Vigo Park Swisher Named after Vigo & Parker counties in Indiana
    Virginia City Bailey Aspired to be the county seat
    Voss Coleman Hometown of Representative Bob Turner
    Walthall Runnels Only the cemetery remains
    Washburn Armstrong Almost the county seat
    Wastella Nolan Hauled water, & no cemetery
    Wayside Armstrong Founded as a rural school district
    Westbrook Mitchell Another bypassed small town
    Westover Baylor Historical markers
    Whiteflat Motley Originally a Matador Ranch line camp
    Whitfield Swisher Once had two churches & a two-room schoolhouse
    Whittenburg Hutchinson Now part of present-day Phillips, Texas
    Whon Coleman Touched by a ranch hand
    Williams Community Hardeman Formed around its school
    Wilmet Runnels Not on the map
    Winchell Brown With a bridge & cemetery
    Zulu Hansford Once grazing land for buffalo
    More to come. Check back soon.

    Hutchinson County - Boom town ghost towns:
  • Isom
  • Whittenburg
  • Phillips
  • Electric City

  • Gray Mule
  • Gray Mule Floyd Co
  • Goodnight Armstrong Co
  • Hart Camp Lamb Co
  • Coble Switch Hockley Co
  • Belle Plain Callahan Co
  • Clairemont Kent Co
  • Goodnight, Texas

    Belle Plain
  • Whiteflat Motley Co
  • Eliasville Young Co
  • Lehman Cochran Co
  • Mount Pleasant Taylor Co
  • Boyd Chapel Jones Co
  • Clairemont

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  • Sanco Coke Co 2-9-23
  • Hyman
  • Hyman Mitchell Co 1-4-23
  • Belle Plain
  • Belle Plain Callahan Co 7-22-22
  • Kirkland
  • Kirkland Childress Co 3-3-22

  • Guion
  • Guion Taylor Co 11-17-21
  • Espuela
  • Espuela Dickens Co 9-10-21
  • Zulu
  • Zulu Hansford Co 3-1-21

  • Gilliland Knox Co 2-1-20
  • Oriana
  • Oriana Stonewall Co 2-9-19
  • Runnels
  • Runnels City Runnels Co 1-3-19

  • Gooseneck
  • Gooseneck Young Co 10-27-18
  • Proffitt
  • Proffitt & Proffitt Cemetery Young Co 10-19-18
  • Codman
  • Codman Roberts Co 10-2-18
  • Trickham
  • Trickham Coleman Co 9-21-18
  • Atoka
  • Atoka Coleman 9-21-18
  • Ibex
  • Ibex Shackleford Co 9-1-18
  • Sunshine Hill
  • Sunshine Hill Wichita Co 8-9-18
  • Thrift
  • Thrift Wichita Co 8-9-18
  • Lesley
  • Lesley Hall Co 7-13-18
  • Hulver
  • Hulver Hall Co 7-11-18
  • Key
  • Key Dawson Co 5-18-18
  • Sparenberg Dawson Co 5-18-18
  • Mesquite
  • Mesquite Borden Co 5-15-18
  • Geraldine
  • Geraldine Archer Co 4-28-18
  • Dad's Corner Archer Co4-28-18
  • Mankin Archer Co4-28-18
  • Olfen
  • Olfen Runnels Co 4-26-18
  • Hayrick Coke County 4-7-18
  • Valera
  • Valera Coleman Co 2-17-18
  • Grady
  • Grady Fisher Co 1-20-18
  • Silver Valley-
  • Silver Valley Coleman Co 1-3-18

  • Shields
  • Shields Coleman Co 12-14-17
  • Whon Coleman Co 12-14-17
  • Olfen Runnels Co 9-29-17
  • Eliasville
  • Eliasville Young Co 8-11-17
  • Silver
  • Silver Coke Co 7-24-17
  • Gunsight
  • Gunsight Stephens Co 8-9-17
  • Eolian
  • Eolian Stephens Co 8-9-17
  • Caddo
  • Caddo Stephens Co 7-10-17
  • Echo
  • Echo Coleman Co 5-23-17
  • Farmer Young Co
  • Trixie Gaines Co

  • In case you missed it:

    Gray Mule
  • Gray Mule Floyd Co
    On the Quitaque Canyon Trail



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